Monday, May 11, 2009


Well today I went for my appointment with Dr Duncombe ( my fill nurse, surgeons offsider), and according to her scales, which I have pretty much based my weigh in's on.. I am now 123.9kg... Woohoo... So I have lost more than I though.. 23kg now.. I was starting to wonder if this is the weight I would always be, and thought that paying $19,000 to lose 20kg was pretty crap.. But now it seems, the merry go round is spinning again, and I'm on it..
I also asked the doc about why I can eat so much of certain foods before getting full, and that I am worried that my band may have a slow leak, and so forth and so on.. She reasured me that I was doing well, and have lost an average of .9kg per week for the last month, and that my body must be coping and working really well with the band, as I can still eat rice, pasta, soft drink, some breads but obviously still have enough restriction to be losing weight.
I guess I just really cant get my head around that fact that i could quite possibly end up slim... I dont mean skinny slim, but I mean slim enough to buy clothes off the rack of any shop that tickles my fancy. I can't picture myself slim, because I have have been..
Ohh, while I think of it... Who is losing their hair?? Who's hair is just not as it used to be before the band..? mine is up to shit... I straightened my hair this morning after washing it, then blowdrying it, and can't believe just how much of my hair was all over the floor and in the bath tub and over my clothes, in the basin, hanging off the straightener.. I've heard of "Lapband Hair", and I think I must have it... Some days it's oily as hell, and I look like some homeless street bum that hasn't washed it for a year, then other days it dry and kind of like straw... Maybe I should get on to the vitamins or something.. I never did take them after being banded, tasted like fermented piss. LOL, well perhaps not that bad, not that I have tried it..but it did look like a very dehydrated persons urine.. Oh YUK!!! anyway, perhaps I should take something to get my hair back on track..
I also asked my doc to put me on the pill, as my Depo shot is due for a rejab, and it doesnt agree with me, gives me 2 week long periods, pimples, headaches, and turnes me into the bitch from hell. I guess I wont be able to use the Depo shot anymore as an excuse for the latter.. Once again, I have had my period for 11 days and its still going strong.. Sucks to be me.
I wanna use some of this newly aquired flexibility as a result from the weightloss. I wanna get jiggy with it.. LOL, and I know hubby feels the same.. the hands creap accross me, then all of a sudden come to a halt when he realises that I got my granny jox on.. LOL.. poor thing.. but poor me more importantly..
xx Nene


  1. I am losing heaps of hair as well. I just gradually noticed it like the shower, sink on the floor etc. I only just read today where a lack of protein can cause hair loss too, so I was wondering if maybe I am not eating enough protein?....more than possible. I might start having a protein drink for breakfast or something and see if the hairloss slows down??

  2. good about no leaks... great about weight loss!

    have you tried just taking a tablet multivitamin? I take an Elevit every morning - goes down a treat. I hated the fermented piss drink too...

    I have my first fill/follow up appt tomorrow... a little nervy...

    L x

  3. Well its all just great girl! Way to go! I hate the multivitamins - totally feral and deliberately forget to take them everyday. good luck with the contraception - never worked for me thats why I've got 3 babies now and my tubes tied! Yay! So... pies and sausage rolls everyday seem to work for weightloss - love it! Been trying it out myself lately - does seem to keep you satisified!

  4. Guess what! I actually used the conversion table thing today! I love it and now know you have lost 50 pounds! Rock on! As you know from my hair is going bye-bye as well. My hairdresser calls is WLS hair. She also swears anastheshia (however you spell it) does a number on hair. I have been taking my vitamins regularly for about 2 weeks now. before that it was hit and miss. I know I get enough protein. So i dunno. i started some prenatal vitamins today, bc I heard that can help...I am just hoping it doesnt give me a full beard on my face!

  5. Nola- Great Idea, I might even start doing that myself, as I am so rushed for time in the morning, I simple protein drink would be the fix..
    L- Dont stress about your first fill, you'll be fine. I was a wreck too, but if you've been through the surgery, this will be a breeze.. You may even leave your appointment feeling reassured and refreshed.. oh and perhaps a lil tighter...
    Shaggs- LOL, I have been a good girl lately.. Not been having those naughty things every day.. maybe every 2nd or 3rd day.. So bad, I'm actually just hoping that I will get sick of them soon.. Got a hot tip.. Sausage roll will keep you fuller for longer, also less calories.. LOL
    Amy- I'm glad you like the converter.. Thought it might help you out a little. I like the sound of having lost 50lb, sounds like so much more than 23kgs.. lol.
    So whats it gonna be, we'll lose all our weight and walk around bald?? I'm gonna go to the chemist and ask about some good vitamins..

    Thanks all for commenting..

  6. Hey, Nene..... you can borrow my "Farrah" wig from the hippy night!!! lol lol