Tuesday, May 12, 2009


My daughter has started taking pictures of herself with my camera.. I know she is doing this because she see's me doing it.. I have only really taken head shot photos to put on facebook, email to friends and family etc.. Because everytime I look at a full shot, it turns my stomach.. Anyway, this morning I was trying to wressle the camera off my little prima dona daughter, and she asked if she could take a picture of me, then I could have it back... so this is what came out...She even has the remnants of coco pops on her face.. Gotta love it..
For the first time in I cant remember how long. I am actually looking in the mirror or pictures and liking what I see.. I mean, of course I still stare at the negative things about my body, and wish them away, but I know they will go, then perhaps I will find something new about myself that I dont like.. We are never truely happy are we??
Today i have been winning the battle of this ongoing game of temptation with the bloody pie oven.. Why oh why did we have to get in the mother of all temptations... THE BREAKY PIE... let me break it down for you... this is like a plain meat pie on the bottom, then they have a cracked egg in there topped with lots of cheese and bacon... There is no pastry top on this one, just mouthwatering melted cheese and bacon.. This is just cruelty.. BUT I have been good.. I brought my trusty yummy salad and some chicken thigh fillet to work and cooked up my chicken and had my salad.. Now I am so full that the breaky pie doesnt bother me, but that is of course untill tomorrow.. Grrrrr
I called the dentist at the hospital yesterday and complained that I need something sorted with my teeth... they will fix one for now, and then I will have to ring and make an appointment for another, ONLY if I am in pain with it.. I said, I have so many that are in desperate need of repair, I dont know which to begin with... Anyway, I will go and get something done tomorrow. I hate the dentist with a passion.. but I explained on the phone that I need my teeth in good condition because I have a lapband and NEED to be able to chew my food well.. So, when arranging the appointment, the lady asked me twice if I will be able to get in and out of the dental chair... I nearly ripped her through the phone...how fucking fat does she expect me to be.. ?? Then to add insult to injury, after assuring her that I am more than able to FIT into a fucking dental chair, she asks me the same question AGAIN!!!!... I cant wait to see her tomorrow.. I should ask her when i arrive, if she thinks I will fit in the chair..I dont know... am I being to hard on her? She's really not to know is she... but a lapband is for eople to lose weight not to bloody gain it..
Anyway, I've supplied you with more pics, and raved on for long enough... My dailty duty is done...
Love you all long time...lol
xx Nene


  1. Whoa,

    When I read this post my first thought was... she's ignorant!!!! (the secretary or whoever is behind that desk! not you lol) and I bet when you get there, that you will find she is no skinny minny either! She probably likes to feel superior. What a cow!
    Good luck with the dentist. Going through similar dramas myself with teeth.. argh!

  2. OOOOHHHHH MY!!! HAHAHA! I am wetting myself laughing... how HORRIBLE... what a beeyatch... ok.. she asked once, maybe ignorant... but ask twice? she's a mole.

    though... you remember the lady that told you in the supermarket that it was "a bit extreme" or whatever... I guess people just don't appreciate that we dont have to be the size of a bus to have lapband surgery...

    you're looking amazing Nene... reaaaaally see the difference~!

    L x

  3. Thanks guys, I am actually looking forward to seeing this bitch tomorrow.. I told mum about it tonight, and mum said "What's her name? I want to report her".. Mums a bit dramatic. but cute..
    xx Nene

  4. hahahaha...NO SHE DIDNT! Who would say that? Sweet lord.

    Love the pic by the way. Now take a damn full length one!