Thursday, April 9, 2009


As I mentioned, about a week ago, I had to make my daughter an easter hat for her parade at daycare.. Well I was being the suprisingly organized mother, and made it last tuesday, thinking it was needed for last wednessday. So when I got to the daycare to pick her up, the teacher asked what was with all the paint over my hands, I told her that I had been making the hat for tomorrow.. She then kindly informed me that the hat parade wasnt untill the following week, which was yesterday.. Grrrrrr!!! So all week, I have to keep this glittery monstrosity out of reach of Ayisha who has wanted to show everyone who lives in a 5km radius of this house.. lol.. So every time it was taken down from the wardrobe, there was a pile and a trail of pink glitter all over the polished timber floors.. I might just add that next year, Ayisha will be getting a simple cardboard cut out with easter bunny ears to go on her head.. No more of this fancy crap, because the job of it just goes on and on. Right up untill , when picking her up from daycare yesterday, she noticed one of the baby chickens were missing.. So she was demanding that we go back into the class and look for it.. I'm telling you, that hat is still in my boot, and as soon as Ayisha's back is turned, I'm binning it.. I mean, I am happy that she likes my handiwork so much, but that hat is a never ending trail of mess... But I guess it served it's purpose for the day..

As for my band, well.. I have been naughtily snacking on a few potato chips throughout the last week. I guess just because it is a quick fix.. I am however, not eating as much as before my fill. 2 Weeks ago, I could have a whole english muffin toasted with a fried egg on it.. But now I can only have half a muffin with the egg.. I also cannot finish the subway wrap like I used to. And things get stuck so bloody easy these days, which is bugging me coz it hurts so much. Even hubby gets a bit concerned. (which is saying something, coz he is usually very blazee.) But I also think that I need to get back to it and concentrate more when I am eating.. But the other night, hubby gave me a "kind of" compliment, in saying that after seeing the way the contestants looked at the beginning of "The biggest loser", he doesnt know why I needed the band. He went on to say that there stomachs protruded a whole lot more than mine.. LOL, I dont know what planet he was on that night, but from where I stand, and look down, I could see an almighty big stomach, that most deffinately needed banding..
What are you all most missing eating at the moment, with having this band?? I miss a real good fresh bread sandwich. We sell the most appetisingly scrumptious looking sandwiches at our new shop, and I would just love to have one.. But maybe it's good that I can't.. Can you imagine how many of those suckers I could put away if I wasnt banded.. LOL... the added kgs are ticking over in my head as I think of it.

xx Nene


  1. Ohh I am missing a big fresh crusty roll with chicken and salad :-(

  2. BAH.. I am missing anything that remotely has texture... only 2 days of liquids left! And then 2 weeks of sloppy mushies... boo.

    Oh... btw.. I accidentally 'spammed' your last comment :( - so I hope that means you can still comment!!

    Nice hat!

    L x