Monday, March 16, 2009


Well I went in for my first fill this morning, She only put in 1ml, and told me that it may not affect me at all, as it can sometimes take a couple of fills to really feel the effects. But first of all I got on the scales, after holding off for this past 2 weeks and was excited to see that I am now down to 126.9kgs.. (pre band 146.6).. This was exciting, but a lil annoying, as I was hoping that it would at least say 126.6.. LOL then I could boast of a 20kg loss, well I guess if you count in the fact that I havent had a bowel movement for a few days, I may have gone lower.. But stuff it.. I'm just going to say I lost 20kgs. :) Who really cares about the decimals..?? lol

But if I wasnt already nervous enough about getting this needle/fill, she got me up on the bed and told me to do a half sit up so she could feel around for my port, and then there was a prick and an almighty painful crunching sound, then more poking around till it was done.. Now you may wonder what I am on about with the crunching sound.. Well, the friggen needle hit the side of the port, then it took for her to get the right angle to get the fill in.. I surely hope to god that, that doesnt happen every time..

In any case, I have to go back in 2 weeks for a review. She said that she would have been happy for me to not even get a fill this time around as I have lost 2 kg since the last time I saw her a fortnight ago, but when I told her that I am starting to graze in between meals, she was quick to whip out the needle.. DAMMIT... lol Then when I got off the bed, I asked about the whole liquids for 24 hours thing, and she said yes, I have to just have liquids then soft foods after that.. Inwardly I was feeling like something real nice for lunch.. But instead I left the clinic and made a bee line for Gloria Jeans for a Chai Tea Latte on skinny milk.. I even rebelled and had 2 sachets of sweet and low sugar in it.. And that brings me to now, as I sit here, my mouth feels like something to munch, but if I really think about it, my stomach isnt all that hungry.. BUT I cant promise that by the end of the day I wont be doing the good old chew and spit or sneaking mouthfulls of soft food.. I am so bad..


  1. Congrats girl!! First fill over and done with and 20kg is TOPS!!! Well done girl! Mine first fill's this time next week and I'm not looking forward to it (not sure if I really need it or can "look after" it!?) Glad to hear the chew and spit is still high on the list of things to do - I do it now and again but usually only when I chew something and I can tell its going to get stuck or hurt and then out it goes! Good luck with this fill and have a good crunchy chew and spit for me!

  2. Missed this post! Such a great friend am I!!!

    I had 1.2ml to start with and feel like I don't even have a band! In saying that I still don't eat half of what I use to!

    Keep going strong!