Sunday, March 1, 2009

1 Month Bandiversary

Well, the lounge is gone.. It was supposed to be picked up between 12 and 1pm, however the guys didnt arrive till 5:15pm... By this time I was over my frantic pissed off stage, I was in a mellow place.. That was perhaps brought on my having a glass of bourbon.. But most importantly, the lounge is gone, god only knows if it will be better or worse whenh I get it back..

Well even though the scales haven't moved, I actually had a bit of a slimmer feeling day yesterday.. I bought a top from Best & Less on clearance for only $4.95, and it was a size 20.. Super excited, coz I was wearing sz 26 pre banding. So this new top feels and looks good. Something that actually fits right, instead of hanging off me. But financially right now is not good for me to go crazy buying clothes, so I'll just hang back a bit.
After reading some of the forum, I have found a question that I want to ask the nurse when I go for my fill on monday.. What size band do i have??? Some I have noticed have a 14cc band, others a 20 cc band etc. etc. I want to know what I have now.. lol..

So today is my last day without much restriction, I am going to think long and hard about what I might indulge in before going on the liquids and mushys again.. Dammit!!!
Lastnight, I was eating my and peanut soup (hubby's african dish) YUM... and got that tight feeling where my band is.. I stood up and stretched around , gave my chest a light gorrilla style tap, and even leaned over the sink, in case of a vomit, but after only a couple of minutes, the pain was gone.. Although I love that dish, I dont know if I want to risk it again.. Might have to leave that one for a chew and spit..LOL

One thing that I have found that I really like since being banded is Avocado... I used to hate it..Whats up with that?? and its the same with cottage cheese. Has anybody found that they like something now that they never used to???

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  1. Good morning girl and congrats on the bandiversary! To answer your last question - I never liked egg, it used to make me want to hurl - but now, love it! Still wouldnt have a sunny side up but boiled or mashed fried and yum! Also like sugar way too much. Never much of a sweet tooth before but man, like a bit of sweet now! Still feel like a bourbon - didnt drink Friday night think I will tonight though. Congrats on the top 3 SIZES SMALLER!!! Way to go!!!! Bugger the scales, they mean shit when you're 3 SIZES SMALLER!!!!!! Work it girl! Been reducing the chew and spits and just swallowing now. had a south american pastry yesterday and should have spat, it felt like a snooker ball going down - oh well live and learn! Good luck for tomorrow and enjoy your last supper!