Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well today I went in for my 3rd fill. I have been going in to see the nurse every fortnight for the last 6 weeks, and by doing this, I am hoping that I can keep on top of this whole weightloss thing.. I have kicked my own ass for being a bad girl over the easter, and now its time to set a new goal, and get rid of some more lard... and fast.. I want to have lost another 10kg by my birthday in June..but getting back to my fill this morning.
My daughter was in daycare but my son is on school holidays, so I took him along with me in the hope that he will learn to br brave about needles, if seeing mum cop a needle in the guts, and her not crying, maybe he will harden up and not get so scared at the mere mention of a visit to the doctor. When I even told him that we were going to the doctors, he said with horror "I'm not getting another tooth pulled out am I?".. I laughed and told him what the visit was for. He looked at me like I was crazy for vollentarily going to get a needle. So I gave him a prep talk, and told him to bring his easter money, as there is a BIG W at the shopping center where the clinic is at.. He was then like a bull at a gate.. asking.."what time is your needle?".. lol.. so we arrived about 10 minuted early, I went to check in and was told that the nurse was running behind (as friggen usual), so we went to buy some lego and a bargain pair of $1 thongs (flip flops for the yankees).. he was ever so proud with his purchase, then we went back to the clinic in hope that it wouldnt be much longer before I was seen to.. How wrong was I???
I was sitting in the nipple hardening air conditioning of the clinic, listening to the receptionists boasting about their grandchildrens milestones, and upcoming holiday destinations, when in comes the most fowl smelling 2 women, mother and daughter, I gather. Mother hunched over a walking frame on wheels and daughter l;eading the way with a goofy toothless grin.. now I dont think either of these "beings", i cant call them women, because seriously, any womanly bits that they may have once had, would be well and truely rotten by now. (Jeez I'm a judgmental bitch today).. they didnt have an appointment, but the receptionists made one for them, as the mother only wanted a flu injection. (not much privacy in this clinic).. So then they decide to take a seat, leaving just one seat between me and the matted haired mother.. Uuggghhh!!! I sat for as long as i could without gagging, before getting up and moving accross to sit with my son, pretending to get him to show me his newly aquired lego purchase.. Montel said "Mum, can you smell that?".. I told him it was the ladies, and that if he didnt shower thats how he would smell. He observed that the mother had no shoes on, then realised that she probably couldnt get shoes on, because he toenails were longer than manicured acrylics.. they even curved over. YUK!!!! The stench was getting all too much, so I pulled out my britney spears perfume, and sprayed my hands and sat covering my nose with my hands.. I was almost tempted to cancel my appointment, it was so bad. Anyway to cut that horrible episode short, I ended up waiting for 2 more patients to be seen, before I was seen to.. I went in and spilled my guts to the nurse, telling her that I know i havent been choosing the best foods, and wouldnt be suprised if I hadnt lost any more weight, before she told me to jump on the scales... I had in fact lost weight.. a whole .9kg.. so now my new weight is... 126kg.. wasnt real impressed, but then it is a loss and not a gain, and after my choc attack over the week end, I guess it isnt bad at all.
I got another 1 ml added to my band, so i now have 3mls in. I can feel the restriction again, its great. I had a steamed piece of chicken for dinner with a salad of lettuce, red onion, tomato, lite cheese, asian dry noodles, pickled onion, egg and ceasar dressing for dinner.. Was beautiful, and best of all, I didnt finish it all.. Was too full.. and the portions were smalled to begin with. So here's hoping that this fill might just be my "sweet spot" for a little while..
xx Nene


  1. Eeeew... I can just IMAGINE sitting in that office.. that's gross. I like to think I am an open-minded person whol tolerates people from all walks of life... BUT... I know EXACTLY that type of purchase.

    Yeew Yeew.

    Do you not go to your surgeon's office for fills???

    L x

  2. purchase... ROFL... you can see where my mind REALLY is... I meant that type of PERSON...


  3. LOL, No I go to my surgeons nurse to get my fills. She does clinics at a location a little closer than the surgeons office, and they bulk bill at this location, which is a bonus.. All I pay is a $10 needle fee if a fill is needed.

  4. Shit - that's alright!! Except I don't have to pay for ANYTHING at my surgeon's office ever again after his little stuff-up ;)