Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hello Ladies, lol.. Well I have been trying to think of something exciting to write for you all to read.. Then I come to the sad realisation that my life isnt exciting.. oh well shit happens.. So this past week, I have been losing the fight of tempation that the bastard pie warmer has over me.. I have eatern 2 sausage rolls, and a pasties this week.. Not all on the same day, but all in one friggen week.. Soo bad.. But they taste ohh so good..
I think my restriction is all over the place too.. Sometimes I have a bite or two of something, and I'm full, but then other times, I can stuff a whole bread and butter plate of food in, and possibly even go back for more.. But I am starting to try to have a heavy breakfast of 2pce of Burgen Soy-lin toast, topped with a poached egg on each and a small serve of baked beans on the side, washed down with a cup of tea, which I usually try to drink about 5 mins before eating the breakfast.. By the time I finish this, I am chok-a-block (Full), and I dont think so much of food untill my lunch.. Which I have still been sticking to the "salad" and a chicken thigh fillet cooked with a bit of garlic.

But I have encountered a new problem.. I get full from eating my meal, then feel really thirsty, even half an hour later, and am too full to even get a drink in.. I hate it when I am eating something super yum, then get full or stuck, I sit there miserable with my hands in the air, trying to make more room, just so I can finish it.. LOL.. wish there was a band for my bad habbit ridden brain.. I think that could be the problem with why my drink wont go down, because my pouch is stuff to the brim with food.. When will I ever learn.??

As far as the weightloss goes, I dont feel like I have lost any lately.. but then again, I am trying not to focus on that too much.. too frustrating and annoying..
Change of subject..... my son wanted to join the rugby leage team (football, kind of like gridion, but without the puffy uniforms) a couple of months ago, and by the time we got to doing it, it was too late for him to get into the team that he wanted to (his friends team, and his friend's dad is the coach).. anyway, so for some reason, it was all my fault that he missed out, and for a week or two, I was the worst mother in the world. Then on thursday night I got a call from Wendy (montels friends mum), and was asked if Montel was interested in joining the team, as they were a player down.. I didnt bother to consult Montel, I just said YES!!! (I'm off the hook).. So after telling Montel the news, he was nearly in tears, not wanting to play.. why didnt I ask him first?? all the rest.. anyway on Friday, I let Montel have the day off school so I could take him to get some passport pics, and take him to the leagues club to sign up.. All this time, he was long faced and miserable, saying he didnt want to play.. ( Montel is a boy with very low confidence) We got to the Leagues Club, and waited to speak with the team manager.. After paying the $45, filling out forms, and Montel getting his team shirt, his grin was huge.. FINALLY he was happy..
He wore his shirt all afternoon, and daddy took him to buy the socks and shorts on saturday morning, to which I was greeted with him wearing them all when I got home from work in Saturday afternoon.
Lastnight, he kept saying that he couldnt sleep because he was so nervous, I told him that everything would be fine and it's just like playing in the park with his mates like he always does. He went to sleep with a smile on his face.. He woke this morning, and I told him that he needed a good breakfast to have the energy to play the game today, I said "A car wont go unless it has petrol in it, so you need food to fuel your body". He looked at me like I was stupid and said "I'm not a car mum". He never did eat his breakfast, and even excused himself to go to the toilet.. "nervous stomach"... we arrived at the game, and he became at ease once meeting all the players, and training with them.. he didnt get to play today because his I.D card hasnt arrived from the club yet, so he watched, and hopefully learned.. I just hope that this will build his confidence.. I know how he feels, because I too was very shy and insecure at his age.. I never wanted the spotlight on me. Anyway, whilst at the game, I was offered a chair to sit on, (an outdoor plastic one), and automatically said no, because I always have declined sitting on them. I dont want to bend the legs, or snap it completely..But then realised that I was no longer the biggest woman in the crowd. And there were bigger women than me sitting on these particular chairs.. It is a great feeling knowing that I am no longer the Biggest in the crowd.. well I guess I would be at some places, but not this place today.. I wonder if thats because alot of the "footy mums" spend too much time at the canteen, buying the deliscious smelling sausage sizzles, burgers etc...But not me, I bought my coke zero and sipped away.. hubby bought 2 sausage sizzles (bbq's sausage on bread topped with onion and sauce), but there is not a pinch of fat on him..why oh why oh why... not fair..

Well thats all I've got for today.. I gotta go to work this arv, whoopy doo... actually , apart from the pie oven issues, i dont mind it.. It's kind of like a social life for me.. apart from one bitch of a customer..but I'll save that story for next time..
xx Nene

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