Monday, February 23, 2009


Well today I had my follow up with the dietitian, and she went through everything with me, about what I am now allowed to eat and so forth.. When she said crackers, I laughed and told her that I have been eating those for about a week and a half. She wasnt suprised, and said she had heard of worse. But all in all, I think now it will be easier to find something to eat without turning to the mini red box meal. I also think that I need to boost my intake of water too. Gotta flush this fat out somehow.
I got weighed, and had pretty much still stayed the same from the last time she weighed me, which was a dissapointment, But I kind of knew within myself that I hadnt gone on to lose a lot more yet. She said that once I have my first fill, I can expect to start seeing a steady loss again, but nowhere near the amount that I have lost in the first few weeks.
So then I pretty much went straight from the dietitian, came home and picked up hubby and Ayisha and went straight to the fish and chip shop.. BAD BAD BAD... i know... but I only had a piece of Cod and about 4 chips. And believe me, I could have eaten quite a few more chips (physically) but the oil from it all was something that I havent had for so long now, and it made me feel more like shit than full.
I had some chinese take away yesterday and it went well, I just stuck to the braised meats and a few hokien noodles.. A small take away container lasted me 2 meals..
But I am looking forward to eating less when I get the fill.
When I talk to anyone who has had the band for a long time, and they have reached their goal weight. They always say the same thing, and that is, if they were to take thier band out tomorrow, it wouldnt be long before they would be obese again. I guess some habits are never broken, just held back.

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