Thursday, April 30, 2009


The lounge above is the good old faithfull that hasnt really let us down, apart from the fact that a fabric isnt suitable when you've got kids.. The lounge below is the bastard pain in the ass that cost a fortune, but wasn't woth a cent.. And on seeing the difference between these 2 pics, the next lounge is going to be a lighter colour.. The black leather shows up everything... and makes the room look a bit drab..
I tried to get on the Nick Scali website and copy a pic of the lounge that I want, but it wont let me copy it... Perhaps you'll have to wait till I buy it to see.. lol


  1. I love pictures. And I love that you said bastard pain in the ass...I will have to use that saying! The blue makes the room look so alive! Its pretty awesome if you can hang in there until you can afford the new one.

  2. LOL.. u'll learn this aussie slang real quick... I agree about the colours making it brighter.. and being a very open plan house, it suits the brightness..