Tuesday, May 19, 2009


First and formost, I want to shout out to my dear blog/band sister SHAGGS... I'm thinking of you girlie.. "BIG HUGS", oh and you can be forgiven for eating all the comfort food and drinking all the pain numbing alcohol this week.. We'll let you off..Take your time, and just know that there are many people looking forward to your return to the blogworld..

Ok, so I went to the dentist FINALY, although I did go to the dentist a week ago to get the voucher, and saw the bitch who was ever so fricken concerned about me fitting in the chair.. She was a skinny bitch.. A little up herself, but with no reason to be coz she was BUTT UGLY!!!.. now now, I know I am being nasty, and I am not usually judgemental and rude and harsh, but she had it coming.. Anyway, so for my appointment this morning, I had a nice looking dentist ( nice for a white guy, as you all should know by now, I am not in the least attracted to white men) (ohhh, that sounds bad, but it's the truth... judge if you wish)... I guess I never got out of that "Black guy phase"... all my friends did..Sooo, back to my dentist story.. I got there, and explained that my teeth are in a state, and some are broken, some need filling, and I need to be able to chew well, blah blah blah.. He did a thorough check, and said that the 2 broken ones need pulling out, and I need 2 fillings.. Sweet Jesus, I brush my fucking teeth, morning, and night, what more do these peggies want??? So, I chose to get the fillings today and the extractions can wait.. Avoiding pain at all costs.. How am I a good role model for my son, when i am just as shit scared of the dentist as him..
Laying back, perfectly comfortable, I might add, in the dentist chair, mouth wide open, saliva gathering in the back of my throat, my tongue going spastic, not knowing which way to dodge the tools that the doc is using on my teeth.. I glare from under my own sunglasses at his silly assistant that should be doing her job by using that sucking tool to clear my mouth from spit.. she couldnt possibly have seen my eyes, but she picked up that sucker, and rid me of that one discomfort.. I wear my own sunglasses instead of their ugly clear goggles that they inflict upon us.. I imagine looking bad enough with my mouth gaped wide open, breathing like a pig thats going to be slaughted through my nose. So I choose to wear my own, let a girl have a little dignity and style..However, I was laying there with my nipples on high beam, in the freezing aircon.. next time I'm taking a bloody throw rug..
Laying there with my hands clenched tightly together over my stomach, my toes curling in my shoes, tongue darting around in seach of the sucky thing in fear of being drowned in more saliva... this went on for 45 minutes, the seat the rose me up, and the little sink at the side was running with water and a cup with some minty solution in it to wash my mouth out with.. It went in well, but try puckering your lips when numb to spit it out... then she useless assistant didnt even give me a tissue to wipe my face on as I wrestles with some thick saliva that I was trying to spit into the magic boul.. then I was promptly kicked out with my face feeling like it had been punched into numbness..
I get to work, feeling very hungry, as I had ran out of time to eat before having to go to the dentist, and didnt want to get something on the way to dirty my freshly brushed teeth, so i got to the shop, and opened drink, trying to suck on a straw was hillarious.. and talking to customers.. ohhh lordy..But I'm glad its over for the time being, and I will most likely hold off from getting my extractions untill they give me pain.. I'm done with dentists for now..
So I sit here 3 hours later, my bottom lip is still numb, and I am starving.. no breakfast and a half spilled drink doesnt quite help, so once again, i am hit by the beautiful aroma of that devil pie oven.. Will I or wont I?? I will leave you thinking...Did she or didnt she..????
xx Nene

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  1. Thank you lovely Nene! The blogsphere just wouldnt be the same without you! Next time ur at the dentist accidentally spit on the skinny bitch nurse - my sister once tripped Natalie Bassingthwaite over under similar skinny bitch circumstances - they deserve it - dont they?