Sunday, March 17, 2013

Photo Update

Hello Ladies.. I hope everyone is well. Just a little photo update.. I've been maintaining at 97-98kg for the last 6 weeks, so tomorrow I am going on another round of the HCG diet.. I'm so close to my 50kg loss.. I'll be so happy when I've done it.. (96.6kg) I will say, I was extremely overwhelmed when I got below 100kg , I have never weighed anything below 100kg since being with hubby. Its been a looong time.
I am finding it strange to see my reflection in a shop window.. Or picking up a pair of jeans and thinking to myself, They aren't going to fit, they look too small.. And lo and behold, with a little shimmy into them, they fit!!!

Taking a brief look back over this blog of mine, I realize how many ups and downs I have had emotionally and within my marriage.. So I better give you an update on that too. After a very tumultuous few months after the twins were born, everything came to a head, and I was ready to end it all.. But after me learning to communicate and him waking up and realizing his responsibilities, we have made things work and are stronger than we ever have been in our 12 years of marriage. I am also a happier and (getting more confident) person, and it rubs off on him to see my inner happiness.. But in saying that I do have my down days, something I wish I could just shake away. 

The twins are now 18 months old, Ayisha is 7 and my beautiful boy is all grown up, he will be 13 next week. Where has the time gone?

As I have promised, I do intend posting more.. More pics to come :)

Nene xx

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hello Hello Hello

Wow, it's been so long since I posted,( heck, even blogger has changed a little) and although I have been wanting to post, getting the time to sit and focus on myself doesn't come easy. These 2 little button cherubs, pictured below, are a whirlwind. Now aged 14 months, the past year is pretty much a blur.. But a good blur. They have brought so much joy to my life. But right now, I'm going to get down to my little weight loss update..
I am currently weighing 103.1kg.(227lb) Which is my lowest since getting banded. HOWEVER.. I don't have my band to thank for this most recent loss. As I last posted, just after the birth, I was weighing 120kg (264lb), well my weight see saw'd for the last year, but pretty much staying around the 120kg mark. Give or take 3 kgs.. But then I come into contact with a woman who had dropped a shitload of weight, very quickly. What is it?? The HCG Diet.. I know that it is popular in America, but this was the first I had heard of it.. Well I have been on it for 33 days, and have lost 14kg (30lb) . It is one of the only diets that I have ever stuck to, and is very strict, but when I get to weigh myself each morning, and see a difference on the scales, it spurs me on to continue. I am feeling physically great.. But once again, it's the emotional side that needs work.. Also it's hard to explain to some people that even though I have the band, I need to go on a diet.
Sometimes I wish I knew about this diet before i got the band.. BUT, would I have stuck to it back then? I hadn't had a taste of how being slimmer felt. But now, I am so anxious to get below 100kg (220) before Christmas. And with this my new intention to make myself more accountable and focus somewhat on myself, I will keep you all ( if I have any followers left) in the loop. So, if any of you that are on my facebook notice that I am slipping in the blog updates, please give me another nudge :) (Thanks Lara)

Well right now, I am at work, and things are getting hectic. I will get back in the next day or 2 and post some new pics for you to see. And I will try to get my blogging mojo back.. lol

xx Nene

Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcoming Aaliyah and Malikah

Aaliyah (right) 5lb 9 oz Malikah (left) 4lb 13 oz. Born Tuesday 13th Sept 2011
My Amazing Children..

Leaving hospital.. they are so tiny in their capsules

The day before my c section..

My first cuddles with both of them.. they actually look a whole lot bigger in this pic.. they really are so tiny.. size 000000 and size 00000

I have so much to say, but right now sleep in on my mind.. I do promise to post very soon, and get the ball rolling with my weight loss again.. My pre preg weight was 119kg, I got up to 133kg on the day of the birth, and a week and 3 days later I am back down to 120kgs.. I am however very sad to see how floppy my tummy has become.. oh well my little angels are so worth it..

Upates and lots more pics to come..

xxx Nene

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Well I must say, this has been one long blogging draught. Over the last few days I have received a couple of messages, asking me what the latest is... Then when I was out yesterday with my sister, I saw Tammy ( a follower of my blog, mentioned months and months ago in my blog, who once recognized me from my pics, whilst I was out and about ) Tammy said she had been checking in on my blog and waiting for any update on what was going on with me.. Sooo, let me fill you in..
I am now 35 weeks pregga's, with 2 baby girls on board.. I am sheduled for my c section (and tubal ligation) on 13th September. 13 days to go!!!!
Although this pregnancy has been difficult, I have remained really quite healthy as far as no issues with blood pressure, gestational diabetes etc... I have had no ankle swelling, morning sickness subsided at the textbook time of 4 months.. I guess the only thing to complain of is the fact that I have developed veins where I never knew veins could be.. Each time I stand, I feel like I have royally been kicked in the coochie.. it does subside after a minute or two, but it very uncomfortable. My legs now resemble city street maps, all of raised bummpy purple veins. They also throb at times.. But hey, I know some women suffer so badly, so I consider myself one of the lucky ones.
I do have one complaint that I wont appologise for and that is how fricken heavy my stomach feels. When walking, sitting, laying down, it feels so damn heavy. The Obstetrician told me that I am carrying at least 5kg (11lb) of fluids within my stomach, not to mention the weight os the 2 placentas and the bubs.. Currently Baby A is weighing 6lb 1oz and Baby B is 4lb 12 oz.. which is just 4.5kg of babies weight.. Add them together, and I have at least 10kg (22lb) of weight just sitting in my front.. Which makes for very little and uncomfortable sleep.. And as for my personal weight gain, I have gained 10kg in this pregnancy.. Which I guess is lucky.. Some women gain a whole lot more, and the most important part is that babies are healthy, which they are.
The smaller of the 2 bubs is currently the correct average weight of a single bub at my gestation, so I'm guessing that the larger of the 2 is just a little guts.. lol.. The doctors arent too alarmed, because both are still gaining weight..
I do however have to go and have ultrasounds and hospital visits each week now. Certainly makes for some fun and interesting people watching.. lol..
I am extremely fearfull of the c section coming up though.. Although I have already had 2 of them, I detest the thought of being awake whilst my body is open, feeling them tug and pull at me to get the bubs and placentas out.. I fear that I will become nauseas whilst they are operating, and the horrible feeling of the shivers.. It would be so much more relaxing if I could just go under a general anesthetic for the procedure, but in saying that, I want to be able to see my girls as soon as they are born.. Time will tell, and what will be will be.. As long as these bubs are healthy is the main thing.
I will also say that when I had the ultrasound to find out the sex of the bubs, myself, hubby, and almost everyone around us were in shock to discover that it is 2 girls.. I had predicted very other variation, but not 2 girls.. All I could think of was... 2 more heads of wild curly out of control afro hair to deal with.. But then had to giggle to myself thinking, what gave me the right to think my prediction would be the right one.. Hubby was taken aback, and I'm thinking a little in denial, partly because he was hoping that the passing of his father would bring forward for us a little boy.. But he has happily adjusted to the fact that he is aquiring 2 more daughters. Montel (our son) was litteraly in tears for the whole afternoon, asking me why I couldnt just have had at least 1 boy. He was devestated. I told him to look on the bright side and that he wouldnt have to share any of his boy toys, to which he replied that he would love to share them , and would be such a good brother to a baby boy.. I told him that he is a wonderful brother to the sister he already has, and that I know he will be wonderful for the twins. He has come around, but now every time I go for an ultrasound, he asks me to ask them to check for he really is a precious boy. I love him with all my heart..
As time gets closer, I do find myself worrying of how I will spread my time amongst 4 children.. I do not want the older 2 to ever feel left out.. I am however, lucky that they are both in school, which will give me quality baby time though the day and hopefully work on a routine to help Montel and Ayisha with homework and leisure time after school.. It'll take time, but I'll get there. I recently heard a saying "God wouldnt give us what we couldnt handle" ... I'm not religious, but I'm depending on this mantra to get me through.. lol..

Well there is probably alot that I still havent covered, but die to this baby brain, its all I can think of.. Any questions, or ideas to give.. please drop me a line..

xx Nene
Pics to come..

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hello to those of my remaining followers.. lol.. I have some more big news for you all.. And for those of you that are my friend of facebook, you may already know.. As I mentioned 2 posts ago, I am pregnant.. well as I think I mentioned.. I was scedualled to go for an ultrasound at 13 weeks gestation.. So off I go, bladder as full as a balloon about to pop, accompanied by my mum. I get on the bed, and the stenographer put the cold jelly on my tum, then the ultrasound thingy.. and Straight away I knew what I was seeing... Yes, I had had my suspicions, but never really thought that it would happen to me.. but... there on the screen I could see.. not 1 but 2 little sacs with heart beats.. All I could say was "Ohhh SHIT!!!" , my mum was wondering what I was on about, and i said "There's 2 in there mum" , and mum looked at the stenographer for confirmation.. she got the nod, and mum jumped up and gave me cuddles whilst I lay there numb with wonder.. So there you have it ladies, I am pregnant with twins.. at this stage I am 15 weeks, when I went for that first ultrasound, I thought I was 13 weeks, turned out that I was only 11.. so it has put me back a bit.. But in 4 weeks, I get to find out their sex.. I cant wait, I just want to go shopping. Because I know that later on, I will feel too damn big and uncomfortable to go anywhere. I am still working, but am constantly tired. The sickness has subsided, but I still get the horrible dry mouth. Nothing can quench my thirst. I wake up to pee every couple of hours through the night, so it's hard to get a decent sleep. I guess this will get me ready for waking for night feeds. God Help me!!! lol.. Weight wise, I havent gained any kgs/lbs.. But I feel as big as a house. I had all my fill taken out ( not sure if I mentioned that before) but I still cant seem to eat much, and still occasionaly get stuck. So I try to graze all day on healthy snacks, just to get enough nurtrients in for the babies. There really isnt much information out there for woman who have had lapband who are now pregnant.. A couple of things I have come accross since announcing to a few people that I am carrying twins.. #1. I get asked was the conception assisted (IVF)??? Where do people get the nerve... so many people just make assumptions, and it is a very personal question.. you dont just come out and ask that of anyone.. I'd get offended from that question whether I had used IVF or not. #2. When I tell someone that it's twins, they automatically go "Ohhhhh"in a negative way, and start giggling.. and say.. "Thats gonna be hell" ..... Usually these are people that pop babies out without a thought... they are also the kind that just ditch them in daycare each day, just so they can go and have coffee with friends... They are also the kind that dread school holidays... I simply say when they make a complaint on facebook... Why did you even have children??? There are so many woman in the world who would just be so happy to have 1 healthy pregnancy/baby/child, and here they are taking what they have for granted... I'm not completely head in the clouds thinking that twins will be a breeze, but they are a blessing in which I have been gifted. #3. They automatically go on about the band.. "Ohh what a waste, now you're gonna get fat all over again".. Well Dah... if it means that I put on weight to keep the bubs healthy, then so be it. I will however get my band tightened when I am back in the swing of things afterwards. Ok... rants over with for now.. However, I am sure I will come across more before september.. Well I best get back to work. Just wanted to update you all, and share my news.. Have a lovely day xx Nene

Friday, March 11, 2011

Pics From Ghana

Above is a set of his and hers toilets at an Ego Lodge accomodation, owned and built by our friends.. They have the primative look on the outside, but inside they are western style toilets.. Most places over there use squat toilets.. So this was a luxury to come by..
This is me and my friend the croc at a place called Paga, it cost about $3 to pose with the beast and we took our own pictures.. However for the locals, they only pay about 50cents... In this country, they are not shy to bump up the price for white tourists.. their price lists very openly have their prices for locals and prices for tourists..

You will notice I have plenty of pics of me holding or posing with babies and children.. They are just so cute.. however on this day, it was so hot, and this baby had layers of warm clothing on, and also smelled of vicks rub.. I felt even hotter just by holding him. So cute though..

Ok, my hair had been done by the time I had this pic.. It took 7 hours.. in a steaming hot rickety hair salon.. It cost me about $6.50, where as over here it cost anywhere around $400... the beauty of this style was that I didnt have to brush, or straighten it for the rest of the trip.. This ic was taken at the Cape Coast Elmina Slave Castle.. Such a sad sad history.. I was just on the other side of "The Door Of No Return", there is now a thriving fishing village there..

A family pic on the top lookout of the Slave Castle.. Seems I wore this dress alot whilst away.. But remembering, I had to pack light and comfortable without ironing.. lol... you will see plenty more pics of me in this dress..
More pics to come...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well hello there my lovlies, those of you who are still around.. I know it has been months since I posted anything, but for almost 2 of those months, I was away over in Ghana (West Africa).. and had the time of my life.. I really didnt want to come back home from there.. It did wonders for my soul.. The weather over there was Hot Hot or Hot.. they were having the hamatan weather which they consider their winter.. Hmm, sweating and getting a good tan in winter, is not what I'm used to, but either way, it didnt take away from the fact that I loved the place to bits.
I even got to pet a crocodile, and hold it's tail whilst posing for a picture. (Will be sure to post pics)
In the time there, I got to spend some quality times with my in-laws, and there were plenty of tears when it was time to leave.. Even the kids, who were crying when we were leaving Australia to go there, were crying when we were leaving Ghana, because they loved it so much too. For the first 5 weeks of our stay we spent with the family in the north of the country (14 hour road trip) the streets and houses are all covered by a rich red dust (also made worse by the Hamatan, desert winds from the desert countries further north) Every single day my sister in law would bring a cooked meal to us and take our washing home to handwash.. I kind of felt useless... Being so used to doing these things at home, I kind of felt a little lost.. But now that I'm back into the swing of those daily chores, I realise I should have really enjoyed it more.. But instead, I just felt guilty.. She simply said that she knows I would do the same for her if she came here... Well yes, I would cook for her and do her washing, but I use a washing machine and there is only one of her, there were clothes for 4 of us... The for the last 10 days, we spent in the south, a few of those days in the capital city (Accra) and then 6 of them in a place called Busua Beach. The resort was like a little paradise on eather.. It was nice to have a little luxury before the long journey home.
I had 1.4mls left in my 5 ml band when I went over.. And on the flight, it tightened dramatically, I really couldnt eat much at all.. Even on transit in Dubai, I was running to the bathroom to get rid of my blockage only to find there being a huge line up... Ohhh, the slime, gathering in my mouth... NOT GOOD!!!! in the end i made it.. And then trying to throw up quietly when there are women coming and going in the cubicles either side of me... I just hoped they didnt think I was trying to smuggle drugs...
Anyway, after 26 hours in flights, we arrived home in Brisbane... Dog Tired...Jet Lagged...Swollen Ankles (me anyway)... and with a few kg weight gain...

Sadly 2 days after arriving home, we got the called that my father in law had passed away. We knew it was close, and we feel so blessed that we were able to spend some time with him before his passing, but it was still so upsetting.. A very strong, proud and hardworking man, whose mind was as sharp as a tack till the very end.. Passed away peacefully aged.... 107...
But now for the upside... it was only a couple of days after that, that I made a discovery... and that discovery was...............................................................................I'm pregnant... I see it as my little "Gift from Ghana"..
Soo, fast forward to today, I am 11 weeks preg and go for my first ultrasound on Monday.. I have never felt so tired and sick. I didnt get sick or tired with my first this part of it all is very new to me.. I did go a couple of weeks back and get the remainder of my fill taken out, and now my band is completely empty.. But the funny part is, I seem to be eating even less than before.. I guess it could be all part of the pregnancy.. I just hope this sickness is the textbook pregnancy kind, and will be over at the end of my first trimester.. I also want to fast forward to my mid term ultrasound to find out the sex.. In the begginning I was certain it will be a boy, but now I am not so sure.. I was dead certain with both my boy and my girl.. Ohh well only another 9 weeks till I find that out.. And no, I cant wait and keep it a suprise.. I want to get to shopping..

So my weight is now at 118kg, and I feel like shit for it, but when I look back at last year, then the trip I had... Well, so be it, I can shake it off when bub has been born..

So I hope this brings you guys up to date with me, that is if anyone still checks me out... Just call me slack...

xx Nene