Friday, February 8, 2008

Weigh in Verdict

Well, as I said, I went for my weigh in lastnight, and just as I thought, I hadn't done as good this week as I have in previous weeks. I had a loss of .5kg. Which now makes my grand total of a total loss of 5.1kg. And plenty more to shed...
So this week is a new week, and I'm going to behave.. I had my egg white omlette with onion and capsicum for breakfast with a cup of tea, and for lunch I had a footlong salad sub from subway. I was kind of releived that Shani didn't want to have chinese today, as I know that wouldn't have been a good start to my week... I would have caved and got more than vegetables.. How could I not? But no.. no.. no.., I gotta be good..
Oh and as for gut sucker undies, I found some in a bigger size..;. Good old Undercover Wear...Kirsten is having a UCW party next sunday so I might order a pair, in fact, I really need to order at least 7 pairs, so I can have one for each day of the week... ha ha..
Will just get what I can afford right now.. Who knows, I might even need a smaller size soon enough..
Well thats all from me for now, might write some more later...Actually I will coz I was laying in bed lastnight, thinking of a few things from way back in school.. All to do with weight problems of course, but that, I will save for my next post...
Bye for now..

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