Friday, March 6, 2009


Well as I said, when I had lost the first 20kgs, I would reward myself with a stylecut.. Well I have been getting sick of having the bad hair days, and looking like my big old fat self that I thought.. STUFF IT!!! I'm going to get it done today.. And I did. I got like a concave bob style cut. I have had it before, but it has been 8 months since I had it done and it grew out, which lead me to wearing my hair pulled back everyday.. FERAL SHERYL!!!
So after the hair salon pampering, i decided to go to NorthLakes shopping centre and look for something nice to wear... WHY is it, that when ever I go out to buy something, I can never find anything I like, and when I am completely broke, or unwilling to use my credit card, is when I find so many things I want.????? Drives me nuts.. In any case, I bought some beaded necklaces to decorate the shitty clothes that I do have.
Whilst at the shops, I noticed it was after lunch and thought I'd better find something to eat. A very hard thing to do in an eatery smelling so good with all the food that I really shouldnt have.,I stupidly chose a chicken terryaki and cucumber sushi stick. BIG MISTAKE!!! It hurt like a bastard.. I will never, as much as I loved sushi, have it again. The pain of driving along having that shit clogging up my band passage.. Oh the pain. I know I should have made a better choice. A choice that didnt include sticky frigging rice and fishy paper.. doesnt taste good when you burp. Funnily enough, I didnt feel the pain untill after I had swallowed my last bite. And then it hits.
Then after picking up the kids from school, I thought I would check out this dress shop that I have been meaning to stop at, the sign on the window says they sell up to size 3XL.. (American size 22-24. ) Anyway, i went in and saw nothing i liked, all too granny style for me, but got talking with the woman (also a large lady), and discovered she had also had the lapband too. I asked her of her progress and how long she had been banded.. She got banded in 2007 and has only lost 25kgs.. And went on to boast how you can cheat the band.. Luckily, I dont really like ice cream, and I dont care much for chocolate.. Because I dont want to be standing there in 2 years time saying i have had the band for 2 years and only lost that pissy amount.. I know I am sounding judgemental, but it really makes you wonder why people even bother to get the band if they're going to cheat it so much.. I mean 25kgs really is alot, but not when you've got more than 50kg to lose.
I am still finding that I remain quite full in between meals. Which is great. but I just hope it is doing its magic on the scales. I will go back to see about a fill on the 16th March. Still dont know if I will need one. I am full off a cup of food, or sometimes less depending on the food that I eat. I am kind of getting sick of the whole "full feeling".. But things change..Maybe i just feel like shit from my sushi episode.

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  1. Where's the pics of the new hair???? Would luv to see them. Nothing like stepping fresh out of the hairdressers. Gotta be worth sitting for hours listening to trite shite conversation to look like a super model (from the neck up). Yes, I always go shopping and cant find a thing when I REALLY need to and EVERYHTING when I cant spend. ALWAYS! Its called Mall Law. And yes I am sick of feeling full. Can you imagine? I would love to feel real hunger again and just stuff myself silly. I would also like the band to "work" and I dont even think about food like first thing post op. Right now I just have to stop eating cause I know down the track (about half hour) it will hurt. I would like the warning a little sooner, this is a little too much like self control. Hold on, I can feel a post coming on....this all may sound very familiar when you read my next post oops sorry bout that!