Friday, May 8, 2009

PICS of my dailty temptations...

We got some chocolate hearts in for Mothers Day.. I just had to sample one...
The SLUSH PUPPY MACHINE... 6 different flavours of icy yummyness..

Chocolate Mini Mudcakes, Banana, Apple, Blueberry or chocolate muffins...

The view as you walk into our shop..

The counter.. all 50c bags of lollies.. including those mongrel bastard cobbers that broke my tooth.. LOL..


  1. What a fund store Nene!!! I would have trouble making it 10 seconds in there!!!

  2. What! I didnt know that this is what you have to deal with every day! Holy crap balls that would suck! Although I would be even more tempted if it was a meat and cheese store :) I love me a good piece of meat :)

  3. aaaahhhh slush puppies!!!!!!!

    I think you need a new job kiddo!

  4. Ha ha, I wish, But working here is how I am paying of my bloody band.. LOL