Friday, May 1, 2009


Right now I need to vent to get something off my chest.. You see a few days ago, I was at the local shopping centre and ran into an aquantance whom I have not seen for about a year.. She is a big girl herself, and is also pregnant now, so she tells me (I couldnt tell by looking) now I'm sounding bitchy by that snide remark, but I feel like I'm entitled to after the conversation we had. After her telling me that she was expecting, and only has 14 weeks to go, she asked me if I would be having any more children, when I told her "At this stage no, because I recently got a lapband" to which she raised her eyebrows and said "Thats a bit drastic isnt it?".. I said "no, it's the best thing I have ever done, and have lost around 21kgs so far." To which she responded... and get this.. how fucking rude (excuse my angry language) She says, looking me up and down "Jeez you must have been really Huuuge before getting it then."... I bit my tongue in wanting to tell her that she would make a bloody prime candidate for a band, and that she has no tact..

I know that the weight I have lost isn't as noticable on me as it would be on a smaller built person.. But I am PROUD of what I have acheived so far, and to hell with any negativity from that bitch or anybody else.. I still intend to be open about my band, and not let one persons insensitivity ruin my journey.

xx Nene


  1. What a fucking bitch...

    a) it's none of her fucking business if and when you decide to have children
    b) if she only has 14 weeks to go and you can't remotely tell she is pregnant.. she has eesewes.
    c) how RUDE to assume something is too DRASTIC...
    d) again... what a fucking bitch

    You're fantastic :)

    L x

  2. You should have said "dont hate...appreciate"! And it takes longer for our weight loss to show to the general public bc we do weigh more...but we are losing it nontheless. And one day, when you cross paths with her again. She can kiss your skinny ass.

  3. I have a funny feeling that she was just a tad jealous!


    She'll still probably be fat when you are at goal. Just imagine bumping into her then!


  4. two words.... jealous mole. The only thing more drastic than getting a band is NOT getting a band (and having the self control to bite your tongue with dogs like that)

  5. Ditto to the other girls......if I lived near you I would get you to point her out to me and then I would walk over and give her a bloody good bitch slap!!!!!