Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well it's been a few day since writting, and not a whole lot of excitement has happened, Yesterday was my sons 9th Birthday. As usual, he got spoilt, and then we took him out for dinner to a little indonesian restaurant in at West End. I love this restaurant, because it is so much like being in Asia.. Very simple, yet comfortable. The aroma hits you in the face as soon as you drive into the street. There are few different asian restaurants in the same block as the one we went to, so that would help make it stronger to smell.
But this was my first time at this restaurant since being banded. I was a little nervous, but still very excited as the smells took over. So, as an entree we ordered satay chicken sticks , which smelled and looked so good, I picked one up and scoffed into it, without even thinking of what the outcome could be. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! All of a sudden, I felt that all too familiar pain in my cleavage, so sitting there sweating with my hands in the air stretching, my husband asks if I dont like it.. and I tell him, NO!! I am just having a fight with my band. He looked on concerned, as I prepare to make a dash for outside and around the corner into the privacy of darkness.. As I think the dark sidestreet, would be so much cleaner and easier to get to than their toilets which are located out through the back of the shop and all the way along the outside veranda of the back of the building. And then i sit there, feeling shitty because I know the best of the meal is yet to come, and I may not be able to have any of it.. BUT miraculously, as the Marinated Golden fried chicken and the plain chicken and salad arrives, my blockage fixes itself and I am all too eager to try the chicken. Which is then followed by the Mei Goreng ( noodles and veges) and hubby got the Nasi Goreng (Fried rice) So I munched away and enjoyed the meal without anymore incidents. It was sooo nice, apart from the fact that the waitress (the owners daughter) kept abusing her father right in front of the whole restaurant, bossing him, like he was a child. I felt bad for him. She was about 6 months pregnant, maybe she was being hormoanal or something.. But as nice as she was to us, she was a friggin bitch to him. Not the nicest background noise for a meal. But all in all, it was a nice night, and Montel sure ate enough to last him a month of meals.
I am however, not looking forward to this saturday. Montels Birthday Party... He has invited 17 kids, which range from neighbours to schools friends to cousins. And even as late as yesterday, long after the invitations have been handed out, he is asking me if "this other friend" can come.. To which I snap, "Dont you think you have enough people coming to tear down our house?".. He looked at me all strange, and said" Well can he?"... I swear, I could just dig a hole and bury myself in it some days.. I dont think he understands sarcasm yet. So I said "NO!, and dont ask about anyone else coming the the party, or you wont have one at all!"
So all night I dreamed about this upcoming party, wishing I had have just planned a McDonalds or Hungry Jacks Party.. Partly because one of the mothers has asked me if I would mind if she stayed, as she thinks he 8 year old might get nervous if she isnt around. ( is this kid still fricken breast fed or what!?!?!) But what do I say?... No, you cant stay?!?!.. So I say, "Of course you can".. inwardly, I feel like I dont want another mothers pair of eyes watching me and judging my birthday party expertise... Which I dont have, because I have never put one on before.. And I do recall that when my son went to her sons 7th birthday party, they even hired a freakin juke box, there is no way that I can compete with that.. And I dont intend to. What I do intend to do, is fill these lil brats with as much sugar and shit as they will fit in, and send them home to their families.. LOL.. This happens when ever my son goes to a party, so it's my turn now. And if this woman wants to come and babysit her "little dependant", she can do so, but to not expect him to be invited to my parties again..
I want to be comfortable in the chaos that will be, at the party, I have my husband , sister and parents on hand as shaperones. Next year and beyond, there will be NO PARTYS AT HOME!!!!

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