Monday, March 30, 2009


Sucks to be me today.. woke in one hell of a fowl mood, and it still hant really left me yet.. I went in for my fill, and waited 45 minutes to get in. ( i was on time, they weren't) And as far as the fill went, it didnt hurt this time.. thank god.. BUT.. I havent lost even a frikken gram.. I am still weighing in at 126.9.. Sucks to be me...
So I got a 1ml fill, and will go back in another 2 weeks.. Hopefully this time I will have lost something. So now I have 2ml in a 10ml band. Fingers crossed..
I dont have a whole lots else to write at the mo' coz I am so aggitated.. Might pop back by later or will write again tomorrow..


  1. Cheer up girlie! Recuperating after your crazy weekend should cost you a couple of kilos at least! Let alone the 2 week period and the bourbon sedatives on Saturday. No gain is still a loss! Chin up! Remember 3rd fill's the charm, only got two weeks to wait! Go easy on yourself this week after your fill (glad it didnt hurt for you) dont do what I did!! Deep breaths.....

  2. We are going through the EXACT SAME THING together! I had another 1ml put in just over a week ago and nadda! Still sitting on 93kg. I am going to go in for another one on Thursday which probably isn't a great move as we have dinner out on Thursday night but hopefully they will have soup!
    I just pissed myself at your Tyson photo! Ya bloody dag. Just look at that to cheer yourself up.