Thursday, February 12, 2009


So, I've been a bit slack in writting the last few days. Ayisha has been sick, and been catching up on housework. To bring you up to date, I finally had a bowel movement. Woah, it wasnt easy, but it was a relief. Enough said.. lol

Today is 2 weeks since being banded. And I am feeling fantastic. I went to see the dietitian yesterday and was told that I am not allowed to have mushy food.. But I told her that I have been having mushy's since monday. She was ok about it. So now for the next few days I have to still vitamise my meals. Then I can just go on to soft foods and chew well. then by the time I have had mushys for 10 or so days I can carefully begin NORMAL foods. Perhaps then, i will feel like I have broken out of the nursing home. This soft stuff is making me feel like I am in one. LOL
So, I have made up a savoury mince and blend it up for it to look like cat food, and have it with some mashed sweet potato.. Is really quite nice. I guess thats because it has been so long since I had so much flavour. For breakfast I either have a mashed boiled egg with mayo, or porridge or a weet bix. It is so funny to find that I am full on only the smallest portions. I pretty much would have inhaled such a portion only a month ago.

Yesterday, I was walking into work and an elderly lady customer saw me as I was on my way in, and she asked if I was expecting again.. I couldnt believe my freakin' luck.. He I am 14kg down, and someone is asking me if I'm pregnant.. I just said "no", and that I had recently had an operation to lose weight. I never ask someone when they are expecting or if they are expecting.. not unless they are almost certain to pop in the next 24 hours.
I have been asked many times if I am pregnant, and my usual response is.. "No, I'm just fat".. It is usually then that the inquisitive person gets all embarassed.. LOL...

Well right now I got 2 different trades men here, so I will end my writting and get back to this blog soon..

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  1. People just amaze me! I remember years ago I bumped into my old hairdresser in Woolies. She started to rub my stomach and "OOHHHHH CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! How far along are you?" I turned to her and said, I'm not pregnant, I'm just fat. She went the brightest shade of red and to this day if I see her up town she turns and just about runs the other way.

    People can be so ignorant!

    I'm with you on the mushy foods. I JUST WANNA CHEW!!!!

    Not long to go now.