Saturday, February 9, 2008

More To Say

Week ends are always hard, when it comes to food, and what to eat.. It is actually becoming quite expensive to be dealing out different meals to each person. We went out this morning, and i was finding it hard to find something to wear when I was getting ready. My body shape has slightly changed and things that I wore all the time, are now looking not so good anymore. Who knows if they even looked any good before, but at least they covered my lumps and bumps.
Even though I have always had the overhang on my belly, it hasn't been noticed as much because the level above it under my boobs stuck out more that it, but now that it doesn't the overhang looks just dreadfull.
If my body has changed this much after losing just 5.1kg, what is it gonna be like after another 5 or even 10, 20,30kgs. I guess I will just deal with that as it happens. It can't look any worse than I already do.

Ok, that all for now...


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