Thursday, February 5, 2009

1 WEEK BANDIVERSARY !!! the molleycoddle is over.

Today is one week since this magical band was installed. Let me just say, that is a week that I dont want to live though again. But I guess, nothing good comes easy.
I went out to the chemist and weighed myself yesterday, I was waiting untill today to do it, but I got anxious to know how I was going. Anyway, it turns out that I am now down to 132.9kg. so it's a round about a 14kg loss in 3 weeks. I am super happy with that. But I will be even happier when I hit 130kg.

Lastnight I had a shitty sleep. Firstly, because I am not in my own bed, I have been sleeping in Montel's (my son's) bed because Ayisha still gets into bed with hubby and I, and at this stage, I dont want to find out what it feels like to be kicked in the stomach.
But lastnight, there was a pesky mongrel moth hovering around me, and just as I would settle, it would come and flick my face. That taunting little bastard. I was it land on the wall, and grabbed a round bolster cushion to squash and flick it away. Well it worked, or I thought it did untill I heard the freaky little flutterbug start up again, this time between the bedhead and the wall. I had decided that the moth could take over the room. I wasn't going to continue this fight.
So I got up and went into the other room, and the matress was so hard, that when I layed on my side, I could feel the springs digging into my I know when I have lost all this weight, I wont be so heavy and that particular bed might just feel comfortable. I guess it was the beds way of telling me to get the hell off it.... back to the story...
I got to sleep, and then woke at 3am with a throbbing hip, thinking the moth would have got bored and buzzed off or gone to a different section of the room, I shuffled myself back to Montels bed. But laying there, I could hear the dreaded flutter. By then I was too awake, so I went out to the lounge and put some foxtel on. I watched 2 episodes of COPS, and dozed back off to sleep.
I was then waken at 7am, with hubby getting ready for work. He told me to try get some more sleep, but realised that school is back, and my motherly duties would be needed.

So now it's 2.10pm, and after much arguing with my 3 yearold, going on 20 year old princess, I finally got her to sleep, but realised that if I dont get online now and write my blog, I wont get another chance today. Once school is out. It afternoon tea (for kids) bath time, homework time, dinner time, washing time, etc etc.. So with much happiness am I going into the 2nd week of the band, it also means that it's back to reality for me. NO REST FOR THE WICKED!!! ohh i must be bad.. LOL

The hardest part is making all the yummy snacks and dinners for the kids and hubby, but all I get out of them is the liquid of them if there is any.
Lastnight I made Apricot chicken with rice , I dished it all up and got my spoon to start slurping the leftover apricot nectar. It was enough to make me feel like I had eaten a small serving.
But what I really want to do it bite into something, or chew something.. the whole liquid thing is driving me nuts. I get full from my shakes, but dont feel satisfied. (if that makes sense)..

Oh Well, 1 week down, 14kg down, I wonder how long it will take to get to goal???


  1. WOOO HOOO!!! You go girl! 14kg is fantastic!!!!

    I'm with you about the liquid thing. I woke up this morning thinking, man what is that smell! It's rank!

    Turns out it was my breath!!! GROSS!!

  2. Hi Nene,I went to Morayfield High.14 kgs gone what a fantastic job.I know what you mean when you say that the shakes fill you but you just want something to chew on .....anything would have done(well that is how i felt during liquid stage,when i got to mushies i was so happy just to taste and chew something.I also have a 3 yr old princess who thinks she is 15,sounds like we have a few things in common,i also have a 15yr old son,(yes i was very young when i had him,he was born 2 days before my 16th birthday)12 yr old son,and 6 yr old son.Anyway keep up the good work,whatever you are doing is working,Cheers