Sunday, May 10, 2009


Well this morning, like every other morning, was the same ritual. Make breakfast for hubby and kids, clean/tidy the house, shower get dressed etc. etc.. Only today, we decided to go to the Rocklea Markets (about a 40 minute drive away).. talk about total chaos.. It seemed everyone in Brisbane was there either buying flowers for their mother, wife, sister, aunt, step mum etc.. or they were there to have breakfast, which I really cant blame them with all the heavenly smells wafting through the air.. However, I stayed strong, even when buying a serve of hot chips for my kids, I didnt even pick one out for myself.. Nope, not a single chip..
So, what did I get for mothers day?? After much hinting, and joking that I never get anything, hubby took Montel (our 9 year old son) out for a drive yesterday afternoon, they came back with a lovely bunch of pink carnations and a card, which I put the card aside to open this morning.. So, when I woke this morning, hubby wished me a HMD and handed me the card.. I opened it, and laughed because it is the exact same card that I bought for my mum.. LOL.. so at least they had good taste.. Inside the card were 2 crossword scratch its.. (scratch off lotto style tickets) An hour later hubby asks "Did we win anything on the scratch it's".. hmm hmm, who's friggen scratchies are they... LOL..
Anyway, I am running short of time and had better scratch my crosswords before I go to work..
I hope you all have a great day and are spoilt rotten..
Ohhh I almost forgot.. I stopped at Krispy Creme on the way back from the markets, and got 1/2 dozen beautiful looking morsels.. lol... I probably wont touch them, might just give them to mum and dad..
xx Nene


  1. Chips have ALWAYS been such a huge downfall for me... seriously... I could live on hot chips... and for variety... packet chips...

    IN FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YOU.... are responsible for ME last week... marching my ass down to woolworths on my lunch break and buying a packet of Red Rock honey soy chicken chips... I ended up throwing half the pack away - otherwise I would have eaten the whole 90g... but it's YOUR FAULT. After your post... that's ALL i could think about...

    L x

  2. LMAO, ohh I am so sorry.. but it seems, I cant suffer alone..
    xx Nene