Thursday, May 21, 2009


Ok, so I had my little meltdown yesterday, and was full of bad language and manners.. I DID have a pie in anger, and it was real good.. But left me feeling even more bitter. I got over it and all is good at the mo.
Today is the one day that I get off per week, and after the last 2 days of terrential downpores and flooding, I am happy to snuggle up inside. Although this morning, I took my kids, and off we went to visit my sister, and her new bub.. Now when we used to get together at her place, she would always cook up some oh so good but BAD food.. Today was no different, I had been there 10 minutes, and she's pulling out some chicken kebab sticks from the freezer, and getting them ready to cook.. I had one, and she had a few and the kids also had one each.. I can remember a time when I would have polished off 5 or 6 of them. Thank you dear band..
Tonight is montel's training session for footy, so I think I might do a walk around the field whilst waiting for him..
Dont have a whole lots else to say today, so I'll leave it here before I bore you all..
xx Nene

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