Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well the party has been and gone.. May I just say.. THANK GOD... I was racing around from 5am yesterday morning, baking cakes and cookies, making little fancy sandwhiches and tidying the house.. Not to forget to mention, screaming like a banchee at the kids for not picking up after themselves and creating more work for me to do. I even got out the back garden and weeded out some lantana that has somehow taken over EVERYTHING, even the bench seat was attatched to the lattice because of the vines.. So it was all systems go, gardening, backing, screaming, tidying and doing my best to no cry or pack my bags and let the party go on without me. I think it got to me so much because in some way, I think I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to people coming to my house. I dont want anything out of order, and everything has to be right. Some days, I dont care what people think of me, but then on other days, all my insecurities are there and just the slightest thing makes me crumble.. I guess this was one of those times, and the fact that I had just endured a 2 week period, I was farked..In any case, my period finally stopped.. it went for exactly 14 full days. I am going to get something for my iron levels today, coz all I want to do is lay down and sleep.. Which is not gonna happen.
Back to the party, as the kids started arriving, and I was making small chit chat with their mums, i turned around shocked to discover just how many kids there were. I'm so glad that not everyone came that we invited. It was already madness enough.. So as I was speaking to the newest mother to arrive, one of the other mothers ran out into the yard and scooped up her son, he had just fallen and was a wailing mess with a scraped arm.. She whips out a bandaid from her bag and put it on his elbow. (Is every mother this well prepared? I'm not) So I kind of felt bad that I didnt see this happen, and here she was entrusting me to look after her child for the next 2 hours. So I took her number down, and said if there were any problems, I would call her.. She hung around gathering courage to leave her son here for the next 30 minutes.. LOL.. Then as I was saying goodbye to her, another kid was down, he had accidentally headbutted another boys shoulder.. I couldnt believe how downhill this was going.. So I got out the games, and pass the parcels and gave out prizes and before I knew it, it was half time (1 hour down, and 1 to go).. So it seemed like a good time to feed them up.. Luckily my sister was here, she was heating all the foods inside, whilst i was in control of rubbish duty out back.. I called out to the kids after pass the parcel, "First one to take as much rubbish to the bin as they can carry, wins a prize"... That sure worked a treat, the back deck was spotless in no time.. FANTASTIC.. I felt like I was constantly pouring drinks and telling them to put their rubbish in the bin, and being asked to look after prizes till they left, all the noise and talk and questions.. OMFG!!! As the last mother came to collect her precious little party goers, I was on the verge of tears and hysteria... I needed a drink, I needed a ciggarette ( i know it's bad) So I turned to come inside after waving her off, and got the garbage bag, cleared everything in lightning speed, which was surpising because of my exhaustion, and sat myself down on the back deck with the esky of ice and drinks, and my bottle of bourbon.. Sitting there sipping and puffing away, I was glad I had the party for my boy, and even happier that he enjoyed himself, but with clear warning, that there would NEVER be another party at home again..
I have woken this morning, with saw leg and arm muscles on the right side of my body. Perhaps it is because I was on the go all day yesterday, or after a few bourbons, I lost all inhibitions and took advantage of the fact that my period was finished.. LMAO..
I go for my second fill tomorrow.. I'm pretty sure I need it..


  1. Lol.. you are so brave.. a house full of boys... try hungry jacks next time.. lol...

  2. Oh u r so brave! We do party's every year for our kids birthdays (my birthday party is the best though - a disco ball, smoke machine, 2 much alcohol and no kids!!!!)but there is a strict rule any more than 10 kids and its not going to be at our house. Did you drop 5 kilos from the running around? I bet when u sat down with that bourbon and ciggie u looked around and thought "it was all worth it"? or did you say "NEVER again!" Good luck with the fill today and let us know how you go!