Monday, May 25, 2009


This year seems to be the year for parties.. Why? Because it is the year that I turn 30. Which alos means that some of my friends are reaching that same milestone. So this week end was a visit to the past.. My friend Kelly, had her 30th birthday on friday, and organized a night of drinks and get togethers at the local leagues club (sports club if Amy doesnt know).. but before going on to summarise the events I will give you a quick run down on how Kell and I became friends..
Although we went to the same high school, Kelly and I moved in different circles of friends. I left at the end of grade 10, (was so glad to get out of there), and I think Kelly stayed on for another year.. But a while later, whilst out clubbing underage (16-17, but using my sisters ID) I saw Kel, and she was hooking up with a guy in the same group as the guy I was seeing.. Then the next day we saw eachother and began to hang out and party 5-6 nights a week.. We both had a thing for the "Black men"... to cut a long story short, she got impregnanted by one of those men, and we drifted apart a little by a series of events including a girl who wanted to trouble make between us, and also her boyfriend (father of her baby) didnt like her hanging with me.. I guess he thought I was a bad influence..LOL... but more like we were a bad influence on eachother..
Over the years, Kelly and I have stayed in contact, sometimes often, and sometimes not.. But when we get together it's just like old times (except for the pick up guys thing, I'm married, and she has a partner too) lol.. Kelly now has 5 children (all girls)and I have my 2.. So it makes getting out a little difficult now.
But this week end was an exception, and I was so excited, as it was to be my first night out in about 3 years (tragic huh)so firstly, I had to have the jewelery party that I had already pre arranged, and was going to meet up with Kel and her crew afterwards. I also had another friend who attended the jewelery party come with me.. Her name is Wendy, we met through our sons.. Wendy and I have alot in common, and I knew we would have a good time if I invited her along. Because I didnt want to turn up to Kellys event on my own, when there are alot of people from school who i never really liked that were going to be there..
Soo, jewelery party out of the way.. It was fantastic mind you, and I bought some more bling.. I just hope that I didnt come accross too tipsy in front of all my guests.. Wendy and I started our drinks early.. lol..So once the party was over, hubby looked after ours and wendys kids, and off we went in a taxi to the leagues club.. We got there, and i had to pee, bought a drink, had to pee, found Kel, had to pee, had a ciggie, had to pee and get another drink..
I obviously need to work on my pelvic floor muscles to be able to tollerate drinking.. It was so great to catch up and reminiss of old days with Kel, and also have Wendy meet some of the people that I used to know.. Kelly brought up the past more than a few times, specifically how in Home-ec cooking class, she taste tested my strange smelling speghetti bol, and spat it, only for me to realise that I had brought the wrong mince to school.. Cooking up pet mince instead.. LOL she has never let me live it down. Also another time, she had my back, when I drunkenly got into a fight with a girl who for no reason called me a slut, so i went in for the punch, and landed it, when I then copped one back, and Kel came in to protect me, wearing her halter neck top with no bra, the girl ripped her top to the centre and her Kels titties were on display for all who were watching.. But most importantly, Kell was there for me, when others who were there, werent..
So, after a ridiculous amount of drinks and pisses and socialising at the leagues, we got in a taxi and followed Kelly to the local nightclub.. Which really is very crap, but it's somewhere to dance to modern music at least.. I danced, drank, smoked and pee'd the night away, before coming to the realisation half way through a can of bourbon that I should really stop drinking if I wanted to remain upright.. It wasnt long after that that I sugested that we go home..
Found a cab, got home at about 2:30am, and felt far too sick to go to bed.. Oh, how the room spins... so we sat on my back deck for about half hour, chatting of the nights events, untill I was rudely falling asleep whilst sitting there listen to Wendy talk to me..
Woke that morning at 7:30.. no where near enough sleep... felt a little ill, but not as much as I had expects, but then realised that I was quite possibly still drunk..So after waving wendy off, and having another shower to wash the smoke and alcohol smells off me, and brushing my teeth in a desperate attempt to get rid of the tastes, I crawled back to bed to rest.. I got up a couple of hours later with a head ache and the munchies... had some panadol and heated up a scone that I had made the day before for my party.. I scoffed the scone down too fast, and had to farking PB... how cruel oh how cruel, PB'ing with a mass hangover headache.. after half an hour, lurching over the basin.. I was cleared and had to get ready for work.. Needless to say, I slept like a baby all night, and am back in the land of the living this morning.. It's only 2 weeks till my B'day, and I am seriously contemplating not drinking, even though I am hiring a Daquiri machine for the event...
How was your week end girls???
xx Nene


  1. hahahaha...I dont drink very much these days...but its always funny when you are drunk and peeing in the bars bathroom bc I find myself sitting on the toliet FOREVER, staring off in space...and those arent the kinds of toliets you want to sit on forever ya know? Glad you had fun!

  2. Wow...I haven't had a weekend like that for bloody years!!!...sob I just can't tolerate the bloody grog like I used to pre band....bummer!!! Glad you had a good time though:)