Saturday, March 21, 2009


I havent had a whole lot to talk about the last couple of days, am still going with the flow of this band, and as it seems, I still dont have much restriction. However there have been a few more tight painful episodes. I was getting worried when I wasn't having them, but now I am getting them again, I wish I wasn't. but in saying that, it is a good reminder that the band is in its place, but I am the one that is not behaving as I should be.. I absent mindedly took a bite of my daughters left over multigrain, peanut butter sandwhich on friday, and all of a sudden in mid chew of the next mouthfull, I felt an almighty choking pain, and quickly spat the chewed up mouthfull out, in fear that it would cause a back-up on the pain that was already going on. So I am walking around the house, arms raised, trying to hold my breath and get rid of this lumpy chunk of bread that was blocking not only by band passage into my big ol' stomach, but it was making me lose my damn mind with the pain. All I want to do is get naked in get in the shower when I am having one of these episodes. What is it was water that makes me feel like everything is going to be ok?? I get a headache, stomach ache, sore back, hangover, labour pains, etc.. and you will find me either sitting on the floor in the shower or laying back in a bath filled as high as it will go with water so hot that I get out feeling a little light headed and looking like a well cooked lobster.
Although prior to the band, and to be honest, even since the band, I have not been much of a water drinker, but when there is even the slightest bit of pain in my body, I have to cover myself in it. So back to my story of pacing around with the peanut butter sandwhich lodged uncomfortably within me, I start to strip, but get a phone call...I answer it (god knows why, seems I cant let the phone ring out even when I am going through this) and it turns out to be the chatty mother of on of Montels school friends, she was calling to RSVP for her son to come to Montel's party next week end. I politely try to end the call a number of times, before realising that now the blokage has gone.. Woohoo... One episode down, I hope it will be quite a while before it happens again. And so far it hasn't.. I get that sandwhich was enough to make my band kick my ass and make me think a bit more before eating.

I have another dillema though, and that is... all my rings are now getting too big, or should I say that my fingers are shrinking. And to think of that money I had to spend to get the bloody things to fit my fat fingers in the first place.. I will feel lost without wearing them, but soon, I will have no choice but to take them off and put them away safely untill I am down to my goal weight and get them resized. I might just have to find some nice cheap costume jewelery to take its place for the time being...

Well I not long got home from work, and am a little tired, so I will end here...Hope all is well in bandland for everyone .. :)


  1. I love "Unpretty" great song! Nice reminder you had there girlie nothing like stuck bread to remind you what's wrapped around your parts! I'm a water girl too and a hot bath is not hot enough either! Go and get your rings resized as an ongoing reward when they need it just to keep you on track - theres nothing worse than your favourite ring not fitting! Have a lovely Sunday afternoon!

  2. OH MY GOD.. I am a water-crazy too! Seriously... after my lapband was removed the day after it was put in (less than 24 hours - two anaesthetics) all I could do is collapse in the hospital shower cubicle (gross) in my gown and underwear with the shower pounding on my head. I don't know what it is about water - it's so soothing and clensing.. it always makes me feel better...

    hmm... I am a pisces...

    L x