Wednesday, June 10, 2009


My friend Wendy and I.. About to indulge in our Toblerone Cocktails.. Hate the haircut, and refuse to post any of these pics on my facebook, but since I share all the nitty gritty with you girls, I'll let you see..
Me again.. Testing out how my self portrait shots look with my new haircut.. YUK, not liking it.. It's amazing how a hair cut can add kg's/lb's to a face.. Not Happy At All!!!

The Famous TOBLERONE... Hmmmm Yum!!!

Me and Hubby outisde the casino, we didnt win, but we're kid free.. So we're smiling.. I might add, this was our first night out together since before our daughter was born.. She will be 4 in September..


  1. Hey Nene I think you look great :-)

  2. Hey you look good in that pic with your hubby! It seems like it has been awhile since I have seen you in a mid/full length body shot!

    Can you try to style your hair a different way to see if you like it better? I dont think it adds any weight to your face!

  3. I love photos!! You look gorgeous Nene!!!! I actually like your hair......I think I would like it even more if you tucked it behind both ears? And get the bit of fringe that comes down "chunked" out and made look more "scattered" over your forehead instead of all the one length down over one side of your face?
    Listen to me!!! I've turned into farking Trinny or Susannah!!!! lol lol

  4. Are you or have you ever been a hairdresser Nola?? You know your stuff girl.. Thanks for the compliment.. I am getting a bit more used to the hair cut.. I will have to pull my finger out and post some more pics..
    xx nene

  5. I think your hair looks lovely!

    Finally catching up on your blog. I can't believe you've had a leak..... fark!

    I'll have to read on.