Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well I had my first bit of alcohol since being banded, and I must say that I was so shocked at how much it affected me on drinking only 1 glass. I had a can of bourbon and cola in the fridge and thought it would be nice to have after dinner. So when dishing up dinner, I set out a glass of ice and pured the drink into it, then got a teaspoon to swirl it around to get rid of any bubbles.. I then put it back into the fridge to wait for the 30 minute waiting time for after my meal.

My first sip was lovely, followed my a few more. Before I knew it, I was half a glass down, and giggling for no good reason. Usually it would take about 4-5 cans to make me feel like that. So now, not only am I cheap to feed, but cheap to get drunk also. LOL. Needless to say I poured the rest of the can down the sink. which was almost half a can. (It was a 440ml can)

Then today, It has been hot and I am getting soo over drinking water, so when we went for a drive, I picked up a 600ml bottle of coke zero at the servo, my husband said that he'd didnt think I should be having it, but I just looked at him, and shook the shit out of the bottle, and slowly let out the gas, and kept doing this untill all the bubbles were gone. Usually before, I would buy a bottle of Zero and sometimes it would be flat, but trust it to be one of the most gassiest bottles in the shop... so it took quite a bit of shaking and slowly opening. But it was worth it, just for the flavour. Call me crazy.. lol.

I mean I would also love a bite of a burger, but I'm not about to blend that up to eat it.. LOL, I dont see any harm in making something forbidden, drinkable. And it was a Zero..


  1. Oh man you make me feel like a bourbon and coke! they go flat so quickly too! I might save it for Friday night to spare me the Friday night depression! My big splurge at the moment is some flat diet coke and I even had a guzzle last nite! It was great! Love this blog - it gets to the guts of it! I like that!

  2. Thanks Shaggs.. having a drink or 2 actually brings back a little normalcy. I am just so over water, even with the water now I put a splash of weight watchers cordial in it. Now you've got something to look forward to on friday night. :)