Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last post for 2009

Yesterday I got myself ready for work, and packed myself lunch and snacks, which was an assortment of fruit, and shredded chicken.. All with the good intention of trying to behave on the food front.. Well I started out ok, I had myself a bowl of cereal (a little too big in portion) but healthy.. I thought I was doing well , feeling full till mid morning, I was so hungry tht I could have eaten a horse and chased the bloody rider. Then I spied my fave naughty food.. The chicken and broccoli pie in that bastard asshole pie oven... looking all teasingly at me with it poppy seeds on top.. So instead of going out back to fetch me some cut up melon to munch on, I instead go out back, grab a plate and back to the dreaded oven, and fetch me that pie... Ohhh the guilt.. I felt guilty right away, even before letting it touch my lips.. But I was beyond help. So today I am not going to TRY today, I am just going to concentrate on other things and try to make the best choices.. I will give you an example.. I have been a smoker for a long time. Not a heavy smoker, just the odd 2-3 per day.. Many people have said "If thats all you have, then it should be easy to give up".. but in truth, if i didnt have those 2 or 3 per day I would lose my freakin mind... HOWEVER.. in the last 3 weeks, I am pretty much given up, and not by intention either, I just dont feel like it anymore.. I do however carry a packet in my bag, in case the feeling arises that I might like a social or stress reliever, but when it gets to that point, I might just think to myself that I have come this far, I just dont need it. You see, I have always hated the smell of smoke, hated me smelling like it, so even when I was to have one I would brush my teeth, wash my hands, spray myself all over with perfume.. It's so good not having to worry about it anymore. And it was even tested on christmas day when I had more than my fair share of alcoholic beverages, even my sister asked me if I was going to go outside for a smoke, and I declined.. Heck, I usually make like a chimney when having a drink.. but not anymore. BUT I am not game not to have them in my bag for fear that I might want them because they are not there. It's kind of like a comforter.. and I am hoping to do something similar with food.. somehow.
Today is my day off, and as I have been working over the school holidays, I have decided that whilst Ayisha goes to daycare to farewell her Bestest friend in the whole world ( she calls him her man).. lol... I am going to have mother son time, and take Montel to see the Chipmunks Movie and possibly go to sizzler.. He has already asked me if we can take the young boy next door, I asked him if it's not cool for him to come out with mama.. he said it is, but he just wants a friend to come.. But to be honest, the problem with that is, I just cant afford to be taking the neighborhood kids.. and I cant very well say to their mum, "Oh we are going to lunch and the movies, your son can come if you pay for him".. I think I would look very rude and uncooth.. lol... But things these days arent cheap, and I'm not living on top of a pot of gold..

What is everyones plan for New Years Eve? We have a friend with an apartment in the city, with very good views of where the fireworks will be, so we will be taking up the invite to go and hang there for the night.. I wanted to rent a room in the city, have a nice romantic night and all, but when I mentioned this to hubby some 2 months ago, he said we should put the money towards other things, so I got myself all pissed off, and didnt book it, then lastnight we were driving along, and he had the hide to ask which hotel it was that we were staying in for New Year... I SERIOUSLY COULD HAVE PUNCHED HIM!!!

Anyway, whatever it is that you all do for New Year, I wish you love and safety.. I thank you all for following my blog, and your support throughout my first 11 months of being banded. I also thank those of you who do blog, and have shared your life with me and many others, it makes the "journey" ( I dont like to use that term though) so much easier.. I cant imagine not having anyone to vent with and share ideas.. You all are wonderful..
Lots of Love
xx Nene

Sunday, December 27, 2009


My Babies with their Santa Hats
A Blurry view of our Boxing Day dinner setting (Read post below for the full story)

Our little visitor (read post below for story)

Isnt he/she just the cutest..

Our tree before the unwrapping onslaught..

Full BUT Not Satisfied...

First let me start by saying that I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, as I did here.. the kids were overjoyed with their gifts from "santa"..and was a happy day in general.. quite laid back in fact. We had friends over for a breakfast of croissants, fruit platter, strawberry's dipped in chocolate...Sausages, bacon, eggs cooked on the bbq.. (very aussie as most bandsters are, I am usually quite restricted in the mornings, so with waking at 5:30am, and not having breakfast untill around 9, it wasnt too bad.. I was able to eat a bit.. although not as much as I would have liked...but I was ok with it... then moving on to my parents house in the afternoon, there was a feast of roast lamb, roast pork, potato salad, fresh salad with coutons and smoked kransky in it (I made this salad, it should be called Bitsa Salad, coz it's got bitsa this and bitsa that in it :) then there was corn, and other salad sides etc... Once again, I didnt over indulge, but probably because of the fact that my stomach was full of vodka cruiser bubbles... I think I had consumed about 8 of those tasty beverages throughout the day.. I was even suprised that I wasnt intoxicted.. BONUS!! By the time it was time for desert, I was ready to go home, I wasnt about to tackle the fruit flan, or fruit mince pies and custard, or christmas cake... I was fooded out for the day.. All in all, it was a great day though..
Boxing Day.. another nice day, we drove up to Woodford (to check out all the hippies, venturing on to the Woodford Folk Festival, as we do most boxing days) and stopped at a park to have some hot chips for a snack.. I had only a few before getting stuck, so I got up and walked Ayisha over to have a squat & pee under a tree.. By the time I got back to my seat, we had a little visitor..and I know it wasnt there when I was sitting there, because I had dusted the seat off before sitting at the table... The visitor was the most adorable little Green Tree Frog.. all shiny and pulsating.. sitting happily on the bench next to hubby.. Luckily I had the camera in the car so I set to work taking the little stars piccies.. Soo cute..
Then for our boxing day dinner, we drove into the city (west end) to our favourite Indonesian restaurant and got take away, this time my parents were following, and tried out fave food too.. We picked the food up and drove over to Kangaroo Point (City Look Out).. we were lucky enough to find a park and a table to sit at.. It was so beautiful to overlook the city whilst eating dinner.. So it was a superb Boxing Day too...
Now to explain my heading "Full but not satisfied" to you.. today, I have been picking at foods all day.. I am full, but dont feel satisfied with what I have eaten.. Almost like I would try to eat something else as full as I feel, just because I was that flavour in my mouth, or want to chew something of that consistancy... All day long, I have been grazing on bad bad bad foods.. 2 small bowls of ice cream, a packet of Salt & Vinegar chips, a few random snack size chocolates left over from a gift box of cadbury celebrations... an oven baked dinner roll that I PB'd on.. a small bowl of Cheerios cereal... none of it has hit the spot for me.. I am at the point that I feel so full that I physically couldnt eat another thing, but I WANT something else, dont know if it's salty or sweet, hot or cold...... I do know one thing is for sure.. I am getting tightened up as soon as I can in the first week of New Year.. Time to get serious..
My weightloss has gone to hell in a handbasket, and I must do something about it. Exercise is a must, or I will forever have these tuckshop lady arms, and inner thighs that look like a tub of melting lard..Oh, and just when I didnt think my titties could shrink any more... blow me down, they have.. I wouldnt mind having tiny perky titties if I had the body to match, but not these that looked like a sucked mango seed thats been hung to dry in a sock.. TRAGIC.
Anyway.. I've got to get ready for work.. dammit.. watch the news to see if I dont get arrested for throttling our sunday staff member.. Ohh it's a long story... and one that would almost be worth getting arrested for.. Long story... must think happy thoughts...
xx Nene

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Pic

Standing next to my xmas table of Hampers in our shop.... Thought I'd wear something with the xmas colours in it.. bit wild.. lol
xx Nene
By the way, I fit into my sz 18 pants this morning.. Woo Freakin Hoo and the top is an L

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I thought I would dedicate this post to Christmas, since it may be the last entry I make before 25th Dec..With christmas day drawing near, I am just as excited as my kids.. I cant wait to give them their presents, so they will have something to do, and keep out of my hair for a while.. lol.. Oh but i do love them to death, but Mama just needs a lil time out some times.. In saying that they are excited is one thing, but the fact remains that they will still sleep in long enough for me to have to wake them up, by screaming... Santa's Been!!!!! Santa's Been!!!!! Come Quick!!!!!!!!... whilst they lay there rubbing their eyes and stretching, before figuring out what their crazy mum is on about... I guess the reason that they sleep in (beyond 6am, which is as late as I let it go on xmas morn.) is because they lay in bed with their eyes wide open till late, trying to catch Santa..
Heck, I used to dive under the sheets, and cover my head and hands over my ears coz I didnt want to see or hear the big chubby man in the red suit... Hell no, he could just leave his goodies for me under the tree and ride his reindeer right on out of there, as far as I was concerned.. I was a real scaredy cat..
Back to the story... this year, as in previous years, I will no doubt have to wake my two little angels up, and race them out to the tree, where they will be greeted with the biggest mountain of presents... Silly me, thought it would be better to get the gifts bought early this year before the last minute rush... Ha!! what a load of rubbish that turned out to be.. I started months ago, and have kept friggin buying.. right up until yesterday.. and that was all because I did a count of how many presents each child had..and shit shit shit... Montel had more than Ayisha.. a whole 7 more..Sooo, of I went, back to the shops to even the tally.. Ayisha is 2 down on Montel, but I am quite honestly over the whole christmas rush at the shops.. I thought that at this time of year, people would be friendly and smiling, etc... Well not in my neck of the woods... these people have turned into the most miserable mongrels around.. Trolley rage, road rage, car park rage, check out que rage... A whole lotta angry people, and for what?!?!?! All in all, I have spent an absolute fortune, but it will all be worth it to see the smiles on my childrens faces..
Remembering back to christmases of my childhood, I remember waking up at the crack of a sparrows fart, and waiting and counting the minutes before we could wake mum and dad to be able to open our presents. One very memorable present was a newborn baby doll that had a penis.. I reckon I studied that dolls anatomy for the whole of the christmas holidays.. (for my US friends and followers, we get 6 weeks off school over the christmas)..Perhaps thats where my fascination for those things started.. LMAO... Another fantastic memorable present was my JEM doll.. She was the rockstar barbie style doll with flashing light earrings.. She had pink hair.. and she was hot... I would quite often grab the can of my sisters hairspray and sing into it... my sister who is 2 years older than me, used to use alot of hairspray because she would tease her fringe and style it like a wave across the front of her head... I was so envious of how it looked, and I could never get mine as good as hers.. Sooo, back to christmas...
My sister, myself, and our friends in our street (lots of kids of random ages) used to go round and sing carols on peoples front lawns.. I think we had more people shoo us away than listen to us.. so later on we would go and rock their roof (i.e. throw rocks in their roof)... so naughty.. lol.. wonder if thats why there's so many grumpy bastards at the shops these days.. they being kept awake from their roof being rocked... LOL
Mum and dad used to always put on a nice big BBQ, and mums twin brother used to come with his wife and kids.. presents would be exchanged, uncle Michael would raid the Chocolate and Lolly Dish, and we would try to look greatfull and happy with the crap that they bought for us.. My nan would be there, eating up all the meat, and watching everyone like a hawk to make sure they didnt eat what she was eyeing off.... Mum getting tipsy, swirling around her glass of wine, occasionally letting some spill, Dad, also getting tipsy, sitting there giggling, and nudging mum for no apparent reason.. LMAO.. they were both not big drinkers, so to see them getting tipsy was hilarious, although not at the time.. My sister and I would get angry at them for drinking.. god knows why..

I love the fact that you can wake on christmas morning, and eat a chocolate or a candy cane, and it's OK, because it's christmas.. Guzzle down soft drink all day, why not it's Christmas... graze on non-nutritious food all day long... it's alright, coz the chubby man was here the night before..

I think this year, I'm gonna have to tell the kids that Santa is on a diet.. he just doesnt eat as much as he used to, so when they leave him something out, they should be mindfull of that.. perhaps a vodka and a few cashews..

I have just realised that this post is all over the place, as I have been spilling it out in between customers. Oh well it just shows you a little something different.

So this Christmas, after I wake my babies.. open presents, I will be left to tidy up the paper, whilst hubby puts in batteries and reads instructions... then we are having some friends over for a BBQ breakfast.. then hopefully get a little rest time before going to my parents in the afternoon for a christmas dinner of assorted roasted meats, salads, veges, deserts etc.. only now that I am older, I will be getting tipsy too... lol.. and that doesnt take much. I know I will be a little frustrated that I wont be able to get into alot of the fun foods that represent a christmas feast day for me, but I will be greatfull that it means I wont have gained a size over that period too..

Another thought I will leave you with.. right now, I am loving life.. Things in my relationship with my husband are amazingly good.. I dont think I have been this happy in years... I dont think it is the fact that I have lost weight and looking better, I think it is more like .. I am easier to live with, look at life more positively etc... I am even communicating better with him.. which is a big thing for me, after so many years of biting my tongue... I love this band, I love what it has done for me so far.. although in 2010, i am going to kick my own ass into gear and up the anti on my weight loss.. 5 months of my gym membership has just worn away.... time to use it and shine in 2010..
Love you all, and the support you give..
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas
Lots of love
xx Nene

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have just come to the realisation that after a month of tooing and fro'ing on the scales, it has taken me a whole month to lose 1 kg..So I guess it's time to tighten up.. But not before christmas. The surgeon told my sister that if you aren't losing 2kg per month, the band isnt tight enough.. or something along those lines anyway.. I guess, as I have said before, it would shift a lil quicker if I motivated myself and moved my ass a little in the exercise department.

I read Amy's blog this morning and was inspired to address the same subject on my blog today. It's all about habbits and secret self sabotage , pre band.. Like Amy, I too used to drive from Take Away joint to another.. I would stop at Mcdonalds because the kids wanted a happy meal.. There I would get them what they wanted, and get myself a quarter pounder meal, scoff it down before passing the KFC on the way home, and pull in to buy a Twister meal ( foolishly lying to myself that it was the healthy option because it had lettuce and tomato in a wrap) I would then arrive home and sit to eat that second meal with hubby, as if the Mcdonalds one never existed.. Or Subway, once one of my biggest addictions.. When I told my surgeon on my first appointment that I could eat 2 x 12 inch subs he was amazed.. Yes, I would order 2 identicle footlong subs, but then ask for different sauce on one of them to act like one of them was for someone else. I would pull over on the way home and scoff one down before reaching home to sit with the family for our Subway meal. My husband never realised just how much I was eating.. I hid so many pig outs from him. So he thought my weight gain was just from not exercising..

I'm not sure if i have mentioned in my blog about the time that I woke in the night to go and pee (being so overweight meant frequent nightly visits to the toilet), but I was halfway off the bed and collapsed, unable to move because my sciatica (back pain) was ceased. I was in excruciating pain, and was desperate to go to the toilet. The only thing to do was for my husband to call my mum, and then she called the ambulance.. Well once the ambulance arrived, they gave me some pain relief and tried to move me.. with no success, they called for the fire brigade to help them lift me.. I mean I wasnt even at my heaviest by this stage (maybe about 130kgs).. I was mortified that the fire brigade arrived with their lights flashing in the middle of the night, all my neighbors were out front, thinking that there had been some serious problem at my house, only for them to see me being carried out on a stretcher by 6 fucking unfit weakling men.. Hey, I respect the services, but for it to take 6 big men in their line of work to carry me out, is pathetic, and Oh so humiliating.
I was then transported to the hospital, put in a bed in emergency ward, and still busting so badly to pee. I told the nurses that I needed to, and nothing was done.. The later on, mum called to check on me, and asked if i had been able to releive myself, the bitch nurse had the hide to say to my mum that I am too big to be rolled over and put a bedpan under me.. My mum exploded and told her she would take it much further if I wasnt dealth with.
To cut a long story short, I was eventually able to wee, and discharged from hospital in the morning. I found a fantastic physiotherapist, who got me out of pain, and I have never looked back.. Apart from the mortifying turn of events that it took to get me to the hospital. Thats one of my stories from being stupidly overweight. Thankfully the night time pee breaks have stopped.
I am also now trying to work on the confidence thing, so that instead of when someone says "Hey Jennene, you look really good" , I usually say something like "I still got a long way to go"... now I just say "Thank you" .. and take the compliment for what it was. I mean, I know that I still do have a long way to go, but I dont need to highlight the fact, and should just feel good that the person noticed my progress. I guess its all about positivity..
Anyway, once again I best be getting up out the chair and do some work.. Fridges to stock, stinky customers to serve (the summer makes their body odour worse)...oh the joys...
xx Nene

Monday, December 14, 2009


Once again it is TTOTM and my weight is dropping again.. so from a negative comes a positive.. However, since my last losing streak, which got me down to 109.2kg (i think) , I shot back up to 112kg almost overnight.. I could have torn my hair out, as not only did I gain the couple of kgs, but I was back above my 110kg mark... aarrgghhh... anyway... I have been wrestling the temptation not to weight myself every freakin day, and as usual, lost that battle.. but have noticed that in the last week, my weight has been gradually dropping again.. I was most pleasantly surprised this morning to wake and read a new set of digits.. 108.7kg... which now brings my total loss to 37.9kg in 10 months and 16 days..I SOOO want to get to 106.6kg for Christmas which would make my loss 40kg.. So I am going to get my butt into gear and go walking every damn day.. I just cannot let these scales rise again.
I remember when I was laying on the bed in theatre about to be put under anesthetic, and hoping that I could get down to 100kg by Christmas.. I know that isn't going to happen, but heck, I am not too far from it, so I am quite happy about it. Because throughout this whole time I have had the band, I haven't struggled to "change my lifestyle" or lived like I am still strictly dieting. I have enjoyed life. And I do suppose if I had stuck to my dietitians orders of what to eat (protein first and so forth) I would have done better with the loss. But I will mention once again, this isn't a race, and I have the rest of my life to get down to goal. ( A life that will be much longer now that I have shed some serious lard).. However in saying that i think I would be pretty pissed if I get to the end of next year and I am still no closer to goal..
What is my goal??? Hmmm to be honest, I don't really know. When organizing surgery with my doctor, he said I should concentrate on getting down to around 85kg.. However my "textbook goal" is actually 75kg.. I mean come on... I would looking bloody ridiculous at 75kg I'm sure. I would look like a bean pole.
So really, my goal is more clothing oriented. I will be happy to get down to a size 12 ( just did conversion, which is a US sz 8).. And as for the BMI stuff.. I don't care much for that.. I never really understood it, apart from the fact that I was on the dangerous end of that number scale.
I have gone from morbidly obese to now just being at obese (Whoopdee farkin doo) that doesn't mean shit to me.. I don't need that BMI thing pulling my spirits down. Enough said.. lol

Yesterday we drove down to the Gold Coast and went to the Cararra Markets.. and I bought myself a new bra.. It shocked me for a number of reasons.. #1. it was a sz 16c (38c) #2. it was only $6 #3. It fits so good that it doesn't irritate my band site when I sit down for a meal.. I wish I had have bought more.
Another thing, although it was a stinkin hot 36 degrees (96.8F) whilst we were at the markets , I still powered on, yes it was hot, but it didnt get to me.. I wasn't puffing and panting and sweating like a dog. Perhaps one day I will be one of those skinny people that sing from the rooftops how much they LOVE summer... ummm don't know if I could ever go that far.. but i will say it is becoming more bearable.

Band news... this thing is so freaking unpredictable. One day, it is so tight that i have a hard time getting my thick shake down (naughty naughty I know).. I even PB'd it up. Then the next day, I am able to eat a 6 inch subway sub.. I mean WTF!?!?! I will say however that I got the sub double toasted so it was much dryer, so it was easier to crunch on. It took me about 30 minutes to eat too..and it was so damn good. Then again the next day, I go to have a piece of multi grain toast (well toasted) and after one bite, it gets stuck... drives me bonkers. I was tempted to get a tiny bit of fill taken out for xmas, but I'm not now. I just hope that my band is being friendly on xmas day. If not, then it will teach me a lesson not to be a guts... lol

Anyway, I best get my ass out of the seat and find myself some breakfast before the kids wake up and swing into action for the day..
xx Nene

Friday, December 11, 2009

ANOTHER Photo Update

I thought I would take a pic to show you my new dress, and the fact that it is a shorter length dress.. This is a first for me. I have hated my legs for as long as I can remember, and even though I dont love them, I have come to realise that they dont look so bad anymore. I will tell you the story behind this dress.. You see, my nan/grandmother was telling me about this dress that she had bought herself in the hope that she would fit into it after 4 weeks of strict dieting.. My nan is about a size 24 and the dress is a size 16 (Rockmans sz 16).. anyway, she realised after a couple of weeks that she wouldnt make her goal (Bless her) and offered me the dress.. At this stage, I still hadnt seen the dress, and was a little weary of accepting something that I was sure I wouldnt like. (after all, my nan had picked it out) So I was pleasantly surprised when she brought it over and took it out of the bag and I held it up to me.. I thought "It's not something I would buy for myself or even consider trying on in the store, BUT I am so glad I got this off nan. Because now it has opened my eyes to change the cuts that I wear and also get a bit adventurous in trying new styles. And check me out, I have a booty.. LMAO
Hips are still a lil too big for my liking, but I'll get there..
I covered myself in fake tan before I went to bed the night before, and my legs were brown enough not to pass for thick glow sticks.. Hubby even said that my nan has better taste in clothes than me.. Ppfffttt..
Yesterday my band was so tight, I PB'd quite a bit. I was actually out at sizzler, and after only 2 mouthfulls of potato bake, I was off to the bathroom.. I went into the disabled bathroom, for privacy, and to spare everyone from the noises of my PB.. Well you should have seen me.. Arms in the air, slamming my back up against the baby change table that was assembled on the wall.. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and shook my head, I didnt know whether to laugh or cry.. In any case, I found that being thumped in the back and holding my arms in the air, cleared the situation up real good.. I then proceded to go back out to the table after the third bathroom visit and had a bowl of soft serve ice cream.. I was not leaving that place without at least getting my moneys worth out of it.. So all in all, it cost me $15.50 to use their bathroom for a spew and have a bowl of ice cream.. However it was only 2 days prior that I was able to eat almost a whole plate of food there.. I guess thats what happens when you get greedy..
Another thing.. I have been getting the worst possible headaches.. I was up from 2am till 4.30am on thursday morning with a thumper of a headache.. I sat on the floor of the shower and let the hottest water flow over my head, usually this fixes it, but not this time.. I took 2 paracetamol, no pain relief, laid on the couch with a hot wheatbad on my head, still no relief, another shower, followed by some Nurofen (Ibuprofen) and finally some sign of relief.. However, now today (10.10 friday morning) I still have the slight dull ache in the back of my head. Also a bit of dizziness.. I guess i really have to see the doc..
Well i just got a big drink delivery, so i best get to work..
Have a great week end
xx Nene

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Random Chatter

I seem to have found myself with a new issue.. Whilst out with my sister the other day, she brought it to my attention that I seem more insecure of my looks now that before being banded.. My example is that we were walking through a shopping centre and fept toying with my clothing to make sure it wasnt clinging or looking out of place.. I am very self critical, and since Tracey brought this to my attention I have noticed just how much I fidget and twiddle my fingers in front of myself when I walk through a shopping centre. I feel bare naked if I just let my hands drop to my sides...Whats up with that?? I wish I knew. I mean, I feel ok, when I look at my reflection before leaving the house, but I guess I just dont want to be in the spotlight or scrutenized by others.. Will this feeling ever leave me?? Oh I surely hope so.
I was also talking with a fellow bandster (One of my blog followers, whom I was lucky enough to have met) and we were talking about the issue of wondering when enough is enough in regards to once having lost the weight, will we be truely happy in our own skins, or be on the look out for something more we can do to "fix" ourselves. Now, from what i see, Tammy ( this fellow bandster) looks fantastic from my eyes, but she feels that things could be better here or there.. I know we are most critical of ourselves, and tend to find imperfections in ourselves that dont even appear to others.. I wish I could just spend one day loving myself without flaws.. I doubt this will ever happen, and just need to learn to embrace what I have and learn to love it. Easier said than done.. enough of the negative stuff..

On a more positive note.. I have had comments lately that I have gained myself a bum/bottom.. Now usually people would be offended to hear such a comment.. LOL.. but not me.. You see, I have had such a big block ass for as long as I can remember, so to finally have the shape of something that resembles a normal backside is a little exciting.. I'll have to get someone to snap a rear ended pic of me, so i can see it properly for myself. I tried backing myself up to the mirror, but it doesnt quite work.

Another thing.. yesterday my band was really very restrictive, but today I have done nothing but eat.. I guess it also depends on what is being eaten, and the fact that I have been having water crackers with mashed banana wouldnt help keep me full for long.. Thats the one thing about this job that sucks.. I cant sit for a meal without being disturbed.

Oh well, I best be getting back to work, I keep losing my train of thought when I have to get up to serve just when i get an idea of something to tell you all.
Oh, just remembered.. I also have been feeling really crappy lately, mainly at night.. Nausea, a little hot and flushy, dry in the mouth... and very tired... I wonder if I need my iron levels tested.. or if I should take a vitamin, I mean, I couldnt be preggas, I'm on the pill.. could it be early menopause??? hope not.. any ideas?? anyone else feel this way??

xx Nene

Thursday, December 3, 2009


This is my new fave pic.. I can see my weightloss here..


I really feel like I have completely fallen of the wagon.. I have been making bad food choices, and feel physically just as bad for it.. I am just always so damn tired.. I guess this would be from lack of protien/iron.. etc.. I really want to turn this around, but have got myself in a ditch because my weight has gone up to 111.5kg.. I mean god damn, I know I havent eaten enough to have put on that much weight.. and even though my choices arent the best, I couldnt have eaten enough of the bad stuff for it to have gone up so quick.. I keep trying to tell myself that maybe it's because of where I am in my cycle.. almost TTOTM...
Ohh lordy, just had a quick break in blogging.. my daughter decided to get into my nail polish and do her own..I did a quick clean up and looks like she will be attending daycare today with very funky looking legs, toes and hands.. Oh, just when do the terrible 2's stop.. she's already freakin 4... *take a deep breath* ...
I am trying not to let myself have that rotten "want to kill everyone" week, that seems to be making its presence in my life the week before my period..So I will keep the deep relaxing breaths
Today I am off to Crossroads for their members 40% off storewide sale. ( here's the website for those non-aussies :) ) I am looking to buy me some new pants/trousers and some tops.. as I seem to have filled my wardrobe with dresses over the last couple of months. I just hope I find what I am after, as its always the way when I am after something, I can never find it, but when I am down and out, and cant afford it, I find everything I could ever want. Wish me luck.
At the moment, I seem to have pretty good restriction, BUT I just want to eat all the time.. even when I am full..I just want the taste in my mouth. Is this normal?? I think it might have something to do with the fact that I really dont get much chance to sit down and concentrate on having a meal at a meal time, because of my restriction in the morning, then being at work and serving at lunch time, and then getting everything organized at home in the evening.. So I just graze all day. I really gotta get my act together..
Anyway, I best get to styling up, so I can hit the shops..And I just want to thank AMY for her excellent post today. You truely are wonderful.
xx Nene

Monday, November 30, 2009


Hello ladies, I hope you all have had a great week end.. Well yesterday morning (sunday) we were trying to think of what we could do for the day, with it being so hot and all.. So we decided to jump in the car and head for the sunshin coast.. and where did we end up??? The Big Pineapple... And I must say, What a let down.. That place has gone downhill so much that I dont know how it survives. As you will see below, we made a bee line for the "Famous Parfait Deserts" that the Big Pineappple is also famous for.. as as you will see in the pic below, we bought 2 Banana Split deserts to share among the 4 of us. For a cost of $20.. RIP OFF!!! it actually looks nice in the pic, but in reality, the fruit they used it it was rotten, and very soggy..
They look excited to tuck into it, but they soon lost their enthusiasm.

Is Montel trying to take a bite??? lol..

And as usual, a pic of me for good measure.. the lighting wasnt the best though. Bit I am starting to realise that I dont look like such a huge blob next to hubby..
Now I have a question for all you banded girls that like to indulge in or even binge in the occassional alcoholic beverage....Have any of you found that you can no longer drink as much as before?? I mean, I can drink about 4 drinks (usually bourbon and coke zero or pepsi max, or something similarly fizzy) and although I might feel a lil tipsy, and feel like drinking more.. I physically cant because I will begin to feel sick..not sure if it from all the bubbles.. or that i am drinking too fast... any ideas?? Not saying that I want to get roaring drunk, but I want to at least be able to enjoy a liquid xmas/new year, if I cant indulge in the foodier parts of it.. lol
Anyway, I've had minimal sleep overnight, and want to get some rest before I start work this afternoon.
Catch you later..
xx Nene

Friday, November 27, 2009


I was going through an old USB stick lastnight, and came across some more horrible pics.. of me Pre Band.. Its sad to think, that I actually thought I looked ok back then..
OMG, I seriously look pregnant here.. and I considered that top slimming on me. But then to admit it, I did used to walk around with my hand on my stomach, hoping that people would think I was preggas instead of just plain supersized.

Look at my face.. Oh words cant describe.. YUK

And another one.
Having lost a noticeable amount of weight, I sometimes find it strange when people come up to me and say "Wow Jennene, you look fantastic, Have you lost weight??" I mean, I am seeing that I have lost it, but to know that other people are seeing it, is very flattering. It makes me feel good. But the truth is, I still have alot of the same insecurities today that I had at full weight. I find that when people look at me, I must have something out of place, or get worried that they may think, "OMG look at her, she shouldnt be wearing that".. etc etc..
I would love to go to a funpark/themepark with the kids.. But I still feel that I would be too big to go on the rides, athough I do know that I went on those rides when I was bigger than I am now, so it wouldnt physically be a problem. But phsycologicaly I am being held back ( I think thats how best to explain it).
Well I best be getting ready for work. Have a lovely week end girls..Oh and to Tammy, I have been slack, I will reply your email soon.
xx Nene

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Here are some more pics.. I got Montel to take them this morning, of me modelling my latest addition to my wardrobe.. Lovly little strapless (straps supplied, but optional) dress. Comes complete with the belt looking attatchment too. Bonus.. I'm still not entirely confident about going strapless, so if I am going to wear this is the near future, I will be using the ones supplied, they are pretty much as thick as a convertable bra strap. Looking at these pics, I also realise that this dress isnt the most flattering, but I like it anyway.
So today is my day off work, and I have been hunting down and bargain shopping for xmas lights. I have spent an hour or two in the sun, putting them on the tree out front, and on our back deck.. and ouchy wah wah... I got me some sunburn..
On the scale front, not so happy.. For some reason, I have gone up again, by almost a kg.. Oh well Shit Happens. Once again, it's that festive time of year, and I'm not going to behave, nor will I ever behave at this time of year.. lol ... infact, I just finished off a small slice of my new favourite dessert.. Sara Lee's Caramel Banana Barvarian.. Soo yum, and I have never really been a dessert kind of person. I much prefer savoury food.. But with this hot weather, it goes down a treat.
Well, there you have it, just a short blog from me today..
xx Nene

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


1. How long have you been banded?
9 Months & 26 days
2. What was your highest pre-band weight and current weight now?
My heighest pre-band weight was 146.6kg (323lb)
My weight now is 109.9kg (242lb)
3. What is your best "go-to" food to get your protein?
Cashews, Cheese ... ummm is peanut butter counted as protein.??
4. What is your favourite protein brand/shake?
They are all disgusting... yuk yuk yuk.. However the one I had prior to banding was the optifast strawberry, blended with heaps of ice to almost make it eatable with a spoon..
5. What food do you miss the most, now being post band?
I miss being able to tuck into a big juicy burger (with the bun), I miss jam & cream donuts, and the list could go on.. but in saying that, I certainly dont go without.
6. What is your favourite mushy food?
Taco mince with mashed sweet potato..
7. What was your worst PB experience?
Ohhh, I have had more than I care to remember. Boiled Egg is a bad one to PB on. The hardest was to try to PB into an empty take away outlet bag whilst hubby and kids are in the car. (I am very private about PBing) so it was horrible.
8. What has been the hardest part about this journey so far for you?
Not being able to drink as much as I want when I am thirsty after a meal, and also of late, not being able to consume as many alcoholic beverages as I would like to because of the carbonation filling me up too quick. Other than those, it's not really that hard. The PB's and stuckages get a bit annoying, but it's a wake up call.
9. What is your best NSV to date?
umm, what is NSV?? I will come back to this..if someone can explain what it is..
10. What is your top non-weight goal for your band?
To be able to go into any shop that I want and buy and fit into what ever I want. I have full confidence in my looks and figure, and about my life (long story)...
11. What is your goal weight or size?
I think my person goal is to get to 80kgs. I am quite tall, and feel that this weight would be ok with me. It might be a little over my recommended weight, but I'm doing this for me, not the text books. I can have myself a bit of booty and curves if I so wish..
12. What band rule do you live by?
I dont really drink with meals (it only causes a PB anyway) But ruloes are made to be broken. :)
13. What band rule to you not follow as much?
The no snacking rule and the no carbonated/ soft drinks rule, ohh and the protein first rule..
14. What is your goal reward?
An overseas trip (not sure where to, or who with, but I'm doing this for me)
15. In the spirit of Thanksgiving being right around the corner (U.S) , what are you most thankful for, post-band?
I am most thankfull for the improvements in my health and the fact that I have lost this weight relatively problem free. I am slowly regaining confidence and a little independance and realise I dont need to be pushed down into a corner, thinking I am not good enough anymore. I love how this magical little piece of .... whatever it is... had helped me to regain life again.

xx Nene


I was just browsing through peoples pics on and came accross a womans pics of her healed / healing tummy tuck.. I must say, she looks fantastic, and flat.. BUT... it has me scared shitless. It's certainly alot more invasive than the lapband installation. But also when looking at the womans pics, I noticed how petit she has become, and checked back at her old pics, and noticed that her sizing was very similar to mine. Which brings me to the new realisation that I could end up like that..I really dont picture myself ever getting slim/ skinny. I just cant imagine it. And if I do get to that point, will I be happy with myself then? Probably not..
I know that I have lost weight, and can see in my reflection that I have too. But I find that I am even more critical or my wardrobe choices now, because i want to accentuate the places where I have lost the most weight. Yet I want to hide my turkey neck wobble gobble arms. But alas, it's too hot to be wearing my little cardy's. So I just dust plenty of bronzing powder on the pale bits and hope for the best..

My weight is bouncing around on the spot again.. I am at 109.9 again.. which is a little nervy for me, as I dont want to get into the 110's again.. I really want to be down to 106kg by xmas day. But to be honest, I am not pulling out all stops to make it happen, so if it doesnt, it doesnt.. I'm just going to try to enjoy this festive time of year, and worry about it in the New Year.. Does that sound a bit wrong?? Well who gives a hoo har if it is...

Oh, as i told you, my sister is getting banded on 2nd Feb 2010.. and one of my best friends Wendy was just given her date yesterday through the same surgeon also.. she will be getting banded on 4th Feb 2010. I am really happy for both of them, as I know just how much of a life change it will give them. And the fact that they can go through it all together is wonderful too.

They are also lucky in the way that they will end up with my clothes... jeez I wish I had have had someone ahead of me to hand me down theirs.. would certainly have saved me some money.. But I'm only too happy to get that ball rolling for them.

Anyway, I must get off my ass and look busy, I'm sure there will be some drinks to fill and stock to pull forward and so forth.
Ohh and by the way.. for any of you Aussies.. have you tried the new Carb Free and Sugar Free energy drink called SYNERGY?? It's along the same lines as Red Bull and V... anyway, it's really nice and without the guilt.. Certainly kicks me up the butt and gets me moving right along.
Ok Luvlys..
xx Nene

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Well today, being as hot as it has been, off we went to Nana's (my parents) pool. As you can see from Ayisha's pic below, she just loves her new lil bikini.. Oh how I wish to be able to pose with pride like her one day.. As you can see, I really need to buy a matching sarong for my swim suit.. BTW, this swim suit (tankini) is too big. My boobs just hang into it.. Not pretty..
Me and my girl

Me and My boy

Just to check how this vlog thing is gonna work for me, I thought I would add this to test it out.. Montel doing his flips into the pool.

Hope you all have had a great week end.
xx Nene

Saturday, November 21, 2009


From top to bottom, left to right.. Macadamia & Caramel Slice, Hedgehog Slice, Vanilla Slice then underneath is Custard Tart, Lamington and finally Caramel Slice.. usually I am not a sweet eater, but a long gaze at these sweet treats are enough to convert anybody.. These are all in the small display fridge on our counter.. staring back at me as I complete each transaction on the cash register.. Below is a full pic of the fridge that contains the slices.. as you will see above them are fresh sandwiches.. Another big temptation, because I used to love me some nice fresh bread.. White bread sandwiches are something that I wont risk at all.
Oh, here it is.. the biggest pain in my ass.. The ultimate temptation. THE PIE OVEN... On the top are Sausage Rolls, then hotdog Sausage Rolls, then the list of pies we sell are as follows..
Plain Mince, Chunky Beef, Steak Bacon & Cheese, Steak Cheese Tomato & Onion, Curried Beef, Steak & Mushroom, Steak & Kidney, Pepper Steak, Chicken & Brocolli, Chicken & Vegetable... I think you've got the idea. Not all the pies listed are this pic, as I took the pic after I had already sold some.

xx Nene

Friday, November 20, 2009


I was just browsing through youtube and came accross this womans blog. She is so beautiful and inspiring. But what I saw of her is also a little worrying.. I am nervous of this becoming of my body. This woman is stunningly gorgeous, and is so inspiring in her open and honest account of her banding.
Just thought I'd share.

xx Nene


I really dont know whats happening lately, But I likey..My weight is coming off at a steadier rate than it ever has since being banded. I keep getting on the scales, morning, noon and night, expecting to see a gain.. But nope.. I ♥ it. If what I was having was a plataeu, it was a fricken long one, and i dont want to go through that again.
Have a look at my "Statistics"on the right side panel about half way down this page, and you will see that I have recorded alot of entries for this month.. I know I should only really stick to recording once or twice a month, but hey.. I'm on a roll. Now I am down to a 37.4kg loss, looks like my goal to have lost 40kg by xmas is in my sights.. However to be honest, i was hoping to get down to 100kg by then, but it's ok, I make the rules as far as my goal setting goes, and it suits me fine.
With Amy doing her Vlogs, she has inspired me to get a lil courage and do one of my own.. Perhaps I will do one when I hit my 40kg loss, or one for xmas.. which ever comes first.

My sister went in to meet the surgeon who did my band, and she told him about my progress.. He was extremely happy with it, and told her to tell me congrats.. but to take it easy, because he believes that the slower loss is better. Ppfftt.. He also told her that it is not good for the band if you PB more than once per week. Well, there are some weeks that I dont PB at all, the others when it happens with almost every meal that day. But I think the problem there is that instead of tucking into my next meal, I should just stick to liquids untill any inflamation has gone down.. Yeah right.. lol
Well I best get back to work/ temptation/ stinky sweaty work men wanting pies (oh and the temptation is not the stinky sweaty men, it's the pie oven.. thought I'd better clarify that)..
xx Nene

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


OK, I am now 10KG away from 100kg.. I know for some, it is still a huge amount of weight, but for me it is very exciting. I actually woke this morning to the scales telling me that i weigh 109.9kg, and I was so excited that I jumped off, got my camera and got back on, only for it to tell me that I weighed 110.3.. I was like.. WHAT THE...? So I got off again, put my camera down, and this time it told me what you see below.. I figured that was good anyway, so here you see it. Now I'm readdy for the next 10kg loss.. Cant wait :)
These pants are a sz 20, they never even came close to fitting me pre-band. Now they hang off my ass like I have had an accident in them. lol

110 KGS
Well I had a lot to write when i sat to write this blog, But I was sidetracked by one of our employees, who came to teach me how to crochet.. So I will end here and try to remember what else I had to talk about..
xx Nene

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This is Ayisha on the right, and Nekeisha (our friends daughter) on the left.. I just had to take this pic, its soo cute. I always said when i was little that I wanted a daughter with gorgeous curly hair.. all I can say now is..BE CAREFULL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!!!
Me and my Precious Boy.. he really is a very gentle soul.

Yup, this is me and hubby..

My little princess, looks like butter wouldnt melt in her mouth. SOOO not the case.. lol
xx Nene

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Melbourne Cup Dress Pics

Here are a couple of pics taken on Melbourne Cup morning.. Nov 3, 09.. O love this dress (another new one) BUT as you will notice, the yellow patterned part at the front is a little skew wiff.. which in turn makes my body look a lil odd too.. I wore this dress to work to get in the spirit of all the ladies wearing dresses for the Melbourne Cup, mine certainly wasnt as short or as flashy as many of the fashionistas out there. anyway, just thought I'd share.

Also, I have been having problems with my email account. I have now changed my email address to ..
xx Nene

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hello Everyone in Blogland and beyond.. I must admit, I am kind of feeling on top of the world at the moment. For a few reasons really.. I have come across 2 very lovely ladies that are followers of my blog, and are also both banded. So a very big HELLO from me to TAMMY (the lady I met at the shopping centre, and LARA (my follower from Chatswood, NSW) .. Tammy has followed up our meeting with a lovely email to me, and gave me a little insight of her background, I look forward to a great "band sisterhood" with her. She is absolutely lovely. And then there is Lara, I received an email from Lara, explaining that she is the "mystery reader" from Chatswood, and that she hope that I dont feel like she is stalking me.. I am also very excited to have read in Lara's email that she has only just started her own blog, so when I get her blog address and permission to share it with you all, I will do so. These 2 ladies in the last couple of days have built my self esteem so much. No, I dont have a head swell because I got noticed or anything like that.. But it is so nice to know that I am somewhat of an inspiration to someone, and just may have possibly helped someone feel a little better about things in "band life"..
I really cant imagine not being open about it, but I know there are so many who hide it, and I can totally understand that too. But I do hope that my open-ness helps more than these 2 ladies.

When I ask the silent blog followers to speak up and make themselves known, its not so I get feedback (although I do enjoy to read from people) but it's to help those unconfident ones to have a voice.. (oh lordy this is kind of sounding all speechy).. But I am serious.. because for so long, I used to be one of those, to shy or nervous to put my comments in for fear of what people thought of what I had to say, and pretty much classed myself as insignificant. I am also not saying that this is how every "silent blog follower" feels.. But ín saying this, I am giving you a little history of how I once was.

I have also been told that my blog is not always easy to comment on.. I have discovered this with a few blogs, can anyone shed any light on how this happens or how to make it easier to get along with??

Ok, I am going to do the rest of my blog in point form, as I have a few short statements to make, and want to get them done quick.. (it's getting late and I'm feeling lazy)

  • I woke up this morning, got on the scales after my morning wee wee, and what did I see.. 111.6 k gees... WOOHOO now a total of 35kg loss.. I'm really not on target for how much I wanted to have lost, but I do have some sense of acheivement from this, and I am happy about it.
  • I took a leaf out of AMY's book, and put up our christmas tree this afternoon.. Yes it is early, even my son was telling me so. BUT there is a difference this christmas, I am actually feeling in the spirit, and cannot wait to put up our lights out the front yard on the week end. (more energy, feel better about get togethers, etc. etc.)
  • I know that I have previously blogged about "feeling down" kind of depressed and so forth, and I have noticed that it seems to be happening in the week before my period is due.. Is this PMS?? It comes on quick, and lasts about 4-5 days.. I wake in the morning, and am angry with the world, I dont want to talk to anyone, I just want to sleep the days away.. I'm going to talk to my GP about this. I dont like it at all, and I'm damn sure hubby and the kids dont either.
  • On the work front, there seems to be a new troublesome couple in town, and they are mostly high on some kind of drugs, and prior to the robbery, I really dont think their presence would have bothered me, I probably would have just told them to get out of the shop and dont come back.. But a few of their episodes have left me so shook lately, that I was even dry reaching and had to nervous poops.. So not good. Another thing to talk to the GP about.
  • Another note about the work front, and its temptations... The Pie Oven is all I should say.. I was overcome when I smelled the aroma of the new Chicken and Broccoli pie.. Now, I can not get through the whole pie, BUT I can open it up and eat it's insides.. About 6 mouthfulls of creamy chickeny goodness.. So yum, I'll have to take pics to share.. So I guess you could say I have lost my fight against the pie oven.. AGAIN..

Well my dear readers, I now have a hoarmonal headache, as I am guessing that when I wake tomorrow it will be TTOTM.. So I'm going to have me a nice hot bath and head to bed. Oh I should have put the subject of Baths in my point forms.. now that I can comfortably fit in my bath tub, I have been taking a long hot one each night.. Oh its so good. Aqua Therapy almost, but not as good as retail therapy (smiling widely)

Thanks for reading

xx Nene

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I was just looking at my LIVE FEED of who visits my blog.. WHO is it from Chatswood NSW??? I think this is the most frequent reader.. but I have never received any feedback from this person.. Just curious... and for all you other blog readers.. check out my live feed, to see what I mean..
xx Nene

Friday, November 6, 2009


Ok, now have I got a story to tell.. a story which still leaves me a little shocked.. Yesterday I was out with my sister.. Yes, we were on our way to see the doctor about her getting the lapband.. and we decided to stop by a a few shops on the way, and pick up some kids xmas pressents that we had seen advertised in the catalogues the day before. We stoped at 2 different places, before a last minute stop at the Hypermarket at Aspley, we went there for TOYSRUS.. this shopping centre is about 20 mins drive away from where I live.
Sooo, as we were walking though ToysRUs.. Ayisha was asking for everything in sight, and getting cranky because she couldnt have it all, then when I was paying for the one thing I chose to get (a present for my nephew), she starts carrying on at the checkout, then walks over to the sliding doors, and proceeds to lock them and unlock them.. I was calling out for her to come back to where I was standing, and she just looked back, and grins defiantly, much to my embarrasment.. People everywhere in there were just staring at me, then at her, then back at me.. I was so embarrassed, that when I finally got done with my transaction, I walked over, smacked her bottom, and put her in my trolley..I heard people sniggering, and obviously making unwanted comments about it all, but I just left the store and walked out in a bad bad mood.. THEN, as I am storming out, (angry and frustrated and embarrased all in one) a lady approaches me and I begin to think that this might be another person wanting to comment on Ayisha's hair.. (Ayisha had her hair out yesterday, and it was very wild and wooly, every time it is worn in this style, I get people stopping me and wanting to touch then she said that she wanted to stop me, as she is a reader of my blog, and recognized me and Ayisha from the pics that I post on here.. We had a little chat and I asked her name, this lady doesn't blog, but does have a band, and follows some blogs. She was a lovely person, and is looking great, I do hope to get down her end of the scale eventually. Please accept my invitation to email me with your email address so we could possibly catch up one day, if you're interested. , Please dont think I am that rude or vague all the time.. I was in the middle of a child induced break down.. lol . I left that shopping centre feeling so shocked.. because when I check out the listing of the locations that my blog readers are from, there are people from all over the world, and to be recognized in a shopping centre, was a shock..
But to also be told that this lady reads and enjoys my blog is a good feeling, to know that in some way, it can entertain or enlighten someones day, give ideas or just to relate to..

Now to follow up with my sisters appointment.. we went to see the nurse that I saw when applying to get my band, and it was nice to talk back into that office with confidence. I also noticed that people's before and after pics hadnt been updated on the wall, so as soon as I am looking hot, I am going to send in some pics..back to my sis.. She has now been given a date to be banded on 2nd Feb 2010.. I am super excited for her. And it means that her bandiversaries will only be a few days apart from mine. The thing I am seeing in my sister (lack of confidence, energy, etc...) are all the things I used to feel. It's sad, and takes me back to the beginning of this year, and it just amazes me at how much this band has changed my life. I did however express to the nurse yesterday that I wished I had lost a little more weight than what I have lost already, and she said not to compare myself and so forth, and that I have done a great job.. Sooo with that i stopped on the way home and bought myself another sz 16 (US size 14) lil summer singlet dress..
I am beside myself with excitement that I can actually shop in the "skinny girl section/shops".. for those of you over here who are familiar with Fashion Fair.. I never in a million years dreamed that I would own any garment from that shop.. Well I am becoming a regular spender in there.. I love it.
Another exciting thing to tell you is that 2 days ago, it was hot here, and I suprised my kids by putting on my new bathing suit and jumping into the pool with them. They have never seen me do such a thing. They were very excited and asked if we could do it more often. It's just another incident that makes me realise how far I've come and how much I have missed out on.
Well girls.. that all from me today. Have yourselves a great week end.
xx Nene

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Just thought I would share some pics of my kids dressed up for Halloween.. We have a scary bummble bee, and ummm a ... well all Montel wanted was a beard drawn on his face.. he said he was a robber.. In any case, Ayisha was the star of the show.. Most people gave her a few extra treats because she was the smallest amongst the group.. She fell asleep in a sugar frenzy.. she fought and fought, but the eyes lost the battle. Which gave me a chance to hide some of the lollies for when she woke this morning to go in search for more..

I have an appointment with my fill doctor tomorrow.. I am finding that I am really not eating enough for my weight to still be hovering and too'ing and fro'ing around 113kg..I am getting a little frustrated with it.
Also, my sister has booked in for her first appointment to meet with my surgeon, as she is planning to get a band too now.. As you can guess by now, from my mention of her in a previous post, that she didnt go so well with her latest diet attempt. I can so sympathise with her. I also have another friend who joined privat health insurance when I got banded, so her 12 month wait is almost up, for her to be able to go for the band too. IF she sticks with her plan, she will also get banded in the beginning of the new year. My sis is hoping to be done around mid Feb..
I will keep you all posted..
xx Nene

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Hello my lovelies... I put on one of my new dress this morning and thought I would share.. Still not sure bout the peacock print, but I love the colours in it.. I have already had a few compliments, so i guess it couldnt be too bad..
xx Nene
Oh and thanks Amy and Shaggs for your comments.. xxxxx

Monday, October 26, 2009


Is my comments system not working?? Or.... none of you could be bothered letting me know your thoughts??? hmmmm..

Anyway, today i was bad and had a Spicy Wicked Wing from KFC... tasted so good and spicy going down... but ohhh lordy, it was even spicier coming back up... not fun.. However I am finding that I am finding it alot easier to get rid of any discomforts now (have a good ol PB).. I used to dread the thought of throwing up.. but now if it means it's gonna make me feel a lil more comfortable, then off I go to the bathroom or somewhere as discreet as possible... So, I have a question... What is the worst thing that you have PB'd on or has gotten stuck??

Weighed in at 113.2kg this morning..(still have that daily weighing addiction) I hope to wake to find that i am in the 112's tomorrow.. ggrrrrr quite possibly it will go up.. it's like a freakin see-saw
Anyway, drop me a line girls!!!! Even those of you who never have..introduce yourself :)

♥ Nene xx

Friday, October 23, 2009


I am pretty sure that my goal of being down to 100kg for christmas has jumped right on out the window. In the last 10 days, I have managed to put on .2kg... Why is it, we get a lil losing streak then it just freakin stalls like a car with a flat battery..I dont believe that my restriction is all wrong. I still have the occassional PB, and if I try to eat toast or anything heavy for breakfast, it will deffinately give me some pain and a hard time.. then I dont really eat a whole lot till lunch or in between meals, and I also dont think that my portions are any bigger than my 4 year old daughters.. I know exercise would help me along, and I am paying for my membership at the gym, and not using it.. bad bad bad.. but the problem is finding the time to go.. By the time hubby gets home from work, the gym is just about closing for the day, and when he leaves for work, the gym is opening for the day. (he does long hours).. then when he gets a day off, I am working. My parents cant really look after the kids while I go, because they are working in the shop when I am not there... Aarrrgghhh... I really need to fine tune some "me time".

Is it only me or do those of you who go on really struggle to understand why some women who are actually no even mildly overweight, get a band... I do enjoy looking at peoples progress pics, and then when I see a lovely after pic, I scroll back through and realise that there isnt a whole lot of difference from their pre-banding pic.. hmmm... I guess its not fair for me to judge, as I am only too aware of the emotional feelings of being overweight.. all I can say is IF ONLY I had their weight problem in the first place..
Right now my sister is starting on optifast diet, to try to shed some kgs.. I think she weighs about 120ish kgs, and is feeling a bit down for it.. You see I have always been bigger than her.. and since she had her baby a week before I was banded, she has been piling on the kgs.. I so understand how that is, especially after pregnancy. So busy with baby, you dont concentrate on yourself any more. Anyway, I keep telling her that I understand how hard it is, because I really do.. but she keeps mentioning the fact that I have the band so it shouldnt be hard anymore.. and then I get to thinking... Well ok, I dont have to constantly fight with a stupid non existant hunger all the time, and I dont have to eat a mack truck load of food to feel so stuffed that I might puke, BUT there certainly are a whole lot of foods that are "easier" to eat when you have a band.. the easier foods seem to be the wrong foods, and those are the times that it gets hard..
I was in an eatery yesterday and was looking for something to have for lunch... everything seemed to have PB facter written all over it, so I was bad and went to KFC and got a small chips and gravy.. Not the healthiest choice I know, but a good example.. and then I get to feeling bad that I filled my precious lil pouch on fatty nutrition-less crap.. Maybe next tiem I will pack a lunch when going to that place.
Bought another dress yesterday.. I am so loving spring and these maxi dresses.. at least this one being the stlye that it is, it should fit me as I shrink through the next few sizes. When ever that will be.
And as I sit and think about my goal for christmas, I make myself feel better by realising that this isnt a race.. It is about me feeling better about myself and getting healtheir (oh and looking good in clothes, lol)... I know I'll get there, when? who knows... but as long as I stay focused, but also let myself enjoy life too.. I will succeed.
xx Nene

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I was just flicking though some old pics on a memory stick, and found some that I have never posted.. these pics were taken about a year or 2 before I was banded, and wasn't quite at the heaviest that I got to.. So what I am trying to say is that i got bigger than these pics.. My face looks like a balloon...
I was going to a Store of the Year Ball.. I cant believe I actually thought I looked OK.. I do recall that I weighed 132kg in this pic.. So I had actually gained another 14kg before being banded..

I guess my body is going through the whole "slightly shrinking stage" again. I seem to be getting a lot more compliments lately.. It feels good. I also notice that I am being looked at in a whole different way too.. LOL.. which is really strange to me. But I'll take it and run with it.
I've got today off work, and am thinking that I just may go and do some retail therapy. God knows I need it.. Men... is all I will say... they drive you to need some kind of freakin therapy..point made. However I will say that since losing weight, am kind of getting the confidence to push the bullshit aside and not sweat the rubbish thrown at me. Karma's a bitch.
Have a good day girls.
xx Nene

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My wish came true overnight..

113.5 this morning... woohoo

Monday, October 12, 2009


I went shopping this morning.. it started out as a boredom buster trip.. ended up being a fantastically sucessfull shopping trip.. Usually if I go out and find something I love, I cant afford it, or cant find it in my size.. However, not today, no siree. I walked into BIG W and spotted a dress... a maxi dress.. strappy, flowing... etc etc.. problem was.. it was in the section of "normal sizes".. I scrolled through the sizes on the hangers and came across the largest in the "normal size" range.. a 16.. So I pulled it off the rack and sized it up against me.. and it seemed as though it would fit.. So off I head in the direction of the fitting rooms, and pass by a rack of other tops.. Hmmm nice, I'll take one in each pattern. So I get my goodies to the dressing room, and nervously pull the dress off the hanger and over my head.. and ohh lordy.. I was shocked.. it fit me, it didnt cling, and I didnt look like a lumpy sausage in it.. this ones MINE.. and a huge price difference from alot of the UGLY plus sized dresses.. this was only $39.. the two tops I got were only $15 each, ohhh and then if that wasnt enough already, of I toddle to Best & Less and pick up a pair of... wait for it... Sz 18 shiny black tights.(leggings)... still dont know if they are my thing or not, but at only $10 (half price), I was taking them and runnin'. Then on the way home from that shopping centre, I remembered some little shrug tops at another place closer to home, so full of confidence that I would find something to fit, I pulled in there, and fossicked through the racks and found a what I was after... sz xl in a shop that caters for near infant sizing.. sz 6.. lol..I bought one in a burnt orange and another in a teal green.. V nice.. they were only $10 each too..
You will see the pics below of me in my new dress and lil orange shrug top thingy..

Lastnight when I was taking some towels out of the washing maching, I felt one of my rings slip off and on to the floor. So it is with great sadness that I will have to cease wearing them before I really lose them. I would be gutted.

I weighed myself again this morning.. (becoming a serious addiction, I think) it said 114.1.. I so hope I wake in the morning and it say 113.... something..But then as I type this, I am sitting here eating clinkers chocolate.. So bad. But back to my obsessive weighing.. I really gotta break the habbit.. I weigh myself as soon as I've had my morning pee, then after breakfast, then maybe if I have a bowel movement, I will check to see if it took some of my weight with it.. then again before bed... and I just cant believe how much our weight fluctuates all damn day long. I really need to just weigh myself once a week. Then I wont be a rollercoaster of emotions about it.

Oh well, I best be getting ready for work.. I just might wear my new dress there today..
xx Nene

SIZE 16 DRESS!!!!!

I dont have that natural posing ability.. lol
Size 16, let me just say it again... a size freakin 16!!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009


OK, I have been slack, and not been posting again.. I'm actually kind of over the whole blogging thing at the moment.. I guess I am just a lil too busy with work, kids and other things at the moment. Ayisha has been sick once again.. Raising children, certainly isnt glamorous.. (lil germ magnets) I was sitting at the computer lastnight, helping my cousin with his grade 12 assignment, and Ayisha came up to me and said "Mummy, I feel like I'm gonna be bbbrrruuuuggggghhhhhhhh.. ." all over me... and it was more like a fire hydrant force than a lazy flowing throw up.. YUK.. TMI...then from then on, almost every hour, on the hour, she spent the whole night with her face in the bowl (not the toilet bowl, but her own lil sick bowl)... So I had a crap night sleep, and feel shit for it today..

My weight loss is very slow... I weighed in at 114.5kg yesterday... seems I have been see-sawing on the scales, and I am so freakin sick of it.. But deep down, I know that I have myself to blame.. If I can just stop fingering the damn peanut butter jar at every spare hidden moment.. some old habbits never die..and this one pretty much had up untill I had my tooth taken out over a week ago. I was scooping fingerfulls of peanutty goodness into my mouth because I couldnt really eat much in the beginning.. and now the habit is back. Fan farkin tastic... not.

Got my new car.. I love it lots.. for those of you on my facebook, you might have seen it already, for everyone else. I will post a proud pic for you.

Back to the weight issue.. Why is it that if my weight plataues, do I feel like a big ol' swamp donkey all over again?? I really thought that getting my tooth out would have help me lose some more kgs... but as someone said to me... You need to actually eat enough to lose weight too.. Whatever the case may be.. at least it's coming off, and not creeping on.. an so there might be some super amazing eople that begin like me at a mammoth weight, and get to goal within a year, I just have to accept that if I still want to live comfortably and not obsess about every single sip or bite I take, it's just gonna take me a little longer to acheive my goal. And... speaking of goals.. I know that my "ideal" body weight is probably quite a bit less than my "goal" weight.. But I am just aiming to look good in my skin, and I really dont want to go for tummy tucks etc, so I will do the best I can with what I can.. if that makes sense.. and if it means that I end up at 10 or so kgs over my "ideal" body weight, to avoid the "sag", then thats ok by me.

Had a real bad PB the other day.. but I'm getting used to the fact that its just a part of my life now.. lol... a gentle but painfull reminder that whispers to my mind "Put that food down , lard ass, coz it aint doing you any favours".

Thats all from me, till next time..
xx Nene

Friday, October 2, 2009


Just to keep you informed.. I am getting my new car tomorrow.. Well it isnt exactly brand new, but it is new for me.. It was confirmed yesterday that I will be getting it, however, I have to wait till tomorrow to go and pick it up. I really could have gone over after work this afternoon, BUT I dont want to spend the first hours of ownership sitting in heavy traffic. So after work at 12noon tomorrow, I will go and get it.. I wil say this car is gorgeous and stands out a mile.. It is bright in colour.. But will keep the details till I can take some pics for you all to see tomorrow.. I'm now thinking that if I cant afford to go to Malaysia for my 12 month bandiversary.. I just might get me some personalized number plates instead..
Have a good week end everyone..
xx Nene


Took this pic this morning before coming to work..I noticed that I am now getting a more defined chin.. just thought I'd share
xx Nene

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Realizations.

Well in the last few days I have dicovered with happiness a couple of things.. #1 being that when I revceived my dress from a sz 2xl, it is in fact too big.. I will however make do with it, as I just LUV LUV LUV it... I want to order the teal coloured one, but am thinking that the 1xl will be too big too... Hmm, what to do, what to do??? I'm not real familiar with the sizing between here and the US...

#2.. I can fit in my bath tub... I mean actually lay back and enjoy a good old theraputic soak.. I havent been able to do that for years. (mine is not one of those fancy big bath tubs either).. I have always in the past headed straight for a nice hot bath when I have had a headache, menstral cramps, cold/flu, or any sickness or stress at all.. I find that the water is so theraputic, and now that I am able to do it again, it is wonderful.. I had 3 hot baths in a day because I had my tooth pulled out, and just felt like crapola.. so a dip in the bath was all it took to prep me up for a bit..

I am finding that with this 2ml restriction, I am extremely tight in the morning, I really cant have a whole lot more than a cup of tea and a few mouthfulls of porridge. Where as later in the day, I am able to eat a meal (restricted size of course) without any problems.. So this is fine with me.. I have lost 1kg since getting my refill last monday, I just hope that this is on the downward slope again, and doesnt float back up like it has been doing for the last few weeks. Soo this morning I weighed 115.2kg.. lets just see what tomorrow brings..

As mentioned before, I had a tooth taken out yesterday, Oh how I hate the dentist.. But it was neccesarry for the sake of my eating (chew chew chew) but it seems, as soon as I know that I CANT eat, that is when I want EVERYTHING i can get down my throat and through my band... So I went and got a paddle pop ice cream.. Remember, I cant really eat breakfast, and had my tooth extracted at 10:45am. So by the time I got home it was close to lunch time, and as numb as I was, I was ready to tackle a big beefy burger.. lol.. but a paddle pop it was..then I had to come to work, still semi numb, but as time went on, the numbness wore off and I was struck down with some throbbing pain.. And it seemed that every fricken customer thought it would be a good day to have a long drawn out conversation.. Grrr...I ended up politely excusing myself explaining I had had a tooth out.. I sipped on slush puppys for the rest of the afternoon shift, which I found were pleasantly filling too..

Oh, and on Saturday when I finished work, hubby, the kids and myself went over to the southside (Yeronga) and went to an African Cultural Festival.. It was nice and very loud.. But after standing for a few hours in the hot sun, I had had enough and it was time to come home.. But whilst there I had some of the best belly laughs that I have had in a long time.. Montel and I were watching the " aussies/whites" trying to immitate the african lady's dance moves (onstage), we could barely catch our breath at some of the funny moves that people were pulling.. But it was good to see that everyone was having a great time.. I wish I had the confidence to have done that....
Well i best be ending here, the shop is getting a little busy... bloody pie hunters...
xx Nene


The look on this cute kittys face says it all, even though it seems that he has just had a huge feed, I tend to feel like and look like this (the eyes) after a PB.. This pic was sent to me in facebook by Shaggs, I just had to share it with you all... soo cute.
xx Nene