Thursday, February 26, 2009

4 WEEKS TODAY.. having a crappy week.

Well today marks 4 weeks since banding, and I'll admit, it has been pretty easy sailing.. However, I am feeling a little shitty that the scales arent moving. Kind of feels like I'm gonna be fat forever.. I know that this wont be the case.. but.. am just in the kind of mood where i can't see the damn silver lining of anything..
So, yesterday I dropped my little camera dumping terrorist (Ayisha) to daycare and decided to venture up to the local shopping centre to buy a replacement camera.. So I choose one and a memory carde, when all of a sudden, my frigging credit card decided it would be a nice day to decline me... of all the embarrassing things to happen... I didnt understand why it would be declining me, so we tried again, and it was the same damn story.. I told them I would be back, after I go and deal with the whole credit card issue. In this time, as my second decline is going though, I get a call from the guy who is supposed to pick up my 2 month old leather lounge for repairs... Stuffs me in the first place, why a brand new lounge is already in need of repair.. piece of shit!!!... So, he calls, and says that he will be at my house between 10.30am and 11am.. After being told the day before that it would be getting picked up in the afternoon.. So I had originally planned to go from "buying the camera" to have coffee at a friends house who I hadn't seen in nearly a year. So I had to postpone the coffee for an hour and explained that I had to wait for this guy to get the lounge.
At home, waiting, waiting, and waiting some more... It gets to 11.30, and I call the guy.. He says that he is a bit tied up at the moment and can't give me a time on when he will be here.. I tell him that my appointment wont wait, and he will have to make alternative arrangements.. I let him know that I dont like to be messed around, when I, myself am a very punctual person.

I may have sounded like a bitch, but I was so over everything, from the lounge being a piece of shit, to losing my camera, to my credit card declining me and not being able to make it on time to meet my friend. So all in all, it turned out that I owed a measly $10 payment on my credit card, which is why I couldnt access it. PATHETIC!!! I am never usually late with a payment, and they would see that on thier file.. And I let them know as much too.. I prompty made my payment, and was told that I will have to wait 3 working days untill I can use my bloody credit card.

So yesterday afternoon, being that it was my nieces birthday party, I got stuck into a party sausage roll a couple of chicken nuggets and some icecream birthday cake.. I was so full that I could litterally feel the food in my throat.. but to my defence, I had only eaten 3 bite size crackers with cottage cheese on for lunch. But I think that if I wasnt so damn annoyed with the goings on in my life this week, I would have refrained from the party food. Because to be honest, I didnt enjoy it.
Well I've had my rant.. when I do get a camera, I will have to take some new pics.. now excuse me whilst I go and meditate... somethings gotta help...

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  1. I'm hearin' ya sista! When it rains it f%^$n pours! Hope tomorrow is a better day for you - ignore the scales, they lie...