Monday, March 2, 2009


Well, today was supposed to be the day that I was to get my first fill. So with much excitement, then terror, I went in to Stafford to see Dr Duncombe. Whilst in the waiting room, a woman came out of the doctors room, crying her eyes out because she has to go back into hospital again... I felt so sorry for this woman, and was imagining that I would react in much the same way if that was put upon me.. Then I started thinking to myself.. What if she tells me the same thing?? Well for a start, I just couldnt afford to go back into hospital.. so the bloody band would just have to stay sku wiff till I could get some funds together... Anyway thank fully, my name gets called, I sheepishly walk down the corridor to the nurses room, and she asks how I am.. Straight out, I tell her, I am shitting myself and I dont want to see any signs of any needles, and just jab me when it's time to jab me.. She laughed and told me to sit down, she asked a bunch of questions and was actually quite a nice Doctor. Made me feel very at ease... So after the questions of starting weight, then how my appetite is, and what kinds of foods I am eating and so forth, I was told to get on the scales and to my absolute delight.. the scales read 128.9kg... Yeee Haaaahh.... LOL, now I know being that weight isnt something to party about, but for me to come this far already, is a wonderful feat... Now back to my story..

When the doctor saw that I have lost that much, and weighed up all the other answers that I gave her to the questions, she told me that I wont be needing a fill today... YOU LITTLE BEAUTY!!!! She also told me that some people ( a very few people) never need a fill, they are able to get to goal weight by just having the band in... kind of hope that is me... LOL.. in any case, I have to go back in 2 weeks and if I am feeling a little more hungry than usual, I can call and arrange a fill ASAP...

So now, I have also decided, that I will no longer weigh myself anywhere but at Dr Duncombes, as so many scales vary in weight, and to be honest, since Dr Duncombes scales have been the kindest to me, I prefer hers..

I left the clinic feeling relieved that I didnt have to stick with liquids for the next 24 hours... wasnt looking forward to that.. So I went straight and bought a Chai Tea Latte on skinny milk, and had chinese for lunch. I love this band.. I dont think I will ever get sick of saying it.

Now whilst in the waiting room of the "Obesity Clinic", I struck up a conversation with another lady who had just had a fill, and I asked her on her way past me if it hurt, as she was rubbing her stomach. So she sat down and told me that it was just a pinpricking sensation, and not to be worried.. So I got nosey and asked when she was banded, as she is still would be about a size 24. She told me she was banded in 2007 and had lost 20kg. But has put on 12kg.. I was wondering to myself.. How the frigg could this happen?? Does she blend up Hungry jacks meals and slurp through a straw or what??? thats the only possible way I could imagine this happeneing whilst having the band.. In any case, I am not being nasty about her situation, I do feel for people that have gone to the extreme of having a band, for it not to work out for them. But it isnt there to work FOR them..

So, as my first goal, I set out for myself was to get my haircut when I have had a loss of 20kgs.. It had better hurry up coz I am sick of the bad hair days..
I wish my band sister Bel, luck with her fill today... will be thinking of you this afternoon...
I am off to work now..Have a lovely day ladies. oxox


  1. Top day to you Nene! Your weight loss is awesome! 20kg is just around the corner girl hope you've got a hair style picked out? Way to go! I do wonder what happens when the band doesnt work. I can totally see how it would happen, I just hope it doesnt happen to me (I think I've seen that dark side already!) Thanks for the update so glad your fill (or lack thereof LOL) went so well, great to hear.

  2. It was great chatting to you but I agree, next time coffee and a good old face-to-face chat!

    I have had no problems at all with the fill. I thought I would feel like my throat had been cut by doing the liquids thing again, but it's all good!


    You are doing so well. When we catch up in 8 weeks time who know where we'll both be!

    Talk soon lovie!