Saturday, February 28, 2009

Well today my lounge is supposed to be getting picked up.. Wonder if this fool will arrive on time today??? I shouldn't sound so bitter towards the guy, but it's the frustration in the fact that a lounge so new should need to be taken away for repairs anyway..

Well my portions are quite large now, although my meals are still far smaller than what I used to have, I also have to slap myself silly when I bust myself picking at my kids leftovers before having dinner myself. .. Its a bad bad habbit that I just have to break, so I told my kids that from now on, as soon as they are finished, they have to put their scrapps straight into the bin.. That way, I know i wont go bin diving for them.

My weightloss is still at a standstill, which is driving me nuts, but I am sure that once I have this fill on monday, it should starts moving down again.. It had bloody better.. I didnt pay $19,000 for nothing ( no insurance, no super).. I am not looking forward to feeling the tightness again, as well as being on rotten liquids for a whole 24 hrs followed by more mushys... GRRRRRR.. oh well at least it isnt for as long this time.
I intend to tell the nurse that I do not want to even see the size of the needle, even bloody blindfold me if she has to..I just want to shut my eyes and have it all over with..
I consider myself to be extremely lucky with my band so far, but am kind of worried what this fill will bring.. I hear of people not being able to keep anything at all down, and vomiting and pain... I just have to think positive... this wont happen to me.
I also worry that when I get my fill, that I will no longer be able to eat rice and pasta.. As at the moment, I have no problems getting them down.
I am still so glad that I got this band, and am sure that I will be saying the same thing in 12 months. Alreay I have become a much happier and positive person, as prior to the band, I was that unhappy and uncomfortable within myself that it reflected on how I was with everyone else.
No more Mean Nene, coz I'm on my way to Lean Nene.. lol


  1. Bugger, I just commented and my internet dropped out! GRRRR

    Here we go again....

    Lean Nene (love it),
    My portion sizes have definatly gone up, heck I've even managed bread! I too am worried about what I'll be able to eat after the fill. Don't worry about the needle. I'm petrified of needles and the ones they gave me in the tummy to thin my blood I didn't even feel!

    I can't beleive you couch! I'd be really cranky if that was me. Can you go back to where you purchased it from?

    Hope to catch up with you tomorrow.


  2. I've been hanging for a fill and now I'm not so sure. Been reading around and I think I'm kinda getting used to eating what I want (so not LOL)although I must remember the dark times (so easy to forget) make sure the kids bury the food in the bin - if its sitting on top and looking pretty clean, the 30 second rule aint just for the floor! How can you be worried about the needle when you've had your guts cup up? Crazy girl! Try not to think about the money (easier said than done I know) how much can you honestly put on your life and health? If you'd had a heart attack you wouldnt have thought twice - now I just have to convince myself! Good luck for tomorrow, hope it brings everything you wish for without any pain or horror!