Friday, March 13, 2009


Well, following up on the lump that I had ultrasounded this morning, I arrive at the Imaging Centre, and am ushered through by one of 2 of the women working there, I change into my gown and am then shown to the room where my ultrasound is to take place.. After pouring some warm sticky goop onto my breast, she begins the ultrasound... This took quite some time, so she was making small talk, asking questions of whether I had children, if I work and where.. and so forth. So I thought, we seem to have a friendly repour, I decided to ask.. "Does the lump seem like it has any cause for concern?".. She bluntly replies "I'm not allowed to discuss that with you".. So I'm laying there with my titties out for her to examine, and she's telling me that she can't discuss my own body with me.. Freakin Hell!!! However, I do understand her position.. It just pissed me off. So after a lengthy examination, I was then shown to an area to be seated and told to wait for her, she dissapeard into an office like room, and left me sitting, worried of why I was not yet allowed to get my top back on and go out to my sister who was waiting in the entrance. I was sat for about 5 mins, wondering if she would then ask me to go for a mamogram or something else, but she emerged from the room, and told me that I could go into the cubicle and get dressed now, I did this, wondering why the hell was I made to wait then??... So I went to settle, and was told that the results would be ready in a few hours.. Seemed the lady behind the front desk was more interested in her private phone call than releasing patients. She was sooo bloody rude.. And today was not the day to be rude to fragile lil me.. She just made me feel even more shittier.
ANYWAY... I went back a few hours later and got my results envelope and doing as everyone does, I opened it before even taking it back to my GP and read that what I have is a Lipoma.. (A Benign Tumour, composed of fatty tissue)... hmmm, I wonder is this band is gonna help me get rid of that. LOL... In any case, Clinical Correlation (whatever that is) and monitoring is recommended... So now I can rest my mind.. and get some decent sleep.
So for lunch I had subway for the first time since being banded. I used to be able to eat 2 foot long subs.. BAD BAD BAD I know.. even the surgeon was shocked when I told him that I was capable of eating that much.. Anyway, I didnt want to venture on to the bread, so i had a Wrap with chicken fillet, lettuce, cucumber, onion and pickles.. Soooo yum.. I was shocked that I was able to finish the whole thing.. But after swallowing that last mouthfull, I regretted that last swallow. But didnt PB, just sat and felt sorry for myself for a few minutes. But I do love this band.
Now to get gross, and I am not sure if I have raised this topic on this blog before, but its about the greasy looking oil slick in my urine.. LOL, yuk i know.. But when I see that my urine has that oily grease slick on top, I know that is the fat that is exiting my body, and all week, i have had that, so I am looking forward to seeing my fill doctor on monday to weigh in.. I am only going to weigh myself on her scaled from now on, as so many scales are all over the place, they get my hopes up then down again.. Not looking forward to that fill needle, but who knows, if my urine greasiness is anything to go by, I may not need one.. Although, I doubt that I should be able to eat a whole subway wrap and get away with it.. So I'm pretty sure I'll be tightened up.

By the way, I want to thank Shaggs and Bel for your words of encouragement with my lumpy issue.. Big hugs to you both...xox


  1. Well phew phew phew phew!!! I COULD NOT read that post FAST enough!!!! Soooooooo glad it is all good and (now here comes the scolding) play with your titties EVERY month AT LEAST!!!! Those fun bags deserve more dedicated attention! Congrats on the great news (I'm celebrating here for you with copious amounts of wine) have a bourbon and coke for me (so scard I'll get heartburn like I used to) I will sooooo be looking out for greasy urine! I have never actually noticed but it does make sense. And never ever ever tell your surgeon or medical professional how much you eat!!!! Save that for the blog girl! They would NEVER understand. Everyone who works at my fatty boombah clinic has a BMI of 11 or lower with DD cups (death stare)and they would never know the love of 2 foot long subs or a deep fried mars bar. So you're going to get a fill? Good luck chicky!

  2. THAT IS GREAT!!!!!! I have been thinking of ya and saying a little prayer.

    I have decided to go to my GP this week for a fill. My portion sizes are definatly up there again.