Friday, April 17, 2009


I guess this fill is doing what it is supposed to. Keeping me fuller for longer, and my portion sizes smaller. FAN FRIGGEN TASTIC, and about bloody time. yesterday, I had only a hash brown and a small shake (naughty I know, but was in a hurry).. for breakfast, which kept me satisfied till lunch, then at lunch i had a Mcain healthy choice mini meal (2 mini meals in a box) chicken bolegnaise. Then had a small dinner of rice and stew. After dinner, I thought back over what I had eaten for the day, and was pleasantly suprised. I am also waiting the half hour before having a drink, which I find is pretty good, because it just tops me up, to feel full again.
Yesterday after finishing work, I felt bad that my son has been a bit bored over the holidays, so we got home, picked up the ball, and walked across the street to play soccer.. Well not really play an actual game of soccer, but for me to kick the ball (a soccer ball) to my son, and so forth.. the only thing was, I was kicking it like it was a rugby leage ball, and was quite proud of myself when I found myself running to catch it, and chase after it.. however, today, my leg is frigging sore. But I did enjoy myself, and felt so good getting out there, when it was only a few months ago, I would sit at home, and look over to the park to watch my husband playing ball with the kids.. It's my turn now... :)
I even just vaccumed out my disgustingly feral car, (made feral by my kids of course), I vacced it with energy, and even wanted to wash it, but I had already promised some neighborhood kids that I would pay them to wash it.. but from now on, I will be doing it.. No more lazy coin operated car washes for sirreee...


  1. You look fantastic in that photo!!!! Sexy, hot mama!! :OP In the park? Kicking the ball around? cleaning the car?....have a listen to yourself!!!! You should be so bloody proud of your progress:)

  2. Hey Nene...

    You are looking HOT HOT! There is a HUGE difference in your pics!!! (except the colour of your top of course ;) ) HAHA!

    You're doing fabulously!