Friday, March 27, 2009

Party's Work and the Dreaded Monthlys

Well tomorrow is the party, and after my winge yesterday I kind of felt a bit bad.. This particular childs mother is only being a good mum.. I shouldnt be so negative and insecure within myself by worrying what she will think of my house, and party.. In fact, after sending out 17 invitations, it was only this lady and one other parent that actually RSVP'd.. So I dont even know how many little devils are coming now.. I am more than overstocked with party prizes, food and take home party bags. I just hope that my boy enjoys his day..Even though I heard on the radio that we are in for showers tomorrow.. DAMMIT!!!!!

I just wish that I had a day to myself.. with all the madness of the new business and this damn party, I am buggered. My parents are buying another convenience store, and I have been recruited to work in it, as I owe my parents for the funds of the band.. $15000 to work off. But I will never regret my band. And i actually do enjoy working with customers and the public.. Just dont remind me of saying this when in a few weeks/months time I blog and rant about rude people... LOL.. I actually still work in the shop that my parents used to own. For the new owners, so i guess that proves that I enjoy what I do. You do build good friendships with some customers. And to be honest, I hear alot of great feedback and compliments from some of the customers that I have told about my band.
So over the last few weeks, i have been helping to organize packaging products and bagging lollies, lunch packs etc.. working, preparing for this party.. I am soo over it.. I just want a day (that my lil princess goes to daycare) all to myself.. I really cant see that happening for a long time now, at least untill my parents sell this new shop.. lol.. But in saying that I have no me time, it also means less time to think about food. So maybe its good that I am busy.
And to Shaggs, I can sympathise with the PMS thing... I have had a shocker of a month really. I have had my period for 13days so far, and it still isnt showing any sign of slowing down, and for about 2 weeks prior to it coming, I was and I guess still am as irritable as ever.. I was tired and kept yawning when I came home from work lastnight, and hubby kept immitating me..I told him "If you kept bleeding for 2 weeks straight, I think you'd be slightly tired too".. That soon shut him up. He hates getting onto that topic. He reckons it will turn him of sex. But I'm sure as soon as the flood gates close, he will be right back on track. LOL
But what I dont understand is why am I having a period at all?? I had the depo needle just after I got the band, and previously have never bled whilst being on it. I wonder if the weightloss has anything to do with it.. Either way, I want this to be over.. the headaches are a shocker, I wake feeling like I had a heavy night.. Now I wouldn't mind if I actually did have.

I go for my 2nd fill on monday, I am excited yet nervous, after my last dose of butchery (misjudgement of porthole location).. I am looking forward to a little more restriction. As much as i do enjoy being able to eat, I just want to get this train rollin down the track.. I dont want to stall on the whole weightloss thing. I still have a lot to lose.

Well thats enough from me for today..


  1. jeeeeezus... have you seen someone about your never-ending period?? I would be tired and cranky too... you've been drained of all your iron!!!

    Good luck with your party today! Hope it al goes smoothly...

    I'll be battling with my "should I eat mexican on opti... or shouldn't i eat mexican on opti..." today. fun. fun.

    L x

  2. Thanks "L"... it seems to have lightened overnight.. hopefully by tomorrow they will have stopped.
    As for whether you should or shouldnt have mexican... how could you resist.. When I was on opti.. I must admit, I went to sizzler, celebrated my mums birthday, and also just for the lack of willpower that I had to stay sticking to the opti for 2 looong weeks.
    I have baked and baked since 5am this morning, I am so over this party..
    Have a good week end.. :)

  3. Go the mexican. Nene you are a shining example of what motherhood is all about - put yourself last until you pass out or become gravely ill and I'm sure you'd be icing cakes from you ICU bed LOL! Partys are crazy and ridiculous - but then so is a 2 week period.....