Sunday, May 3, 2009


Ok, so I have been a little concerned that I may have a leak in my band or something.. I mean I could possibly be worrying all for nothing.. But listen to my case..
I too, like MISSPIGGYCHRONICLES have a 10cm (4ml) band.. and I too thought it was a 10 ml band instead of a 10 cm band.. Sheesh.. quite a difference... Anyway.. After talking to "Miss Piggy" on the phone, I learned that our band is the 4 ml one.. I got alarmed because right now I have 3ml in my band, and as far as restriction goes, I can eat a bread and butter sized plate of rice.. That is far too much, I think.. As I was also talking to another bandster who is now at goal weight (she lost 40kg in 8 months), and she has 3.25 in a 4ml band, she said that there is no way she could eat that much.. She asked me an example of what I could eat.. I told her I ate a sausage roll for lunch (naughty I know, kick my ass later) and she gasped, because there is no way she could fit that in.. Hmmm, this gets me stressing.. Because I was thinking back to when I had 2 mls in, and I felt like I was PB'ing a lil too much, then I go get another ml, and now I havent PB'd (not that I want to) at all.
So tonight, I sat at the table, and diliberately scoffed at my food, to see if anything would get stuck, or if I would feel any discomfort.. Well I did get the discomfort, and felt like my food was sitting up in my bloody windpipe, but no pain like I used to experience.. I am worried that the band may have slipped, the pouch may have stretched or something drastic..
I CANNOT AFFORD FOR ANYTHING TO GO WRONG WITH THIS BAND!!! I AM NOT INSURED!!!! I am going to try to get an appointment with my nurse this week, and if I can't, I am going to call the surgeons office.
The "goal weight lady" said that it may only be .1 or .2 of a ml that I need to get me to that "sweet spot" wherever the bloody hell that may be..
I mightn't be so stressed if I had a pair of scales that didnt mock me every freakin time I stand on them.. for example, this morning I stood on them.. they read 126.7 then I toddle off to the toilet, do my pee and come back, hop on the scales again... they read 124.6, then again 2 seconds later....125.7... I dont know whether I'm bloody coming or going with those stupid bloody things.. I do however notice that I am still getting that little oil slick on my urine. (sorry to gross you all out) but that should mean that the fat is still coming out of me..if not, its time for a trip to the gyno..LMAO...
Oh well I shall keep you up to date..
xx Nene


  1. I would definitely go get it checked out. Just for your peace of mind if nothing else. Also....sounds like you need new scales:)

  2. hmmm... I would doubt that you have sprung a leak!! From what I undertstand sometimes even a teeny, teeny tiny bit of fill can make ALL of the difference... so maybe you're just not quite there yet???

    But definitely go get it checked out... you can put your mind at ease then...

    L xx