Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well I am super mega pissed, and I dont mean the intoxicated kind.. I bought my daughter a cute bubble bee, fairy dress style outfit yesterday, and came home and put it on her, only to realise that when I went to take a photo, I couldnt find my camera.. Now it is very strange for my camera not to be in one of the two places that it is kept.. I treasure my camrera and always have it on hand to capture the unplanned shots, and now not to mention capture my own special little journey..Anyway, so I ask Ayisha if she has seen my camera, which I already knew it was a good possibility.. I often find close up pics of her nostrils on my camera as well and pics of the floor, the toilet bowl, and all kinds of random shots. Anyway, first she said it was in the bathroom, so I looked and it wasn't.. Then she said that Montel (her brother) had wet it and thrown it in the bin..I asked, "Which bin?" and she said the one inside.. But this would have been the day before ( monday), as there was no chance for her to do anything yesterday morning..My stomach was knotting up with anger and devistation, a perfectly good $300 digital camera down the gurgler..Then you may be thinking, WHY NOT CHECK THE BIN?!?! Well I would have if the bloody garbo hadnt already been to empty the weeks rubbish that morning...
It's hard to stay angry at a 3 year old, but I tell you what, if she was an adult.. she would be feeling very sore and sorry for herself.. She just thinks that if she smothers me in kisses, that all is forgiven.. and it mostly is.. BUT I still cant help but feel a pang of sadness when I realise she threw out, not only the camera, but also 2 memory cards, new spare lithium bateries, a good case and some photos on those cards that I never got a chance to print and upload..
So today, I intend to go and buy another camera. And god help anyone who even breathes on it, let alone touch it...

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