Saturday, February 28, 2009

Well today my lounge is supposed to be getting picked up.. Wonder if this fool will arrive on time today??? I shouldn't sound so bitter towards the guy, but it's the frustration in the fact that a lounge so new should need to be taken away for repairs anyway..

Well my portions are quite large now, although my meals are still far smaller than what I used to have, I also have to slap myself silly when I bust myself picking at my kids leftovers before having dinner myself. .. Its a bad bad habbit that I just have to break, so I told my kids that from now on, as soon as they are finished, they have to put their scrapps straight into the bin.. That way, I know i wont go bin diving for them.

My weightloss is still at a standstill, which is driving me nuts, but I am sure that once I have this fill on monday, it should starts moving down again.. It had bloody better.. I didnt pay $19,000 for nothing ( no insurance, no super).. I am not looking forward to feeling the tightness again, as well as being on rotten liquids for a whole 24 hrs followed by more mushys... GRRRRRR.. oh well at least it isnt for as long this time.
I intend to tell the nurse that I do not want to even see the size of the needle, even bloody blindfold me if she has to..I just want to shut my eyes and have it all over with..
I consider myself to be extremely lucky with my band so far, but am kind of worried what this fill will bring.. I hear of people not being able to keep anything at all down, and vomiting and pain... I just have to think positive... this wont happen to me.
I also worry that when I get my fill, that I will no longer be able to eat rice and pasta.. As at the moment, I have no problems getting them down.
I am still so glad that I got this band, and am sure that I will be saying the same thing in 12 months. Alreay I have become a much happier and positive person, as prior to the band, I was that unhappy and uncomfortable within myself that it reflected on how I was with everyone else.
No more Mean Nene, coz I'm on my way to Lean Nene.. lol

Thursday, February 26, 2009

4 WEEKS TODAY.. having a crappy week.

Well today marks 4 weeks since banding, and I'll admit, it has been pretty easy sailing.. However, I am feeling a little shitty that the scales arent moving. Kind of feels like I'm gonna be fat forever.. I know that this wont be the case.. but.. am just in the kind of mood where i can't see the damn silver lining of anything..
So, yesterday I dropped my little camera dumping terrorist (Ayisha) to daycare and decided to venture up to the local shopping centre to buy a replacement camera.. So I choose one and a memory carde, when all of a sudden, my frigging credit card decided it would be a nice day to decline me... of all the embarrassing things to happen... I didnt understand why it would be declining me, so we tried again, and it was the same damn story.. I told them I would be back, after I go and deal with the whole credit card issue. In this time, as my second decline is going though, I get a call from the guy who is supposed to pick up my 2 month old leather lounge for repairs... Stuffs me in the first place, why a brand new lounge is already in need of repair.. piece of shit!!!... So, he calls, and says that he will be at my house between 10.30am and 11am.. After being told the day before that it would be getting picked up in the afternoon.. So I had originally planned to go from "buying the camera" to have coffee at a friends house who I hadn't seen in nearly a year. So I had to postpone the coffee for an hour and explained that I had to wait for this guy to get the lounge.
At home, waiting, waiting, and waiting some more... It gets to 11.30, and I call the guy.. He says that he is a bit tied up at the moment and can't give me a time on when he will be here.. I tell him that my appointment wont wait, and he will have to make alternative arrangements.. I let him know that I dont like to be messed around, when I, myself am a very punctual person.

I may have sounded like a bitch, but I was so over everything, from the lounge being a piece of shit, to losing my camera, to my credit card declining me and not being able to make it on time to meet my friend. So all in all, it turned out that I owed a measly $10 payment on my credit card, which is why I couldnt access it. PATHETIC!!! I am never usually late with a payment, and they would see that on thier file.. And I let them know as much too.. I prompty made my payment, and was told that I will have to wait 3 working days untill I can use my bloody credit card.

So yesterday afternoon, being that it was my nieces birthday party, I got stuck into a party sausage roll a couple of chicken nuggets and some icecream birthday cake.. I was so full that I could litterally feel the food in my throat.. but to my defence, I had only eaten 3 bite size crackers with cottage cheese on for lunch. But I think that if I wasnt so damn annoyed with the goings on in my life this week, I would have refrained from the party food. Because to be honest, I didnt enjoy it.
Well I've had my rant.. when I do get a camera, I will have to take some new pics.. now excuse me whilst I go and meditate... somethings gotta help...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well I am super mega pissed, and I dont mean the intoxicated kind.. I bought my daughter a cute bubble bee, fairy dress style outfit yesterday, and came home and put it on her, only to realise that when I went to take a photo, I couldnt find my camera.. Now it is very strange for my camera not to be in one of the two places that it is kept.. I treasure my camrera and always have it on hand to capture the unplanned shots, and now not to mention capture my own special little journey..Anyway, so I ask Ayisha if she has seen my camera, which I already knew it was a good possibility.. I often find close up pics of her nostrils on my camera as well and pics of the floor, the toilet bowl, and all kinds of random shots. Anyway, first she said it was in the bathroom, so I looked and it wasn't.. Then she said that Montel (her brother) had wet it and thrown it in the bin..I asked, "Which bin?" and she said the one inside.. But this would have been the day before ( monday), as there was no chance for her to do anything yesterday morning..My stomach was knotting up with anger and devistation, a perfectly good $300 digital camera down the gurgler..Then you may be thinking, WHY NOT CHECK THE BIN?!?! Well I would have if the bloody garbo hadnt already been to empty the weeks rubbish that morning...
It's hard to stay angry at a 3 year old, but I tell you what, if she was an adult.. she would be feeling very sore and sorry for herself.. She just thinks that if she smothers me in kisses, that all is forgiven.. and it mostly is.. BUT I still cant help but feel a pang of sadness when I realise she threw out, not only the camera, but also 2 memory cards, new spare lithium bateries, a good case and some photos on those cards that I never got a chance to print and upload..
So today, I intend to go and buy another camera. And god help anyone who even breathes on it, let alone touch it...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well today my sister asked me if I would like to g out for lunch with her.. I was at first hesitant, and then thought well why not?? Then the next decision was where to go with enough healthy suitable food. So the decision was made... SIZZLER!!!! crazy I know, to go to a smargasboard with a lapband installed.. but it is mostly healthy and easilly chewable. And best of all, I thought of a brilliant idea of not having to pay the full $17.95 for the lunch time salad bar and drink... Here's what I did.. As I am already quite well known with some of the staff there, I asked one of them to get the manager, and I pulled out my LAPBAND PATIENT CARD from my purse, and asked if I could purchase a take away container to have my lunch in, as I physically cannot eat enough to spend the eat in price. That way, what ever I dont eat, I can bring home and have for dinner. So this was accepted, and I only had to pay $9.95, was given my takeaway container and a cup for my takeaway drink. So I filled my container and my drink and sat at the table with my daughter and my sister, and ate as usual.. I did however surprise myself with how much I was able to eat, but still not half the container. So I brought it home, and by the time I got home, the half an hour waiting time was up to be able to have a drink, and by then the bubbles in my take away pepsi max had gone. So all in all, it was a luxury lunch, at quite low cost.
Call me stingey... But I need every spare cent these days. And in doing it this way, I was able to enjoy a social eating outing, without the high cost and overfilling. FANTASTIC if you ask me.

Well this morning I did my first 10 sit ups.. Sounds piddley, but it was a great effort on my part.. LOL.. I will continue to do 10 at a time morning and night for a week, then I will start doing 15, twice a day next week, and keep increasing it.. I need to get rid of this "veranda" across the front of my body.. I know it will shrink, but I am impatient.
Having not really lost anything significant in the last week or 2, I am feeling like I havent lost anything at all, and that I am back at square one.. I am sooo looking forward to my fill, all except the needle part.. I am shit scared of needles. I will just have to close my eyes and think of a newer skinny me in the future.

Well I'd better get off my ass, and start getting ready to drag my extremely full self off to work.
Speaking of my ass, it now slide comfortabley into the office chair at this computer desk.. No more standing up with the chair still hanging off the back of me.. LMAO...

Untill next time.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Well today I had my follow up with the dietitian, and she went through everything with me, about what I am now allowed to eat and so forth.. When she said crackers, I laughed and told her that I have been eating those for about a week and a half. She wasnt suprised, and said she had heard of worse. But all in all, I think now it will be easier to find something to eat without turning to the mini red box meal. I also think that I need to boost my intake of water too. Gotta flush this fat out somehow.
I got weighed, and had pretty much still stayed the same from the last time she weighed me, which was a dissapointment, But I kind of knew within myself that I hadnt gone on to lose a lot more yet. She said that once I have my first fill, I can expect to start seeing a steady loss again, but nowhere near the amount that I have lost in the first few weeks.
So then I pretty much went straight from the dietitian, came home and picked up hubby and Ayisha and went straight to the fish and chip shop.. BAD BAD BAD... i know... but I only had a piece of Cod and about 4 chips. And believe me, I could have eaten quite a few more chips (physically) but the oil from it all was something that I havent had for so long now, and it made me feel more like shit than full.
I had some chinese take away yesterday and it went well, I just stuck to the braised meats and a few hokien noodles.. A small take away container lasted me 2 meals..
But I am looking forward to eating less when I get the fill.
When I talk to anyone who has had the band for a long time, and they have reached their goal weight. They always say the same thing, and that is, if they were to take thier band out tomorrow, it wouldnt be long before they would be obese again. I guess some habits are never broken, just held back.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well I had my first bit of alcohol since being banded, and I must say that I was so shocked at how much it affected me on drinking only 1 glass. I had a can of bourbon and cola in the fridge and thought it would be nice to have after dinner. So when dishing up dinner, I set out a glass of ice and pured the drink into it, then got a teaspoon to swirl it around to get rid of any bubbles.. I then put it back into the fridge to wait for the 30 minute waiting time for after my meal.

My first sip was lovely, followed my a few more. Before I knew it, I was half a glass down, and giggling for no good reason. Usually it would take about 4-5 cans to make me feel like that. So now, not only am I cheap to feed, but cheap to get drunk also. LOL. Needless to say I poured the rest of the can down the sink. which was almost half a can. (It was a 440ml can)

Then today, It has been hot and I am getting soo over drinking water, so when we went for a drive, I picked up a 600ml bottle of coke zero at the servo, my husband said that he'd didnt think I should be having it, but I just looked at him, and shook the shit out of the bottle, and slowly let out the gas, and kept doing this untill all the bubbles were gone. Usually before, I would buy a bottle of Zero and sometimes it would be flat, but trust it to be one of the most gassiest bottles in the shop... so it took quite a bit of shaking and slowly opening. But it was worth it, just for the flavour. Call me crazy.. lol.

I mean I would also love a bite of a burger, but I'm not about to blend that up to eat it.. LOL, I dont see any harm in making something forbidden, drinkable. And it was a Zero..

Friday, February 20, 2009

Food Size Difference Pics

Being that my husband is African, I have enjoyed heavy meals like shown above, for the last 9 years. The pics above will show the size difference of the meals that I used to eat compared to the size of now.. I didnt even finish the small portion I dished out for me. Containing rice as a base with some chicken tomato, sweet potato, carrot and cabbage stew. Soo yum.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Out with the Old, and in with the errrrr.. not so new...

You may be looking at this heading, thinking.. WHAT is she on about?? Well it all started with this morning, another freakin morning of trying to find something to wear.. I have several pairs of the nice comfy stretchy Undercover Wear Black pants. So I wear a pair almost every day, but as for tops, well the top situation is really beginning to shit me off.. Alot of my old tops, pre surgery tops, fit me very loosely and tend to make me look like I am still 16kg heavier than what I am now.. Now if you're like me, you want to emphasise where it is that you have shrunk.. LOL... So back to the story, ... each morning, I will get out the shower, put my underwear and black pants on and try on top after top on, only to rip it off and go back to the first one I tried on... Still not feeling real impressed. However, this morning after finding a box of my old clothes, alot of the ones that you keep in the hope of it fitting you one day... Well in that box was a nice melon coloured top that never used to even come close to getting it down over my arms, let alone over my hips and body.. BUT with a little hesitation I held it up to my body, checking to see how long it would be before I could squeeze it on, when a realization hit me... It seems to fit across me quite well, why not try it on.. And with that, a new member of my wardrobe was born... Yeehaaa... It's even better because I didnt have to go out and buy it, it was mine all along.


Here is a pic of the Vege Bake I made today.. It was sooo yum.. I am taking advantage of this mushy stage. However I did use light cream instead of full fat. And only half the cheese that was needed, which was also lite cheese. I used Potato, sweet potato, cabbage, carrot, bacon and onion. No one in my family eats this, so I guess I'll be taking some to my parents place for them to eat. I need to get used to making small portions of things.. Before the band, I would have easily have eaten most of this dish, if not all of it. Now is just a little scoop from the corner.

Princess Ayisha At The Beach..

This was taken this last week end. Having a wild and wooly hair day. Gotta love it.

My Handsome Boy

Here is Montel, nice and clean, just before he went down the ramp ont the beach to get completely covered in mud. One bonus was, at least he can now ride the skim board properly. One downside... now he wants us to go to the beach every hour of every day.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Old Pic

This pic was taken in at a function in Sydney, about 2 years ago. At the time I was just starting Weight Watchers, and weighed about 142kg.. Look at the spray tan... LMAO.. Paris Hilton and her clique would be envious.. Orangutan Orange.. YUK..

Monday, February 16, 2009


Well yesterday I had my first painfull experience with the band (since having it installed of course). I made myself a lovely mustard and mixed herb vegetable bake, with low fat cheese melted on top.. It was heavenly, however I think I may have laid down too soon after the meal, as when I sat up, I felt so tight where my band is, that it kind of felt like I had been punched or like the band was giving my stomach a chinese burn.. or... like I had swallowed something hot that hadn't gone down the right way.

So I quickly got online and checked out the site and tried to do a self diagnosis. The pain then subsided after about 40 minutes. THANK GOD!!!

So today was my first post op appointment with Dr. Bowden. he asked a bunch of questions, and I told him that I feel fantastic apart from yesterdays episode and he said that if the food was soft enough, perhaps it was because I laid down too soon after eating. NEVER AGAIN!!!

Anyway Dr Bowden said that I can start normal foods as from next week end. I am so looking forward to it. I think when I can do that I will stop snacking on naughty foods simply because they are soft enough to go down.

I also got my first compliment from a customer today.. she walked in and said "You look fantastic, like you've lost 20kg or something". I laughed and said 16kg to be exact.. LOL.. It certainly feels good to hear.

I do find myself thinking about food all too much though.. I guess it is really just because of the aromas of food and the fact that my kids graze all day long. I also dont know why I have gotten into some serious baking these days.. I have made several batches of muffins and some mock chicken scrolls, and some nutella scrolls. YUM YUM YUM! Sometimes I just want to taste my handiwork, so I have a bite then chew for a bit, before spitting it in the rubbish.. Shocking huh. But it keeps me feeling like I have had one. I will try to break this habbit.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I thought I would post a picture up of my beautiful flowers, received by my bosses/friends, Randa and Rodrigues. Two very lovely, caring and supportive people.


Well today is the day I WILL start my exercise.. I told myself the other day that I was going to do some, but I didnt. So, I'm going to kick my own ass, and get on with it.
Yesterday was Valentines Day, would have been a nice day for a stroll somewhere nice, but the rain didnt permit. So today we are venturing off to see the new jetty at Woody Point. Usually, we get in the car, and go for a drive somewhere, but not today. I want us all to start doing more physical activities on a week end. I know the kids will love it, they can take their scooters or bikes.
I am really beginning to enjoy food now. Not scoffingly the way I used to, but really enjoy the flavours and qualities. Yesterday, I went to the local Noodle Box shop and ordered a Satay Chicken and Vegetable, minus the noodles. It was beautiful. It also made me laugh to see that I was full so quickly, when once upon a time I could polish off a whole serve of it, plus a serve of thier Special Fried Rice. And their serves are big. But all in all, now I'm only cheap to feed, and can get at least 4 meals out of one serve. I no longer blend my food, and it is filling me better.
I have decided what my first mini goal is going to be - I am going to get my hair cut when I have hit the 20kg loss mark. So only 4kg to go..
This week I want to go and find a nice bowl and plate for me to use, as I have been using my kids bright plastic IKEA ones. Wouldn't be a good look when we have visitors. Although I have told just about everyone about the band, there are my husbands friends who visit from time to time from interstate and I dont want to go into it with them. So I guess, even if I find a dinner set with some small bowls, that will do.
As for this band, I now feel physically like I dont have one. My port incision is now pain free, and all tightness or discomfort is gone. All that is there to remind me is when showering, I can feel the incision scars are slightly raised. Oh and of course I get full quicker too.
Well I best get up and get myself organised for our adventure today. Will take some piccies to post up.

Friday, February 13, 2009

PROVING THE GP WRONG, and Surprising myself too

Just when I decide that I am now only going to weigh myself once a month, I went to the doctor yesterday ( the same doctor who told me that this lapband wouldnt work for me). Well I informed him that I had my band installed 2 weeks ago, and was pleased to anounce to him that I had lost 14kg. He was very happy with the loss, and is now looking forward to documenting my progress. Then as he got me on the scales. It showed that I have now infact lost 16kg.. Wooohoooo!!! I know all scales are different, give or take a kg or so, but it does make sense that I have lost, as I had another major bowel movement the night before. In any case, I love this band. But now I have to fight temptation to weight myself all the time again. LOL.. it's amazing all the places that have scales when you're out.

In the beginning, I was starting to wonder, why the hell did I get it??? Why not just try to put on my willpower cap, and go back to weight watchers.. But when making the decission for the band, I knew that even if i did get the willpower for a little while, I would only pile it all back on and more. This is for life. A longer healthier life.

Today was the day that i was going to start my exercising, however, with the heavy rain that is falling, it doesnt look like I will get to go out walking.. BUT, I'm not going to use that as an excuse.. I will find some other form of exercise to do inside. I just have to take it easy untill I see Doctor Bowden on Monday.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


So, I've been a bit slack in writting the last few days. Ayisha has been sick, and been catching up on housework. To bring you up to date, I finally had a bowel movement. Woah, it wasnt easy, but it was a relief. Enough said.. lol

Today is 2 weeks since being banded. And I am feeling fantastic. I went to see the dietitian yesterday and was told that I am not allowed to have mushy food.. But I told her that I have been having mushy's since monday. She was ok about it. So now for the next few days I have to still vitamise my meals. Then I can just go on to soft foods and chew well. then by the time I have had mushys for 10 or so days I can carefully begin NORMAL foods. Perhaps then, i will feel like I have broken out of the nursing home. This soft stuff is making me feel like I am in one. LOL
So, I have made up a savoury mince and blend it up for it to look like cat food, and have it with some mashed sweet potato.. Is really quite nice. I guess thats because it has been so long since I had so much flavour. For breakfast I either have a mashed boiled egg with mayo, or porridge or a weet bix. It is so funny to find that I am full on only the smallest portions. I pretty much would have inhaled such a portion only a month ago.

Yesterday, I was walking into work and an elderly lady customer saw me as I was on my way in, and she asked if I was expecting again.. I couldnt believe my freakin' luck.. He I am 14kg down, and someone is asking me if I'm pregnant.. I just said "no", and that I had recently had an operation to lose weight. I never ask someone when they are expecting or if they are expecting.. not unless they are almost certain to pop in the next 24 hours.
I have been asked many times if I am pregnant, and my usual response is.. "No, I'm just fat".. It is usually then that the inquisitive person gets all embarassed.. LOL...

Well right now I got 2 different trades men here, so I will end my writting and get back to this blog soon..

Friday, February 6, 2009

MY FAMILY (pics)


I've just come to the realisation that I dont have any recent pics of us all as a family. I will have to work on that.. I thought I would put these up to get you aquainted with my Husband (Shani) and my children Montel (8) and Ayisha (3).. As you will see the pic of me is pre banding. I look like I'm pregnant.


Today I am having a bit of pain where my port incision is. It doesnt look inflamed, but is just a bit more tender than the others. I also didnt sleep as good lastnight. I wonder if it is because I am a little hungry.. "LACKING REAL FOOD", when i wake in the mornings I cant wait to have my optifast and my stomach is gurgling and grumbling. I never would have thought that I would look forward to Optifast.

I've been having a little peek at some other Bandsters blogs today and am envious that some are a little further in their journey than I am.. I am sooo looking forward to be able to go into any store I like and buy something off the rack. I was walking through the shops today and saw so many nice things. I then walked past the Plus size section and was truely appalled at the frumpy clothing there is. For the last 6 or so months, I have been buying clothes, not because I like them, but because they fit. I am so glad that I wont have to live like that anymore.

I am getting anxious to start walking for exercise, but I dont think I should start before the mushy stage. I mean, I walk short distances every day, but I mean really walking and getting into it. I know once I do that, the weight should melt away at a steady pace..

Toilet matters... I still have not had a bowel movement.. i know you dont want to know that, but it is starting to concern me. I thought that because I wasnt eating solids, that I shouldnt have to poo, but a nurse that lives next door told me that I should. So I think I may go to the chemist and ask for something to help me along. I have been taking the benifibre. However, a day or 2 I have slipped up and not had any.
Oh and whilst on toileting, I had a realisation lastnight... I was on the phone to my mum and said that my urine looks almost greasy. Then figured that it is the actual fat that is broken down from my body.. GROSS huh?? lol... just thought I would share it with you.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

1 WEEK BANDIVERSARY !!! the molleycoddle is over.

Today is one week since this magical band was installed. Let me just say, that is a week that I dont want to live though again. But I guess, nothing good comes easy.
I went out to the chemist and weighed myself yesterday, I was waiting untill today to do it, but I got anxious to know how I was going. Anyway, it turns out that I am now down to 132.9kg. so it's a round about a 14kg loss in 3 weeks. I am super happy with that. But I will be even happier when I hit 130kg.

Lastnight I had a shitty sleep. Firstly, because I am not in my own bed, I have been sleeping in Montel's (my son's) bed because Ayisha still gets into bed with hubby and I, and at this stage, I dont want to find out what it feels like to be kicked in the stomach.
But lastnight, there was a pesky mongrel moth hovering around me, and just as I would settle, it would come and flick my face. That taunting little bastard. I was it land on the wall, and grabbed a round bolster cushion to squash and flick it away. Well it worked, or I thought it did untill I heard the freaky little flutterbug start up again, this time between the bedhead and the wall. I had decided that the moth could take over the room. I wasn't going to continue this fight.
So I got up and went into the other room, and the matress was so hard, that when I layed on my side, I could feel the springs digging into my I know when I have lost all this weight, I wont be so heavy and that particular bed might just feel comfortable. I guess it was the beds way of telling me to get the hell off it.... back to the story...
I got to sleep, and then woke at 3am with a throbbing hip, thinking the moth would have got bored and buzzed off or gone to a different section of the room, I shuffled myself back to Montels bed. But laying there, I could hear the dreaded flutter. By then I was too awake, so I went out to the lounge and put some foxtel on. I watched 2 episodes of COPS, and dozed back off to sleep.
I was then waken at 7am, with hubby getting ready for work. He told me to try get some more sleep, but realised that school is back, and my motherly duties would be needed.

So now it's 2.10pm, and after much arguing with my 3 yearold, going on 20 year old princess, I finally got her to sleep, but realised that if I dont get online now and write my blog, I wont get another chance today. Once school is out. It afternoon tea (for kids) bath time, homework time, dinner time, washing time, etc etc.. So with much happiness am I going into the 2nd week of the band, it also means that it's back to reality for me. NO REST FOR THE WICKED!!! ohh i must be bad.. LOL

The hardest part is making all the yummy snacks and dinners for the kids and hubby, but all I get out of them is the liquid of them if there is any.
Lastnight I made Apricot chicken with rice , I dished it all up and got my spoon to start slurping the leftover apricot nectar. It was enough to make me feel like I had eaten a small serving.
But what I really want to do it bite into something, or chew something.. the whole liquid thing is driving me nuts. I get full from my shakes, but dont feel satisfied. (if that makes sense)..

Oh Well, 1 week down, 14kg down, I wonder how long it will take to get to goal???

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well as from this morning, it is starting to get alot easier to get up from the couch, out of bed, in and out of the car and so forth. I still wont try to pick up my daughter or do anything strenuous that could cause pain of strain on my incisions though. I dont feel quite as tight across my lower cleavage area anymore either. So I am starting to feel human again. Thank god!!!!!!!

I just had a call from Dr Jenny Coatts from Dr Bowdens office, just to check up and see how I'm going, which I thought was quite nice. I told her all was good, she asked if I have any questions, and as usual, couldnt think of any on the spot. LOL... give me an hour or two and I will think of a whole list of questions.

I am anxious to know how much more weight I have lost since the operation. Having lost 8kg in the first 2 weeks on optifast prior to the op, it may have slowed down. But any loss is a good loss.
I still havent made a bowel movement since my op, so I may go and see the chemist and see what they can offer me.

This morning, I think I tried on every single top in my wardrobe, and was trying to find one that fits nicely to the weight that I have lost so far. It seems it wont be long before I have to invest in just a top or two. LOL.. it can be my reward for losing the first 10kg. Its not like I can reward myself with a nice lunch out or something ridiculously fattening.

Once I am feeling a little more energetic, I am going to get into the back garden and give it a make over. I've never been into gardening, but as it is a time for new beginnings, its time to change hobbies that are usually ones that involve sitting on my backside, to more active ones. Even as I sit here and look out at the soccer field accross the street, I am anxious to get over there and walk a few laps of it. Buuut, I think it will have to wait about another week. I cant overdo things yet.

I also noticed when I got up this morning, that I no longer hobble with pain when I get out of bed of a morning. I used to try to mask it in front of hubby, coz I didnt want him to realise the severity of the pressure my weight was putting on my feet, knees and ankles. Its a great change.

Well I got a few DVDs to watch today, as I have just dropped Ayisha to daycare and Montel is at school. Finally peace and quiet.. Well that is untill mum and dad get here to finish off my ensuite.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

You will see where my port is placed. It is the wond that is noticable even with the patch on. Very tender. Am a little worried to even wear a bra, because of the incision just unfer and between my breasts. There seems to be some pressure there, so I guess that is where my band is. Thats where it feel like I've been punched.


Foul breath, dry mouth, restless sleep.. these are just a few of the lovely things I am going though. I keep getting these hiccup type burp things that dont quite come to anything, but they bloody hurt. I have also developed a dry cough, I try to put a pillow on my tummy when I cough, but it doesnt do a real lot of good. I aslo vomited on my way home from hospital.. It hurt like hell. But it was only liquids.

Today, on the 3rd morning since my op, I actually felt a little hungry. I got straight up and made up half a sachet of optifast. I know I wouldnt be able to drink a whole one, and I'm not about to waste a whole sachet. I did well and drank about 1/3 glass, but then was full. I also made up a glass of supradyn vitamin, and have sipped it all throughout the day, in hope that it aids in my recovery. My kids were eating cheezles and the smell of them really got to me. So I got one out of the packet and I licked it.. LMAO... crazy huh. more like shocking.
For lunch I made up a cup of chicken suimin noodles and got a tea strainer and poured the soup part into a coffee mug. So I sipped on the chicken flavoured water for lunch. It was nice and flavourfull. I think I might venture a little more and have a cup of tea this evening.

I am looking forward to the puree stage.. I am hanging to eat some scrambled eggs.

Well that all from me now. Got a sore back from hunching over.



If anyone ever tries to say that getting banded is the easy way out.. I think I will slap them.. Coz right now.. I feel its anything but. Let me bring you up to date.

I went in on Thursday morning (29th Jan 2009) at 11am to the hospital, full of nerves, but holding back the tears. Mum and Ayisha took me in and we werent there for long before I had to part from them and go up to get ready for theatre. I was told there might be an extra hours wait, and the doctor was a little behind, but when I got in the waiting room, I saw "Belinda", another patient of Dr Bowdens who was also to be banded that day. I had actually met Belinda the day before in the doctors waiting room, and we exchanged emails to keep in contact. It will be so nice to have someone to relate to with this.

Anyway, back to the story. I got gowned up and went to sit next to Belinda, who was also still waiting for her op, as she was to be operated on before me. We were having a nice time chatting, and it calmed me down a little, but when she was called off for her turn, I was soo nervous. So I picked up a mag and stared numbly at the pages. I just couldnt concentrate. Plus I was being nosey, looking around at who was coming in to be operated on, and wondering what they are in for. Nosey me.. lol

It was about 15 minutes after Belinda left, a lady was wheeled in on a wheel chair to come and sit near me. She had a broken (shattered) knee cap. Anyway, the nurse stood her up and left her to go and get her crutches, then all of a sudden, like the leaning tower of Pisa, the women fell accross my legs as they stretched out on the recliner, and I did my best to try to catch her, as the nurse raced back realising her mistake.
Anyway, we got talking, and it turned out, she also has a lapband, and has had it for 8 years. However, she was only a size 14 when she got it, and her surgeon didnt really want to do it, but she persisted. And here I am, I would be in my glory to be a size 14.

My time finally came at about 3:30pm and I was taken to a bed, and wheeled down to the next waiting room. I was there for about 25 minutes, then Dr. Bowden came to see me and reassure me, and then in followed Dr. Crozier, the anesthesis (however its spelled) I was then wheeled into theatre and told them to ignore me if I cry, I always tend to cry when there is a needle involved. Anyway, Dr Crozier did a great job and I didnt feel much at all, infact it wasnt long before I felt bloody fantastic.

Some time later I woke in recovery, in a big panic. I had bad chest pains and could hardly breathe. The incisions were throbbing and it felt like the band was strangling my breathing. The nurse obviously panicked a little, as I heard her saying to another nurse that the doctor may need to loosen the band. Then she came and asked if I had pains up my arm or along my jaw.. Think she thought I may have a heart attack.. And to be honest, I was worried that I might.
I also thought to myself... "What the bloody hell have I done?!?!?!"

About 45 mins later I was cleared to be wheeled up to the ward, I was placed in a 2 bed room, and was the only patient in there for now. It wasnt long before my sis, Damien and James and Breanna came to visit, then followed by mum, dad, shani and the kids. Some time through that the other girl was wheeled in to the other bed, however, I dont know what she had done. Her surgeon was Dr Bowden though. But she was skinny. So it certainly wasnt a lap band.

The nurses were marvelous, and I kept asking for ice to suck on, as I was so dry that I thought I would swallow my tongue. After asking 4 times I finally got some and though out the night I think I had about 6 cups full. Sleep was on and off.