Monday, April 13, 2009

HAPPY EASTER gripe and winge..

Happy Easter everyone.. You know, I have never really been a fan of chocolate, and the only thing that I have liked about easter in the past is the public holidays. BUT this year, I am well and truely "Eastered Out". I have indulged in more chocolate than I care to mention. Which really is about 15 mini cadbury eggs (the solid ones).. Now to chocoholic, this might not seem like a lot, but to me... well I'm wondering what the hell is going on.. but the more I think of it..Perhaps it's because I can't enjoy the one true indulgance that I have enjoyed every year.. HOT CROSS BUNS, heated up and smothered in butter... Hmmmm.... If I tried to get one down now, I would be heaving and sweating over the bathroom sink, and I dont mean with my hubby behind me (wink)... Walking past Bakers Delight, the staff offering taste testers of every different friggen flavoured hot cross bun there is, and I politely say "No, I'm fine thanks". When I really feel like wrapping my hands around their neck, and beggin them not to thrust such painfull temptation in my face everytime I have to go to the supermarket. I mean I could have bought a hot x bun, and toasted the shit out of it untill it was dry enough not to get stuck, but it just wouldnt be the same.. I am however lucky that my hubby and both children dont like them, so at the I didnt have to deal with them at home. Enuff said, will deal with the bun saga in 12 months time..
Why is it that us women/mothers have to be in charge of making the festive times more believable and special for the kids?? The men just kick back, and enjoy whatevere comes their way.. for example.. On saturday night, I was out on the back deck, making little powdered footprints with talcum powder and a cardboard bunny foot cut out.. all to make my kids think that the Easter bunny really came... then when I came in, hubby was already in bed... Christmas... we go and buy the presents, we wrap the presents, write the xmas cards, make the yummy foods, etc... MEN!!! grrrrr... but mine is in my good books today, he's making some yummy dinner for tonight.. He is in fact a very good cook. (African style cooking that is), ask him to make a sandwich or piece of toast.. no way..
I think I have hit a platau, I bought some scales, and weighed myself.. and nothings changed. This is kind of giving me the shits, because I have suffered quite a bit with this fill, I have PB'd a little too often. However, the quality of food that I have been eating isnt the best, I think that working the long hours that I have been, I have neglected food preparation, and just grab what I know will go down with ease.. BIG MISTAKE!!! So my goal this week is to walk every single day.. rain, hail or farking shine..I paid far too much for this tool, and I have to bloody use it..
The other day, I didnt get to eat my lunch because it got stuck and I ended up PB'ing, so a few hours later I heated up some chicken wings, and ate 3 of them, and hubby said "If you're hungry, why not just have a cup of tea?", I was a little pissed off when he said it, but realised that I asked him to support and help me with this, and that was exactly what I needed to hear..

I am trying to organize something big to do for my 30th birthday in june, has anyone got any ideas???


  1. Oh God I hear you girl! Over the chocolate, over the "female touch" to every special occaision, over the long weekend for everyone but you, over the scales, over the shit food that goes down so well, over not walking, over the crap comments from dick head men. Over it all...... I'm off to blog this out of my system. Glad its all shit for someone else too! Not particularly upset, just over it, we are definitely in tune girl!

  2. Death to the Easter Bunny and his damn candy! We are all suffering the same thing. I am turning 20-10 as well on Sept. 8th, and I am organizing a cruise for me and my fam. They are paying their way though. And I should note we have a port (not the lapband kind) that the ship leaves from just 50 minutes away and can sale for pretty cheap. But for the big 3-0, I think we should do something exciting!

  3. Oh God...I hear you about the Easter buns!!!! I love them smothered in butter...and I can't bloody eat them anymore...well, not at the moment anyway:) I have never been one for much chocolate either...but this Easter...holy hell !!!!
    You have caught Shaggs bloody disease...I have to post as farking anon!!!!!! :)

  4. No I didn't......I take that back:)