Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well for the last 2 nights, I have had dreadfull sleeps and restless thoughts. The reason being... I was in the shower on Sunday night and when washing, I felt a lump on the underside of my right breast..I dont usually take notice of these things, but it was only recently that I heard on the radio that women should do a simple self breast check each month, so whilst standing there waiting for my conditioner to do its magic on my shitfull haircut, I thought I would do this exam.. First I kind of had a half giggle to myself thinking, perhaps it is part of my ribs, and because I have lost weight and my boobs have shrunk, maybe it was the first time in a long time that I was feeling ribs.. So I felt the other side, and there was no lump, this sent the alarm bells going on in my head.
I got out the shower and told hubby, for a second opinion, I got him to have a feel and he said that it deffinately wasnt a rib. I then thought, Ok, if it is still there tomorrow night, I will go to the doc.. And... yes it was still there lastnight. So after 2 shitty nights sleep, I went to my doctor today and he had a feel, and is now sending me for an ultrasound on both breasts. He told me that it could just be a benign cyst, but better to get it checked out properly.. Sooo, if the ultrasound comes back looking dodgey, I will then have to get a mammogram.. I was thinking to myself.. Yeah, that would be right, just when I start to make a headway in my appearance and in my life, things have got to start turning upside down.. Grrrrrrr... So right now, I am sitting down sipping on a flat bourbon and pepsi max. To hell with my eating plan today.. I'll pick my act up again tomorrow. LOL, but then by the time I'm done with a few drinks tonight, I may not even want to eat tomorrow. I might need to adopt Shaggs style of hangover. Sadie the cleaning lady.. :)


  1. Hey girl, you must be shitting yourself but let me say, I check my boobs all the time (just for the fun of it!) and I have a very suspicious feeling lump under my breast right between my breast and ribs and if I didnt know it was alright and just glandular and had felt it for the past about 5 years I would poo myself. This is a lesson to get to know your lumps and bumps so they dont freak you out (my boobs are very "glandular" in that way and I'm sure I have about 75 cancerous feeling lumps that would freak anyone out). The chances that you have the "C" is very very very slim indeed at your age but good for you for checking it out but REALLY (its easy to say)dont sweat it until there actually is a problem but I'm more than sure there wont be for you. My sister in law found a lump and was sure she had "it" but when she went for an exam it was nothing and she cried her eyes out right there on the table cause she was looking forward to the break in hospital. Keep that in mind when things feel a little dark. And check your breasts every single month AT LEAST! they're not called fun bags for nothing girl! Thinkin bout ya...

  2. It's great that you have checked yourself. I'm the same a shaggs and check mine regularly. Lumpy breasts run in my family and it's always a shock when you find one.

    When will you find out the results???