Thursday, April 30, 2009


The lounge above is the good old faithfull that hasnt really let us down, apart from the fact that a fabric isnt suitable when you've got kids.. The lounge below is the bastard pain in the ass that cost a fortune, but wasn't woth a cent.. And on seeing the difference between these 2 pics, the next lounge is going to be a lighter colour.. The black leather shows up everything... and makes the room look a bit drab..
I tried to get on the Nick Scali website and copy a pic of the lounge that I want, but it wont let me copy it... Perhaps you'll have to wait till I buy it to see.. lol


Well, I piked out (didnt go) yesterday and postponed my appointment untill tomorrow.. I had other things to do..#1 being that my little princess was sick with astma, and I didnt want her to be with me whilst I get my fill, and #2, I found something far more exciting.. I tried my hand at doing a little backyard blitz in my yard.. So off I went to Bunnings (hardware store) and bought some bamboo fencing panels.. I have been feeling a little more energetic, and even put it on myself, however, I hit a snag when I under-estimated how much I needed, so I have to go back this morning and buy some more. So my plan for today is to get back out there and finish the job.. Even my husband was quite impressed.. And it takes a bit to impress him. LOL... It is quite an easy little job, apart from having to tidy the fenceline from all the shitty weeds and branches that are growing through the original fence from nextdoor. So when I'm finished I will post a picture up of my handywork. I hope anyone who tried the salad enjoyed it as much as I do.. In fact i am going to buy more supplies to make some more today..
I dont know how many of you would remember when I was wingeing about the fact that my new leather lounge that I bought in January, was taken in for repairs only 2 months after I bought it, then when they brought it back, they left the other half of it at their depot... Well the latest of the stupid lounge update is..... I sent it back and am getting my money back.. I called and told them that the repair that they were "supposed"to have done, hasnt changed a thing. So they said I could come and choose a new lounge or get my money back.. So of course I want my money back, and the lounge went back on monday.. So it's lucky that I still had our old lounge, which we have now pulled out of the shed and are using.. also quite handy that this old lounge is velour, and not quite so cold on the tushie first thing in these cold mornings. But then I had re-arrange all my pictures to suit the colour difference.. I have however already found another lounge that I like from Nick Scalli , so I just have to add another $1500 towards my refund and go get it.. am gonna have to save for that one.
Well thats all from me today..
xx Nene

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Ok, now anyone would think that I love going to get a needle in my stomach.. (cringe).. because today i am going once again to get another fill. This will be my 4th fill.. I am a little excited because I do know that I have lost some amount of weight in this past fortnight since my last fill. My scales here at home are mental, they change from minute to minute, but the digits that are coming up now, are less than before, which I guess is a good sign.
And you know something else I am noticing..? This frikken cold weather.. I mean come on, I have only lost around 21kg, and am feeling this cold weather like never before. I have always been a fan of winter (QLD winters).. But its only the beginning of the cooler change and already I am dreading it.. I lay in bed kicking and thrashing my legs about (not for the reason you would think) but because I am cold and trying to warm up. I even put an extra doona on the bed yesterday. But what I am thinking is, at least I can try to lose the bulk of my weight through winter whilst hiding under big warm clothes, then by the time the summer comes, I would come out of my cacoon looking like a , well I dont know, looking like someone who has dropped a lot of weight.. and hopefully without the sags..
I'm thinking of a big haircolour change.. I have had dark hair for so long now, I was toying with the idea of going blonde again.. But the more I think about it, its just a bit too much upkeep for my liking.. but the problem is that I am getting so many grey hairs on top, that the dark hair colour just makes them stand out.. what to do, what to do...
Another startling revelation!!! I love salad... now this is something that I never thought I would say.. never ever.. In the last couple of weeks, I have really been getting into salad. Ats a simple salad, but so tasty.. I have always looked at people who just order a salad as a mean, and thought.. How the bloody hell is that gonna fill ya? Well, I, by choice have been doing the whole salad thing for meals.. it fills me, and I feel great afterwards. Here's what I put in..

Chopped/Shredded Cos Lettuce
Slice and diced Tomato
Sliced and Diced Red Onion
Sliced Cucumber
Only a few cubes of low fat Cheese
A Handfull of Changs Original Fried Noodles
A Handfull of Cashews
Drizzle of Paul Newmans Creamy Ceasar Salad Dressing
I put the dressing through the salad before adding the noodles and cashews.. the noodles are great for the crunch factor.. I have even eaten this for breakfast.. I'm addicted.. And if i make a big salad of this up, I keep it in the fridge, and just add the noodles and cashews and dressing whan I am ready to eat it.
Well I'd best dragg my ass away from the computer so I can get myself organized for the day.. I will fill you in on my fill later..
xx Nene

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Why is it that I can easily chow down on a pie or sausage roll, and still feel like another one, when I try to start the day with a simple figgin boiled egg, and feel it causing me discomfort?? I thought I would start today by being good, with just a cup of tea and a bit of protien (i.e a boiled egg) although the discomfort gradually went away, I was peeved that something healthy and good for me can get stuck, but all the bad shit just slides on through.. I know I need to use a little more willpower, and although most days I have been good, it's just that I know that today at work, I will be faced with that bloody pie oven. Sausage rolls, pasties, cottage pies, steak bacon and cheese pies, smokey dogs.. and the list goes on.. My goal for today is NOT to cave in to the beautiful aroma of those bad bad bad food choices. Although my portions are a little smaller with having 3mls in my band, I just feel like its still not enough.. So I will go back in to see the nurse next week, and get another .5ml added.. I am determined to get the wheels rolling on this bus of lard again..
You see, having lost the girst 16-20kgs quite fast, set me up to thinking that it would be like this the whole way through, and in no time, I would be at my goal weight.. well obviously it isnt the way the cookie crumbles, and my weightloss has slowed.. having only lost a kg in 5 weeks, its got me feeling a little pissed off with myself. But, I'm gonna build a bridge and get my tubby ass over it, and TRY not to make any bad choices today..

Oh, I have kicked the soccer ball another 2 times since the first, and it feels great, I am running after the ball chasing it all over the field.. however, after the first day of doing it, I woke the next morning with god awful pains in my leg muscles.. Muscles that I didnt realised i had or even would use just by jogging about and kicking a bloody ball. But it is all worth it when I see the excitement and pride on my sons face when his friends come over to the park to join in. His mum is actually playing.. something that I doubt he would have ever thought possible, hell, I never even thought it possible.

HABITS.. why is it that when I go to the shops to look for something to wear, I still go for the largest size on the rack?, only to realise that it's now too big... I now no longer even like what the plus sizes range have to offer. I used to just buy things because they fit, and if they fit me well, and looked even remotely any good, I would buy one in every colour. Perhaps the lower in sizes I get, the fussier I get.. I have been in plus sizes for as long as I can remember. I am longing to walk into a dress shop, any dress shop, and just pick something out because I like it, and not have to stand there and stretch it over the front of my body to make sure it reaches both sides of my hips, so make sure it fits. (you know what I mean). Also why is it that slim clothes are so much cheaper that fat clothes... I guess because they use a whole lot less fabric in them. City Chic, although a great shop, has gone way to far with their pricing, I have a gift voucher for $70 and have gone in to use it on several occasions, and found that even a simple top, is now priced at $120.. I cannot justify spending that much on something that I will eventually shrink through.. not only that, their winter fashion is shit at the moment.
Well I have had my rant this morning, and spoken all kinds of crap that have nothing to do with the topic before it.. but i got it all off my chest, thats the main thing.
xx Nene

Friday, April 17, 2009


I guess this fill is doing what it is supposed to. Keeping me fuller for longer, and my portion sizes smaller. FAN FRIGGEN TASTIC, and about bloody time. yesterday, I had only a hash brown and a small shake (naughty I know, but was in a hurry).. for breakfast, which kept me satisfied till lunch, then at lunch i had a Mcain healthy choice mini meal (2 mini meals in a box) chicken bolegnaise. Then had a small dinner of rice and stew. After dinner, I thought back over what I had eaten for the day, and was pleasantly suprised. I am also waiting the half hour before having a drink, which I find is pretty good, because it just tops me up, to feel full again.
Yesterday after finishing work, I felt bad that my son has been a bit bored over the holidays, so we got home, picked up the ball, and walked across the street to play soccer.. Well not really play an actual game of soccer, but for me to kick the ball (a soccer ball) to my son, and so forth.. the only thing was, I was kicking it like it was a rugby leage ball, and was quite proud of myself when I found myself running to catch it, and chase after it.. however, today, my leg is frigging sore. But I did enjoy myself, and felt so good getting out there, when it was only a few months ago, I would sit at home, and look over to the park to watch my husband playing ball with the kids.. It's my turn now... :)
I even just vaccumed out my disgustingly feral car, (made feral by my kids of course), I vacced it with energy, and even wanted to wash it, but I had already promised some neighborhood kids that I would pay them to wash it.. but from now on, I will be doing it.. No more lazy coin operated car washes for sirreee...

NEW PIC 21kg down

Took this pic this morning, as you can see, not a lot has changed in the last month or so.. Just keeping you up to date..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well today I went in for my 3rd fill. I have been going in to see the nurse every fortnight for the last 6 weeks, and by doing this, I am hoping that I can keep on top of this whole weightloss thing.. I have kicked my own ass for being a bad girl over the easter, and now its time to set a new goal, and get rid of some more lard... and fast.. I want to have lost another 10kg by my birthday in June..but getting back to my fill this morning.
My daughter was in daycare but my son is on school holidays, so I took him along with me in the hope that he will learn to br brave about needles, if seeing mum cop a needle in the guts, and her not crying, maybe he will harden up and not get so scared at the mere mention of a visit to the doctor. When I even told him that we were going to the doctors, he said with horror "I'm not getting another tooth pulled out am I?".. I laughed and told him what the visit was for. He looked at me like I was crazy for vollentarily going to get a needle. So I gave him a prep talk, and told him to bring his easter money, as there is a BIG W at the shopping center where the clinic is at.. He was then like a bull at a gate.. asking.."what time is your needle?".. lol.. so we arrived about 10 minuted early, I went to check in and was told that the nurse was running behind (as friggen usual), so we went to buy some lego and a bargain pair of $1 thongs (flip flops for the yankees).. he was ever so proud with his purchase, then we went back to the clinic in hope that it wouldnt be much longer before I was seen to.. How wrong was I???
I was sitting in the nipple hardening air conditioning of the clinic, listening to the receptionists boasting about their grandchildrens milestones, and upcoming holiday destinations, when in comes the most fowl smelling 2 women, mother and daughter, I gather. Mother hunched over a walking frame on wheels and daughter l;eading the way with a goofy toothless grin.. now I dont think either of these "beings", i cant call them women, because seriously, any womanly bits that they may have once had, would be well and truely rotten by now. (Jeez I'm a judgmental bitch today).. they didnt have an appointment, but the receptionists made one for them, as the mother only wanted a flu injection. (not much privacy in this clinic).. So then they decide to take a seat, leaving just one seat between me and the matted haired mother.. Uuggghhh!!! I sat for as long as i could without gagging, before getting up and moving accross to sit with my son, pretending to get him to show me his newly aquired lego purchase.. Montel said "Mum, can you smell that?".. I told him it was the ladies, and that if he didnt shower thats how he would smell. He observed that the mother had no shoes on, then realised that she probably couldnt get shoes on, because he toenails were longer than manicured acrylics.. they even curved over. YUK!!!! The stench was getting all too much, so I pulled out my britney spears perfume, and sprayed my hands and sat covering my nose with my hands.. I was almost tempted to cancel my appointment, it was so bad. Anyway to cut that horrible episode short, I ended up waiting for 2 more patients to be seen, before I was seen to.. I went in and spilled my guts to the nurse, telling her that I know i havent been choosing the best foods, and wouldnt be suprised if I hadnt lost any more weight, before she told me to jump on the scales... I had in fact lost weight.. a whole .9kg.. so now my new weight is... 126kg.. wasnt real impressed, but then it is a loss and not a gain, and after my choc attack over the week end, I guess it isnt bad at all.
I got another 1 ml added to my band, so i now have 3mls in. I can feel the restriction again, its great. I had a steamed piece of chicken for dinner with a salad of lettuce, red onion, tomato, lite cheese, asian dry noodles, pickled onion, egg and ceasar dressing for dinner.. Was beautiful, and best of all, I didnt finish it all.. Was too full.. and the portions were smalled to begin with. So here's hoping that this fill might just be my "sweet spot" for a little while..
xx Nene

Monday, April 13, 2009

HAPPY EASTER gripe and winge..

Happy Easter everyone.. You know, I have never really been a fan of chocolate, and the only thing that I have liked about easter in the past is the public holidays. BUT this year, I am well and truely "Eastered Out". I have indulged in more chocolate than I care to mention. Which really is about 15 mini cadbury eggs (the solid ones).. Now to chocoholic, this might not seem like a lot, but to me... well I'm wondering what the hell is going on.. but the more I think of it..Perhaps it's because I can't enjoy the one true indulgance that I have enjoyed every year.. HOT CROSS BUNS, heated up and smothered in butter... Hmmmm.... If I tried to get one down now, I would be heaving and sweating over the bathroom sink, and I dont mean with my hubby behind me (wink)... Walking past Bakers Delight, the staff offering taste testers of every different friggen flavoured hot cross bun there is, and I politely say "No, I'm fine thanks". When I really feel like wrapping my hands around their neck, and beggin them not to thrust such painfull temptation in my face everytime I have to go to the supermarket. I mean I could have bought a hot x bun, and toasted the shit out of it untill it was dry enough not to get stuck, but it just wouldnt be the same.. I am however lucky that my hubby and both children dont like them, so at the I didnt have to deal with them at home. Enuff said, will deal with the bun saga in 12 months time..
Why is it that us women/mothers have to be in charge of making the festive times more believable and special for the kids?? The men just kick back, and enjoy whatevere comes their way.. for example.. On saturday night, I was out on the back deck, making little powdered footprints with talcum powder and a cardboard bunny foot cut out.. all to make my kids think that the Easter bunny really came... then when I came in, hubby was already in bed... Christmas... we go and buy the presents, we wrap the presents, write the xmas cards, make the yummy foods, etc... MEN!!! grrrrr... but mine is in my good books today, he's making some yummy dinner for tonight.. He is in fact a very good cook. (African style cooking that is), ask him to make a sandwich or piece of toast.. no way..
I think I have hit a platau, I bought some scales, and weighed myself.. and nothings changed. This is kind of giving me the shits, because I have suffered quite a bit with this fill, I have PB'd a little too often. However, the quality of food that I have been eating isnt the best, I think that working the long hours that I have been, I have neglected food preparation, and just grab what I know will go down with ease.. BIG MISTAKE!!! So my goal this week is to walk every single day.. rain, hail or farking shine..I paid far too much for this tool, and I have to bloody use it..
The other day, I didnt get to eat my lunch because it got stuck and I ended up PB'ing, so a few hours later I heated up some chicken wings, and ate 3 of them, and hubby said "If you're hungry, why not just have a cup of tea?", I was a little pissed off when he said it, but realised that I asked him to support and help me with this, and that was exactly what I needed to hear..

I am trying to organize something big to do for my 30th birthday in june, has anyone got any ideas???

Thursday, April 9, 2009


As I mentioned, about a week ago, I had to make my daughter an easter hat for her parade at daycare.. Well I was being the suprisingly organized mother, and made it last tuesday, thinking it was needed for last wednessday. So when I got to the daycare to pick her up, the teacher asked what was with all the paint over my hands, I told her that I had been making the hat for tomorrow.. She then kindly informed me that the hat parade wasnt untill the following week, which was yesterday.. Grrrrrr!!! So all week, I have to keep this glittery monstrosity out of reach of Ayisha who has wanted to show everyone who lives in a 5km radius of this house.. lol.. So every time it was taken down from the wardrobe, there was a pile and a trail of pink glitter all over the polished timber floors.. I might just add that next year, Ayisha will be getting a simple cardboard cut out with easter bunny ears to go on her head.. No more of this fancy crap, because the job of it just goes on and on. Right up untill , when picking her up from daycare yesterday, she noticed one of the baby chickens were missing.. So she was demanding that we go back into the class and look for it.. I'm telling you, that hat is still in my boot, and as soon as Ayisha's back is turned, I'm binning it.. I mean, I am happy that she likes my handiwork so much, but that hat is a never ending trail of mess... But I guess it served it's purpose for the day..

As for my band, well.. I have been naughtily snacking on a few potato chips throughout the last week. I guess just because it is a quick fix.. I am however, not eating as much as before my fill. 2 Weeks ago, I could have a whole english muffin toasted with a fried egg on it.. But now I can only have half a muffin with the egg.. I also cannot finish the subway wrap like I used to. And things get stuck so bloody easy these days, which is bugging me coz it hurts so much. Even hubby gets a bit concerned. (which is saying something, coz he is usually very blazee.) But I also think that I need to get back to it and concentrate more when I am eating.. But the other night, hubby gave me a "kind of" compliment, in saying that after seeing the way the contestants looked at the beginning of "The biggest loser", he doesnt know why I needed the band. He went on to say that there stomachs protruded a whole lot more than mine.. LOL, I dont know what planet he was on that night, but from where I stand, and look down, I could see an almighty big stomach, that most deffinately needed banding..
What are you all most missing eating at the moment, with having this band?? I miss a real good fresh bread sandwich. We sell the most appetisingly scrumptious looking sandwiches at our new shop, and I would just love to have one.. But maybe it's good that I can't.. Can you imagine how many of those suckers I could put away if I wasnt banded.. LOL... the added kgs are ticking over in my head as I think of it.

xx Nene

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The top picture was taken yesterday (06 April 09) and the bottom pic was taken in Early Jan 09.. For the first time I can see a difference..

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I have just finished my stint of week end work, the whole bloody week end.. It really wasnt good for my band diet... Because of the lack of time between customers, and all the SHIT junk food surrounding me, I was just snacking on crap all day yesterday.. by the time I got home lastnight, I felt so guilty, and because I was unable to just sit and eat a propper meal, I wasn't getting full, so the food just kept coming.. And it all started with a cup of tea I made, using bloody sour milk. I took a sip and thought it tasted yuk, so I poured it out and got a flavoured milk, then the smell of that damn pie oven. My mouth was watering, and I was snacking on every other thing to try to stop myself from giving in to the craving. Perhaps I should have given in to it, then i would have filled me up and let me be at peace with food for the day.. But nooo.. stupid me, eats EVERYTHING, then when I couldnt take it no more, i tuck in to the last thing in the bloody oven ... a vegetable pastie.. I ate about half of it , then I was full.. finally.. but the guilt continues..

So this morning, I opened up a box of Corn Flakes and found a banana, and had that for breakfast, then by the time the pie oven was at it's best temperature, the aroma of it was slapping me in the face again, and I really wasnt hungry, it was just the smell that was making me think I was.. So I get out the trusty corn flakes and have another bowl, this time I felt so full and sick from so many frikken corn flakes, I was over the whole pie oven issue.. luckily the pies and sausage rolls and pasties sold out early, before my fullness wore off.
Working in a convenience store is not good for your diet. I think if I worked in a dress shop or an office of something that doesnt involve food 24/7, it would make it easier not to snack.. in any case, tomorrow is a new day and I'm going to be good again.. as gross as the whole optifast thing is, I am tempted to do it for a week or two.. I need to get some discipline back..
xx Nene

Friday, April 3, 2009


Things are so hectic with the new take over of the shop.. so I just wanted to check in for a quick minute.. I finally feel the restriction.. Oh boy do I feel the restriction.. I spent 45 minutes PBing on wednesday morning.. I had a breaky wrap from hungry jacks, and let me just saw, it didnt sit too good at all. I didnt even get half way through it.. By the time I drove from Hungry Jacks to the new shop (not far at all) I was sliming, sweating and clutching at my cleavage. I raced through to the back of the shop and leant over the sink and just kept lurching... Oh the pain...!!!!!
This went on for 45 whole frikkin minutes.. I wasnt game to eat anything for the rest of the day, and really didnt feel like anything either.. but it isnt only the warp that causes this.. I have also had a fried egg, and it also gave me that all too familiar tight feeling... mashed potato and mince also did it to me.. I like it because I am full for so long now in between meals, but I dont like the pain that it involves..
So when I go back to the doc in 2 weeks, I had better of bloody lost weight..
Oh, I also discovered when I couldnt sleep the other night that I cant even fit in a whole cup of tea in the middle of the night.. STRANGE!!! I guess this is all what restriction is about..
I have a hell of a week end of Work work work ahead of me, I cant see myself blogging of even being online till Monday.. So to you all.. Have a fantastic week end.. catch you soon.. My thoughts are with Fatgirlslim, wishing her a speedy recovery, and with hope that she will soon be feeling on top of the world..
xx Nene