Monday, March 9, 2009


Well I have officially graduated to band land.. I had my first PB.. Should be called PFB (Pretty Farkin Bad) It all started when I got home from work lastnight, and hubby had cooked a beautiful meal of Jallof Rice and Salad (african dish, rice cooked in chicken broth and a tomato stew) YUM!! I used to eat this alot, rice is almost a staple in this house.. BUT not for me anymore.. I sat down to my tiny bowl of rice and salad, and after 4 mouthfulls, I jumped up with the most excruciating pain where my band is located.. Holy Mother of Christ, by far, it was the most pain I have been in since the operation. I paced around the kitchen like a mad woman, with my arms up in the air, who knows what my neighbors would have thought if they were looking into my house.. But at that time, i couldnt have cared less.. I could hardly bloody breathe. I undid my bra, to release some pressure on the band site and it did nothing. i was that delirious with pain, I almost stripped off. I went into the bathroom, and leant over the basin, in hope that something would come up and rid me of my pain, then before long, I did it... yes, I have discovered what "slimed" is... YUK... but after sliming and spitting into the basin, I was still getting intermitent pains, so still stretching and trying to chase my wide eyed kids away from the bathroom, I then went the lurch again, and this time a tiny bit of food came up with more slime. This carried on for a few more minutes before coming to an end.. Pain gone, and the offending rice, washed down the sink.. Why pb into the sink?? I just cant bring myself to aim my face above the toilet where people perch their stinking backsides and drop their loads.. I would just keep vomiting if I went there. LOL.. Sorry to get graphic on you.
After such an ordeal, i walked back out to the loungeroom and hubby said, "I didnt put yours away in case you wanted more".. Like hell I wanted more. I just wanted to curl up in the bottom of the shower and curse this bastard band for ruining the dinner that I was so looking forward to. but funnily enough.. My appetite was gone.
I'll post a couple of pics up. I wanted to do a callage, but cant find a frigging program to do it..I am however a little dissapointed in my pics, and although the scales tell me that i have been losing, and my clothes and their baginess tell me, but i cant see much difference in my pics.. Sucks!!!!

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  1. OOOOHHHHHH OUCH! I have been lucky so far. Even had a pork chop last night and no PB.

    The dietitian was telling me that it's usually the first couple mouth fulls we have that causes a PB.

    I am so not looking forward to one!