Friday, May 8, 2009

UPDATE...weightloss finally happening again..

I thought I would share some pics of my workplace with you, so you can all see what I have to deal with on a daily basis.. So enjoy browsing in the posts below...And as you will see, it is hard to be me in this fight against flab whilst working in a place like this..
Now for the update.. Strangely it does seem that I am having a little more restriction.. I wonder if it is because I am doing what i was told to do in the beginning, and that is have my protein part of my meal first, and I have also cut down my carbs dramaticaly.. I am pretty much soldiering along with my salads and bits of chicken.. Porridge from breakfast, keeps me right till lunch time too.. it's good.. And even yesterday, I tried on a top that was still not looking much good a couple of weeks ago, and it looked ok. I even wore it for the day.. It was really the first time I could look in the mirrow and see that I have lost weight.. Sooo, I decided to go to the local chemist and weigh myself on the "fat person scales" ... I was quite happy with the outcome... 124.5kgs... So I guess I have finally started losing weight again.. Hallalujah.. So my goal to get down to 120kgs is starting to look acheivable..
xx Nene

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