Thursday, April 30, 2009


Well, I piked out (didnt go) yesterday and postponed my appointment untill tomorrow.. I had other things to do..#1 being that my little princess was sick with astma, and I didnt want her to be with me whilst I get my fill, and #2, I found something far more exciting.. I tried my hand at doing a little backyard blitz in my yard.. So off I went to Bunnings (hardware store) and bought some bamboo fencing panels.. I have been feeling a little more energetic, and even put it on myself, however, I hit a snag when I under-estimated how much I needed, so I have to go back this morning and buy some more. So my plan for today is to get back out there and finish the job.. Even my husband was quite impressed.. And it takes a bit to impress him. LOL... It is quite an easy little job, apart from having to tidy the fenceline from all the shitty weeds and branches that are growing through the original fence from nextdoor. So when I'm finished I will post a picture up of my handywork. I hope anyone who tried the salad enjoyed it as much as I do.. In fact i am going to buy more supplies to make some more today..
I dont know how many of you would remember when I was wingeing about the fact that my new leather lounge that I bought in January, was taken in for repairs only 2 months after I bought it, then when they brought it back, they left the other half of it at their depot... Well the latest of the stupid lounge update is..... I sent it back and am getting my money back.. I called and told them that the repair that they were "supposed"to have done, hasnt changed a thing. So they said I could come and choose a new lounge or get my money back.. So of course I want my money back, and the lounge went back on monday.. So it's lucky that I still had our old lounge, which we have now pulled out of the shed and are using.. also quite handy that this old lounge is velour, and not quite so cold on the tushie first thing in these cold mornings. But then I had re-arrange all my pictures to suit the colour difference.. I have however already found another lounge that I like from Nick Scalli , so I just have to add another $1500 towards my refund and go get it.. am gonna have to save for that one.
Well thats all from me today..
xx Nene

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