Sunday, February 1, 2009


If anyone ever tries to say that getting banded is the easy way out.. I think I will slap them.. Coz right now.. I feel its anything but. Let me bring you up to date.

I went in on Thursday morning (29th Jan 2009) at 11am to the hospital, full of nerves, but holding back the tears. Mum and Ayisha took me in and we werent there for long before I had to part from them and go up to get ready for theatre. I was told there might be an extra hours wait, and the doctor was a little behind, but when I got in the waiting room, I saw "Belinda", another patient of Dr Bowdens who was also to be banded that day. I had actually met Belinda the day before in the doctors waiting room, and we exchanged emails to keep in contact. It will be so nice to have someone to relate to with this.

Anyway, back to the story. I got gowned up and went to sit next to Belinda, who was also still waiting for her op, as she was to be operated on before me. We were having a nice time chatting, and it calmed me down a little, but when she was called off for her turn, I was soo nervous. So I picked up a mag and stared numbly at the pages. I just couldnt concentrate. Plus I was being nosey, looking around at who was coming in to be operated on, and wondering what they are in for. Nosey me.. lol

It was about 15 minutes after Belinda left, a lady was wheeled in on a wheel chair to come and sit near me. She had a broken (shattered) knee cap. Anyway, the nurse stood her up and left her to go and get her crutches, then all of a sudden, like the leaning tower of Pisa, the women fell accross my legs as they stretched out on the recliner, and I did my best to try to catch her, as the nurse raced back realising her mistake.
Anyway, we got talking, and it turned out, she also has a lapband, and has had it for 8 years. However, she was only a size 14 when she got it, and her surgeon didnt really want to do it, but she persisted. And here I am, I would be in my glory to be a size 14.

My time finally came at about 3:30pm and I was taken to a bed, and wheeled down to the next waiting room. I was there for about 25 minutes, then Dr. Bowden came to see me and reassure me, and then in followed Dr. Crozier, the anesthesis (however its spelled) I was then wheeled into theatre and told them to ignore me if I cry, I always tend to cry when there is a needle involved. Anyway, Dr Crozier did a great job and I didnt feel much at all, infact it wasnt long before I felt bloody fantastic.

Some time later I woke in recovery, in a big panic. I had bad chest pains and could hardly breathe. The incisions were throbbing and it felt like the band was strangling my breathing. The nurse obviously panicked a little, as I heard her saying to another nurse that the doctor may need to loosen the band. Then she came and asked if I had pains up my arm or along my jaw.. Think she thought I may have a heart attack.. And to be honest, I was worried that I might.
I also thought to myself... "What the bloody hell have I done?!?!?!"

About 45 mins later I was cleared to be wheeled up to the ward, I was placed in a 2 bed room, and was the only patient in there for now. It wasnt long before my sis, Damien and James and Breanna came to visit, then followed by mum, dad, shani and the kids. Some time through that the other girl was wheeled in to the other bed, however, I dont know what she had done. Her surgeon was Dr Bowden though. But she was skinny. So it certainly wasnt a lap band.

The nurses were marvelous, and I kept asking for ice to suck on, as I was so dry that I thought I would swallow my tongue. After asking 4 times I finally got some and though out the night I think I had about 6 cups full. Sleep was on and off.

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  1. I saw that lady slip on you! I was sitting on a bed in the next room.

    I can't believe how late you were going in!!! They must wait until the person before has woken up in recovery before they start the next op! I woke up at 3.15pm.

    You poor thing!!! It wasn't until I tried to get out of bed that I felt any pain.

    I am a bit envious of the 2 person room! I was in a 4 person room with 2 oldies that snored all night!!