Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So, I had my birthday week end, and survived it, and am now here to tell you the story of how it all went down..

Last week in the beginning of the week, I declared that it would be my birthday week.. You only turn 30 once, so why should there be only a day of it?? Then the very next day, I came down with a tummy bug..this lasted right up until Thursday when I had a terrible chunder episode at work again.. only this time it wasnt a PB, it was a sick vomit.. (sorry guys).. After that, I felt kind of back to normal, and all ready to celebrate.. Hubby had the friday (my birthday) off work, but unfortunately I had to work.. So I got up, got ready for work and went in, as hubby got the kids ready for school and daycare, cleaned the house, gave them breaky, and went in to Uni for the day..From work, I went straight to the hairdressers for my appointment at 3pm.. I needed a serious colouring and cut.. I guess as it was my birthday, a few more greys had reared their ugly heads for the occasion.. As I sat relaxing in the salon.. I was looking forward to the night ahead..

I got out of the salon at 5:30 pm, and made the dash home as my friend Wendy was arriving at 6:30pm, I still had to get showered, make up'd and kids ready to go to nan and pops for the night.. oh and not to forget..get my drink on..

Now hubby had pulled out all stops all day long.. Not only had he got the kids up and off to school, but he had also had them showered and ready for nan and pops too. I ended up saying later on that I felt like I had lived a day in the life of a man.. I got up, went to work, stopped for a bit of pampering (but blokes stop at the pub), then came home and kids have been bathed, and get my drink on... now that is a typical blokey day.. lol..

now before I continue, I will mention that I HATE MY NEW HAIRCUT.. it actually makes me look like I have gained weight... it is supposed to be the concave style bob, longer at the front, and shorter at the back, and although the back is lovely, and a good length, I think the front is about an inch too short.. Now I need to source out some extentions to fix it.. I've looked at all the pics taken of my birthday week end, and there isnt a single one that I like.

Anyway, on the friday night, Wendy and I got to drinking, my parents picked up the kids, and took them safely away.. LOL.. We had a few or maybe more drinking, then hubby drove us into the city to go to the Casino.. that place is so over rated.. I cant believe just how much drinks cost these days.. We put a few dollars in the Pokie Machines, and of course won nothing.. So we decided after a couple of hours to move on to a nightclub that I used to frequent alot before settling down.. And hubby's friend is actually a dj there.. they play all the music tht I love R&B, Reggae.. etc.. So we finally find a park near the club, and have to walk up a mammoth hill to get there, meanwhile my bladder is at breaking point, but funnily enough, I am not puffed or exhausted from the hill. My mind is set on the toilet.. We get in the club after showing our id's (what a joke).. and I run for the loo.. I come out, hearing the music pumping, with excitement, I expect to start boogying, only to find that our DJ friends arent on tonight and there are 4 women dancing on a very empty dancefloor.. It's bloody midnight at thie time, there should have been a few more than that.. So we sat for a drink. and I had another 2 or 3 urnination breaks. Then we decided to come back to our home town and go to the local nightclub here. It cost $10 to get in which is usually only $5, and there weren't a whole lot more people in there than the club before.. I dont know where everyone was... Had a dance to a song or two, then a drink, then of course another bathroom break. Then I wanted to go home, knowing that we were in for another night the next...
On the way home though, Wendy asked my hubby to drive through the 24 hour Mcdonalds.. And up untill that point, I had never cared too much that I couldnt eat burgers from there Wendy ordered a DOUBLE QUARTER POUNDER MEAL... I ordered some fries.. and shared them with hubby.. we got home and Wendy was tucking into the burger. I have never found it so hard to watch someone eat something before.. It was so unfair.. BUT at least i wouldnt PB or have guilt..

OH, before I go on, i will also mention for Nola,I didn't get unfilled for my birthday.. As I said earlier in the post, I had a tummy bug on the day that i was to go in to see the doc, but felt like crap, and didnt want to poked or prodded at.. so I postponed my appointment till this week, and I am glad I did. As it was, I didnt eat a whole lot over the whole week end, so it would have been a waste of unfill.. I was too busy drinking and mingling..to even have any of the nibbles food at my party on the saturday night.. I was also too tired and a lil hung over on the saturday to eat..
So I was hoping that I would actually lose weight over the week end.. Hah, but that was untill on the Saturday night party at my house.. Wendy bought all the indredients to make TOBLERONE COCKTAILS... now, I have never in my life tasted a cocktail, that was of course up untill that point. I have never tasted anything so yum in my life.. For those of you who have never indulged in one.. It is a chocolatey hazelnutty coffee tasting icy slushy kind of treat.. you can alter how much of each flavour you have in it, as I am not a coffee drinker, BUT, it was magic.

I had a few old friends (Kelly, in one of my previous posted pics) over for my party, and my parents, sister and her kids and partner, also Wendy and her kids... There was alot of talk of the old days when kelly and I used to misbehave, and alot of laughs.. It wasnt a huge or fancy party, but it was nice.. comfortable.. however, i hate every pic that was taken that night because of my rotten hair cut.. But I will post a few up for you to see.. later this afternoon..
All in all, I had a fantastic week end, but now I need to get serious about the weightloss, and healthy eating.. I want to lose another 20kg by Christmas..
xx Nene


  1. Happy Birthday Nene!!!

    Sounds like you had an eventful week! Sucks about the stomach bug... stomach bug + band = a whole new dimension!!!


    L x

  2. Well I am glad you had a great time and didnt get an unfill! Smart girl! I know what you are saying about McD's. I dont think I have eaten there since surgery, but I drive by this billboard every day on my way home and see a sign for a big mac and fries....the gods are tempting us.

  3. I am glad you didn't get the unfill....wise move!! I still go to Maccas from time to time but these days I usually get the fish wrap thing which is really nice and just a small chips or the kids cheeseburger. Before the band I would do the quarter pounder meal deal with a vanilla shake!!! AND polish off Ricky's chips:) We have come a long way haven't we?
    Your birthday weekend sounds great. I am glad you had a good time and that cocktail sounds yummo!!!!