Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well I have made an appointment for next monday, that is the first available that I could get.. however, I am strangely starting to feel restriction.. whodathunkit?? Yesterday I decided that I am not going to eat rice anymore, well for a little while at least.. Oh how hard it is going to be... I love my husband exotic cooking, and our indian take away.. but these are all doing no good for my waitstline.. and the reast of my flabby body..
So, yesterday for lunch, we had a barbeque (for the american, a cookout..lol) and I ate 2 chicken 1 barbecue sausage and 1 chicken wing and half a plate of my favourite salad.. I was suprisingly full.. Perhaps because I chewed well, didnt drink with it, and ate my meat BEFORE I ate the salad.. In fact, I didnt even finish all my salad.. I was happy with my portion.. then I didn't snack all afternoon at work, shock horror.. Being surrounded by lollys (candies) and chocolates, and potato chips all afternoon, is normals a never ending fight against my cravings.. but I managed not to cave in to them.. I waited untill dinner and had left over 2 chicken wings, and another half plate of salad.. This time however, I had that good, or should I say not so good ol' tight feeling deep under my cleavage... I was walking/pacing around the house with my arms up in the air, when I smiled at hubby and said "It must be working again".. I then had had enough of the discomforting pain and went for a lurch into the basin.. I am proud of how well I have that whole PB, blockage removal thing going.. Gross I know, but when you gotta get something outta the way, you just gotta do it..
So, as part of my new lease on band life, I have decided that I want to be down to 120kg by my birthday on 5th june.. Hence, the reason that I am cutting out the rice.
This morning I had porridge for breakfast, then a banana for morning tea, followed my chick and salad for lunch, no afternoon snack, and a small KFC popcorn chicken for dinner.. I know that was a bad choice for dinner, but after a long day at work, and typing up my hubbys assignment, I was too tired and lazy to want to prepare anything.. In any case, I am still happy with my effort for today.. I didnt have an ice cream, I didnt have a pie or sausage roll, I didnt open a packet of honey Soy Chicken, Red Rock Deli Chips.. Oh, they are so good.. But I didnt.. Nope, not even a single lolly entered my mouth.. Ohh, but I have a story to tell you of how I broke my tooth last week on a cobber.. ( a cobber is a chewy hard caramel, covered in chocolate) I was bagging the cobbers into 50c bags, and popped one into my mouth, I chewed down once, then felt that strange twang... I realised something was wrong, so I spat the offending chew into a tissue only to see my tooth moulded into it.. NOT HAPPY JAN!!!! I do need to go see the dentist, as I have some cavitys that need fixing.. I HATE the dentist with a passion, and have held off for the longest time..but this calls for servicing.. I have brushed my teeth morning and night ever since I can remember, however, the dentist informed me last time that me teeth are showing signs of deterioration due to too much soft drink.. (Coke Zero, Diet Coke and Pepsi Max etc.) not to mention the copious amounts of alcohol mixed with those drinks over the years..I even bear the scar of once chipping a tiny bit of my tooth on the bowl when praying to the paucilain gods during a big bender... oh the memories.. actually not that I have many memories of that night.. LOL
Well, I guess I should get up from the puter and get myself sorted for tomorrow..
xx Nene


  1. Thank you for the american words :) You know I am special. We do say barbeque over here too! But I did not know what a cobber was...for a second I thought you were trying to say cobbler...like in peach cobbler. I cant figure out the conversion to understand how much you have in your band...but I bet when you get a little more restriction that popcorn chicken will not go down well. Two pieces caused the worst PB/close to death experience of my life. I was throwing up off and on for 4 hours! YIKES

  2. ok, well I have a 4ml band, with 3mls of fill in it..
    I do hope that another fill will not allow me to have anymore popcorn chicken, I know its on the naughty list.. I actually was thinking of your episode with the popcorn chicken when I ate mine..lol