Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well today my sister asked me if I would like to g out for lunch with her.. I was at first hesitant, and then thought well why not?? Then the next decision was where to go with enough healthy suitable food. So the decision was made... SIZZLER!!!! crazy I know, to go to a smargasboard with a lapband installed.. but it is mostly healthy and easilly chewable. And best of all, I thought of a brilliant idea of not having to pay the full $17.95 for the lunch time salad bar and drink... Here's what I did.. As I am already quite well known with some of the staff there, I asked one of them to get the manager, and I pulled out my LAPBAND PATIENT CARD from my purse, and asked if I could purchase a take away container to have my lunch in, as I physically cannot eat enough to spend the eat in price. That way, what ever I dont eat, I can bring home and have for dinner. So this was accepted, and I only had to pay $9.95, was given my takeaway container and a cup for my takeaway drink. So I filled my container and my drink and sat at the table with my daughter and my sister, and ate as usual.. I did however surprise myself with how much I was able to eat, but still not half the container. So I brought it home, and by the time I got home, the half an hour waiting time was up to be able to have a drink, and by then the bubbles in my take away pepsi max had gone. So all in all, it was a luxury lunch, at quite low cost.
Call me stingey... But I need every spare cent these days. And in doing it this way, I was able to enjoy a social eating outing, without the high cost and overfilling. FANTASTIC if you ask me.

Well this morning I did my first 10 sit ups.. Sounds piddley, but it was a great effort on my part.. LOL.. I will continue to do 10 at a time morning and night for a week, then I will start doing 15, twice a day next week, and keep increasing it.. I need to get rid of this "veranda" across the front of my body.. I know it will shrink, but I am impatient.
Having not really lost anything significant in the last week or 2, I am feeling like I havent lost anything at all, and that I am back at square one.. I am sooo looking forward to my fill, all except the needle part.. I am shit scared of needles. I will just have to close my eyes and think of a newer skinny me in the future.

Well I'd better get off my ass, and start getting ready to drag my extremely full self off to work.
Speaking of my ass, it now slide comfortabley into the office chair at this computer desk.. No more standing up with the chair still hanging off the back of me.. LMAO...

Untill next time.

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