Thursday, February 7, 2008

Weigh in #6 Tonight..

I had a great day out with Kirsten today, went shopping at North Lakes. I did pretty well, had a cup of tea for breakfast, and then much to my fear, I tried my very first sushi roll, at Kirstens persistance. It turned out to be ok.. I probably wouldn't go out of my way to buy one, but if it was there, I'd eat it...
Anyway, I ended up going to Sizzler for lunch again, and behaved quite well. I didnt over indulge.
I have my weigh in tonight, and to be honest, I dont know how I went this week, as far as weight loss.. I usually really feel the difference, but this week, I dont feel but different to last week. I guess that could be the guilt of having indian twice in a week, and also sizzler twice in the same week. At least if I have not lost any weight this week, I will know exactly why..
I know I would probably lose more if I would just get off my ass and go for a walk each day. But... that is yet to happen, although the first time I did weight watchers, I walked everyday, sometimes even twice a day.. I keep telling myself to get back into it, and I know I will..But when I am good and ready, am still working on getting some kind of fitness level back.. The one thing I do, do however, is 10 sit ups each night before bed, and although it may not seem like much, believe me... it feels like 100 to me at the end of it.. You try sitting up without assistance with a 50kg roll of fat strapped to your gut and tell me how easy it is...
I have always been kind of shy to let anyone know my actual weight, and then today I found myself telling Shannon and her mum what I weigh, and the thing is, I am no longer embarrassed of them knowing, because I am actually doing something about it and am slowly shrinking... Before long I hope to be telling them that I weight 100kg instead of 132kg... and to alot of skinny people, who would be thinking.."why would someone be proud to say they weigh 100kg?" Well if they were my size they would, and to me it will be an accomplishment..
I just want to walk into a shop and buy something because I like it, not just because it is the only damn thing in the shop that will fit me..
I remember, coming back from Thailand, hubby and the kids had so many nice designer (fakes) clothes to wear when we would go out, and I would feel like the biggest daggy frump against them.
Oh and I have a rant....
WHY THE HELL DO THEY MAKE GUT BUSTER UNDIES IN A SIZE 12 AND NOT A SIZE 22??????????? where is the sense in that????
I went looking for gut buster / control breifs today in Target, as in the little weight I have lost, my tummy is getting even saggier, and could not find a pair to fit.. Who needs to suck their stomach in? A size 12 or a size 22?
Anyway, have said enough for today, will write more tomorrow and update what I have either lost of gained.


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