Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well I'm up, nice bright and early, the reason being.. I can sit here by the computer with my cuppa and be alone with my thoughts before the kids wake up and the morning turn to chaos.. As I type this, I can hear the heavy footsteps on my son, trudging to the loo.. Dammit.. I spoke to soon of the peace and tranquility. But in saying that I do love the peace, I also love the big morning cuddles that I get from my kids. Although give it a few hours and my daughter wont want to cuddle me, she'll be escaping me. I bought a few bags of hair yesterday and am going to do her braided extensions today.. This take alot of bribing for her to sit still, because it takes around about 6 hours to do. But so far in the past, she has been champion about it.

I'm supposed to be getting my lounge back today, I dreamt lastnight that I got the wrong lounge back and it was saggier than the first one.. LOL.. I guess I'm dreaming of it coz it's on my mind all the time.. Stupid Super Amart. If this has not been fixed, I will demand a new one.

Now getting back to yesterday after my fill. I finished writting my blog yesterday and got up to poke around the house to try to keep busy and avoiding food.. I always want food, when I know that I'm not allowed to have it. But after flickering around tidying here and there, I found myself, in the kitchen cupboard digging out my Delites Sour Cream and Chives crackers and serving up a dollop of Light Cottage Cheese.. So I slowly chewed on the first one, untill it was almost nothing to swallow, and realised it went down with no problem, so I followed through with another one, then another.. After about 10 crackers, I was full.. Which I guess is an improvement. Before my fill, I was having almost 30 crackers.. But these arent your large rectangular meal size crackers, these are bite size. So it was the first sign that this fill should be successfull, apart from the fact that it didnt stop me from eating for the day.. LOL, then for dinner, I wasn't overly hungry, but felt like a bit of flavour. So I got out some taco mince left over from sundays nachos, and I ate about half a cup of mince with a tiny bit of low fat cheese sprinkles on top as well as salsa. Was yum, and very filling..
BUT today I am going to be good. I will eat normal food, but I am only going to have my 3 meals. NO SNACKING!!! but the one thing that sucks is, my morning meal, I am so used to having a cup of tea WITH my breakfast, but cant.. So now I have it half hour before. Which logically isnt so bad because I am already quite full from my tea that by the time I eat, I dont have that much.
Well thats enough of my early morning ramblings, I best get my booty out of this chair and deal with my lovable little monkeys.

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