Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well my mood continued on for the rest of yesterday.. right up untll I went to bed.. No matter what frame of mind I tried to put myself in, I just couldnt shake the dark cloud that was hanging over my head. I hated the world, screamed like a banchee, wanted to pack my bags and go away on my own. I didnt want to talk, smile laugh or even bloody exist for that matter.
So this morning, I am a little calmer. The kids keep giving me sideways glances, waiting for me to screech again. But I have not. I do feel bad for yesterdays outbursts, and kind of wonder if i have a problem.. How can one just wake up and be so irritated with absolutely everyone.. Even my mum copped some of my wrath. But when I think some more.. I know there are deeper reasons why I was like that, I guess I just hold too much in. Anyway, onwards and upwards (well downwards by the scale).. ohh and thats the the bloody scales want to co-operate with me this frikken fortnight.
Yesterday when I went for my fill, I stopped at the chemist next door coz I saw they had a make up sale on... Nothing better than a bit of retail therepy.. So I spent up and bought some perfume, and some foundation, mascara, lip gloss and brozing pearls... gotta love a bargain.. But since putting it all on this morning, my eyes have been watering and my foundation had melted away from under my eyes, making me look like I am at least 10 years older, and the irony of it, is that the foundation is an age defying on..I got a feeling that the mascara is not agreeing with me.. Dammit. Will have to reapply before I go out..
Speaking of going out, today I have to go to buy a new computer with my parents for the shop, as well as put my artsy mind to the test by making Ayisha an easter hat for her Easter Hat Parade at daycare tomorrow.. I have faint memories of the easter hat parade that I was in at early primary school..melted easter eggs dripping all over little kids heads, mini fluffy chicken toys dropping to the ground like flies... funny stuff.. I will do my best to make Ayisha first easter parade a good one, memorable for all theright reasons.. Will take a pic and post it up when I have got it done.. BUT shouldnt there be a shop where you can buy ready made easter hats?? dont we mothers have enough to do???
In anycase. I will just make sure there is no real chocolate anywhere, or in my states of depression, I just might inhale it all..
Well thats it from me for today..
xx Nene

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